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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 May 2019

* Robot butlers operated by remote workers are coming to do your chores >>
* 64-megapixel phone cameras are coming >>
* Chinese helicopter drones capable of intelligent swarm attacks >>

* One Year Later, Restaurants Are Still Confused By Google Duplex >>
* NASA’s plan to get to the Moon by 2024 isn’t ready yet >>
* Has Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ met its match in Xi Jinping’s long game? >>

* Secretive Startup SpinLaunch Breaks Ground on Satellite-Flinging Test Flight Facility >>
* SpaceX to Launch ‘Dozens’ of Starlink Satellites Next Week, More to Follow >>
* digest | at First Sight: functional artificial retina gets approval >>

* Take a look at the vision for the world’s first 3D-printed neighborhood >>
* Netflix Is Finally Giving Us an Idea of What Its Biggest Hits Are >>
* Jeff Bezos wants to take Blue Origin straight to the moon >>

* Wireless movement-tracking system could collect health and behavioral data >>
* Autonomous boat makes oyster run >>

* When Not to Use Machine Learning >>
* Deconstructing Serverless Computing Part 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Time to Market >>
* The Must-Haves for Making the Cloud Native Shift [Video] >>

* An ai system spontaneously develops baby like ability to gauge big and small >>
* The Birò O2 Is The Only Car To Be Made From More Than 80% Recycled Plastic >>
* Advances in zero-emission fuel cells could make the technology cheap enough to replace traditional engines in vehicles >>

* Amazon Alexa transcripts live on, even after you delete voice records >>
* AI in Five, Fifty and Five Hundred Years — Part Two—Fifty Years >>
* Intel will ramp up 10nm CPU production in June, 7nm in 2021 >>

* TLS 1.3 is going to save us all, and other reasons why IoT is still insecure >>
* We Can Do Better Than SQL >>
* Walmart Intelligent Retail Lab Stores are AI Powered Stores of the Future >>

* TED: Microfluidics sweat analysis from Gatorade >>
* TED: The crisis of leadership and a new way forward >>
* TED: everything around you can become a computer >>
* TED: how supercharged plants could slow climate change >>
* TED: how to revive your belief in democracy >>

* Planetary Interiors a Key to Habitability >>
* NASA Is Developing ‘Soft Robots’ to Help Explore Other Worlds >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: May 8, 2019 – Dr. Henry Hsieh talks Active Asteroids >>

* With New Gravitational-Wave Detectors, More Cosmic Mysteries Will Be Solved >>
* Ancient Neutron-Star Crash Made Enough Gold and Uranium to Fill Earth’s Oceans >>
* US Air Force Combat Laser Shoots Down Air Launched Missiles >>

* US Air Force Has a Breakthrough Material >>
* Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor R&D with Cloud Simulation >>
* First Study To Investigate How Attachment Style Changes Through Multiple Decades Of Life >>

* ‘Avengers: Endgame’ will stream on Disney+ starting December 11th >>
* A generic HIV prevention drug should arrive in 2021 >>
* Alibaba opens e-commerce platform to sellers outside of China >>

* Android users can pay in cash on Google Play >>
* CES Reinstates Innovation Award for High-Tech Sex Toy >>
* Daily Crunch: We round up all the Google I/O news >>

* Drones Detect New Radiation Hot Spots Near Chernobyl Site >>
* Enhanced security and IT tools for enterprises in Android Q >>
* Adversarial Examples, War Crimes, Open Source Firmware, and Better Questions >>

* Google Is Adding Augmented Reality To Search >>
* Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL vs Pixel 3 and 3 XL: Half as good or twice as nice? >>
* Google: Use Kotlin for new Android apps >>

* Google’s Latest Message: We’re Just Here to Help >>
* Here’s Microsoft’s new plan to keep Cortana alive and differentiated >>
* My Wild Ride in a Robot Race Car >>

* Piecing together Microsoft’s ‘people-centric’ computing strategy >>
* IBM Unveils Beta of Next Generation Quantum Development Platform >>
* Microsoft teases advanced speech tech, but it’s not for everyone >>

* A quarter of people who meditate experience negative mental states >>
* Smartphone shipments hit a five year low in North America >>
* Abrupt climate change 8,200 years ago caused long dry spells and periods of heavy rains led to dramatic declines in early South American >>

* Hormone treatment may help prevent miscarriages in some pregnancies >>
* Amazon says it was hit by ‘extensive fraud’ in which hackers stole loan money from about 100 sellers >>
* Can We Spot Lung Cancer Before It Starts? >>

* Human life expectancy will pass 100 years thanks to developments in AI >>
* I gave away half my liver in exchange for a new kidney for my mother >>
* It may become impossible to tell if Iran starts making a nuclear bomb >>

* Some deep-sea fish have evolved souped-up colour night vision >>
* Underwater tests reveal sharks may be smarter than you think >>
* Forget Batman. New species of bat-winged dinosaur discovered >>

* Amazon secretly recording and storing what your kids say, complaint says >>
* AI In Real-World Drug Discovery: The Experts Weigh In >>
* Why creative experts may be better at imagining the future >>

* How Researchers Used AI to Better Understand Biological Vision >>
* Move over, silicon switches: There’s a new way to compute >>
* New Russian Submarine Can Launch Nuke-Carrying Drones >>

* Now Mars 2020 Can Phone Home >>
* Why a U.S.-China trade deal won’t change much >>
* Want a better decision? Plan a better meeting >>

* What high-reliability organizations get right >>
* Intel Targets 2021 for 7 nm >>

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