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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 09 May 2019

* The future for women, pdf >>
* This Robot Hummingbird Is Almost as Agile as the Real Thing >>
* AI SpaceFactory Wins NASA’s 3D-Printed Extraterrestrial Habitats Challenge >>

* AI and the Genetic Revolution >>
* Gene Editing Still Needs Improved Accuracy to Fix Genetic Diseases Inside Bodies >>
* Does China Threaten America’s Dominance of Technology Unicorns? >>

* O’Reilly Radar; Real-Time Entity Resolution Made Accessible >>
* a16z Podcast: Innovating in Bets >>
* DevOps Chat: Digital Transformation with Exadel’s Jonathan Fries >>

* At I/O ’19: Building a more helpful Google for everyone >>
* Watch Google’s I/O 2019 keynote in 13 minutes >>
* I/O Day 2 in progress >>
* Google’s next-gen Assistant blows with 10x speeds and deeper awareness of your life >>

* Google Nest Hub Max hands-on: A bigger, smarter display >>
* Google Duplex for the web can reserve rental cars and movie tickets >>
* You don’t have to say ‘Hey, Google’ to shut off your alarm anymore >>

* Google flood forecasting expands in India ahead of monsoon season >>
* Google trains its AI to accommodate speech impairments >>
* Google turns Duplex into fancy autofill for Chrome >>
* Google’s newest Cloud TPU Pods feature over 1,000 TPUs >>
* Here are the grantees of the Google AI Impact Challenge >>

* 6 Pixel 3a features that may sway you from buying a thousand-dollar flagship >>
* 6 new Android Q features we can’t wait to try (after the Dark Theme) >>
* Android phones are getting an Assistant-powered driving mode >>
* Android Enterprise security assessed by Gartner >>
* Android TV will benefit once Assistant is linked to live TV guide data >>
* Chrome will let you block cross-site tracking >>
* Everything Google Announced At I/O 2019 That Matters >>
* Google launches Jetpack Compose, an open-source, Kotlin-based UI development toolkit >>
* Google promises better privacy, smarter AI tools >>
* Google Fights Back >>
* Facebook talked privacy, Google actually built it >>

* Bird says its new One e-scooter can survive a year of abuse >>
* Bird is now selling its electric scooters directly to consumers >>
* Companies Don’t Always Need a Purpose Beyond Profit >>

* The right digital-platform strategy >>
* Three questions about emerging economies >>
* Rethinking supply chains in a time of uncertainty >>

* A ransomware attack is holding Baltimore’s networks hostage >>
* Ford is taking its GoRide patient transport service nationwide >>
* Old Timers, Web Flashback, Software Collapse, Revisions to Paxos >>

* Machine Learning Predicts Kids at Risk of Not Getting Vaccinated >>
* Intellia Fixed 95-98% T-Cells Inside the Body Using CRISPR Gene Therapy >>
* For Better Computing, Liberate CPUs From Garbage Collection >>

* Microsoft’s new Cortana chief outlines the company’s digital assistant vision >>
* For Healthcare, This Time Really is Different >>
* 7 Trends in Blockchain Computing >>

* Astronauts Could Rely on Algae as the Perfect Life Support Partner >>
* China’s iSpace to Make Private Orbital Launch Attempt in Early June >>
* Habitability of Planets Will Depend on Their Interiors >>

* MIT AI model is ‘significantly’ better at predicting breast cancer >>
* Iguazio brings its data science platform to Azure and Azure Stack >>
* Using AI to predict breast cancer and personalize care >>

* 4D knitting makes rabbits that cuddle and lampshades that move >>
* Ancient Greek method for finding prime numbers just got an upgrade >>
* Birds introduced to Hawaii have evolved rapidly in just decades >>

* £2,500 gloves transform hand gestures into complex musical compositions, release in July >>
* AI can detect depression in a child’s speech >>
* Scientists discover new antibiotic resistance gene >>

* Australia regulator blocks massive TPG-Vodafone merger >>
* Israeli startup uses ultrasound waves to reduce Parkinson’s tremors >>
* Israeli startup Blitz eyes India, Europe with speedy electric motorbikes >>

* Estimating Number of Jupyter Notebooks on Github >>
* We Need to Save What Made Linux and FOSS Possible >>
* Chinese enterprises show new technologies at Digital China Achievement Exhibition >>

* Bayesian Learning for Machine Learning: Introduction to Bayesian Learning (Part 1) >>
* This TED Talk Will Singlehandedly Change Your Career >>
* Online Business Ideas to Earn Extra Money in 2019 >>

* Wikipedia has a Google Translate problem >>
* 5 Reasons Why DevOps Is a High-Demand Job >>
* 5 Ways to Improve Your IT Infrastructure >>

* AI and IoT, Part 1: Challenges of Applying Artificial Intelligence in IoT Using Deep Learning >>
* AI and IoT, Part 2: Deep Learning and Bayesian Modeling, Building the Automation of the Future >>
* AI and IoT, Part 3: How to Apply AI Techniques to IoT Solutions — A Smart Care Example >>

* Silk Road Fund facilitates financial integration along Belt and Road >>
* New retail gives fresh impetus to China’s economic transformation >>

* Watch Japan’s 1st Private Rocket Launch Into Space (Video) >>
* The First Space Shuttle Flight Into Space >>
* Three More ‘Star Wars’ Movies Announced >>

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