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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 May 2017

* Freeze dried mice sperm space station >>
* Supernova Face-Off May Solve 40-Year-Old Antimatter Mystery >>
* Bricks 3D Printed Using Simulated Moondust | Video >>

* Inside Facebook’s plan to eat a $350 billion market >>
* XENON1T: World’s Largest Dark Matter Detector –“Listens for Its Very Weak Voice” >>
* Origins of Life –Building Blocks of RNA Cornerstone of All Life on Earth “Formed as a Single Process” >>
* What If People Run Out of Things to Do? >>

* Stretchable Electronic Patch for Infants in Clinical Trials >>
* Volvo Takes the Right First Step in Autonomous Garbage Collection >>
* Astronauts are set to perform an emergency spacewalk on Tuesday >>

* Has AI gone too far? DeepTingle turns El Reg news into terrible erotica >>
* Toyota pushes into blockchain tech to enable the next generation of cars >>
* This RoboCop has its own drone >>

* Wireless Charging Road for Electric Busses Will be Built in Israel >>
* A Guide to All the Best, Worst and Weirdest 2017 TV Pilots You’ll Probably Never Watch >>
* A Curious Plan to Save the Environment With the Blockchain >>

* Medicine Is Going Digital. The FDA Is Racing to Catch Up >>
* Fight ransomware by running Windows in Linux as a virtual machine >>
* How AI Can Infer Human Emotions >>

* Google, A.I. and the rise of the super-sensor >>
* Elon Musk defends his ‘Boring Company’ and claims ‘fast to dig, low cost tunnels’ are the only way to beat congestion >>

* Scientists find 40 new ‘intelligence genes’: Discovery suggests smart people are tall, thin and unlikely to smoke >>
* Brain’s internal compass is revealed: Scientists pinpoint neurons needed to maintain orientation in tiny flies >>

* Menstrual Cycle “on a Chip” Offers a New Window into Female Physiology >>
* Who needs friends anyway? Drone plays catch with a human with pinpoint accuracy >>
* The jaw-dropping moment ‘real life Iron Man’ defies gravity in jet engine-powered flying suit >>

* Eliminating The Human >>
* Building The VR Experiences And Worlds of the Future >>
* Kuang-Chi invests $5 million in SkyX, a maker of drones to monitor oil and gas pipelines >>

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