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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 May 2017

* This university is using facial recognition to keep intruders out of dorms >>
* Scuba dive tankless with this floating air caddie >>
* In ‘Enormous Success,’ Scientists Tie 52 Genes to Human Intelligence >>

* Google’s huge 4K touchscreen whiteboard is now on sale for $5K >>
* Facebook is letting you invite your friends into your Live experience >>
* The Galaxy S8 iris scanner can be hacked with aging tech >>

* Learning to read as an adult might change the way your brain works >>
* Toyota Joins Coalition to Bring Blockchain Networks to Smart Cars >>
* VR has a hard time showing you things up close, but Oculus might have a fix >>

* Google now mingles everything you’ve bought with everywhere you’ve been >>
* Augmented reality glasses may be the future, but this AR window is what you can use today >>
* Cryogenics, Robot Dinos, and Other Visions of the Future >>

* Our brains predict events in fast-forward to avoid danger >>
* Drones will help this company get a ton of stuff to China’s hard to reach places >>
* In China, an e-commerce giant builds the world’s biggest delivery drone >>

* AI-powered dynamic pricing turns its gaze to the fuel pumps >>
* Doomed Mars lander wasn’t equipped for supersonic conditions >>
* Artificial Venus flytrap grabs things over 100 times its weight >>

* FDA approves a more ‘personalized’ cancer drug >>
* Virus Hunters Draw a Map of Zika’s Spread With DNA >>
* JSON Feed Announced As Alternative To RSS >>

* DJI Spark drone is crazy small and just wants to be loved by consumers >>
* The Long Now: Planning for a future 10,000 years away >>
* Have a robotics or machine learning startup? Pitch at TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics >>

* Google’s AlphaGo Levels Up From Board Games to Power Grids >>
* NASA tests its ‘megarocket’ engine that will blast man to Mars >>
* Intel’s Plan to Thunderbolt 3 All of the Things >>

* Scanner ‘listens’ to sperm to find the good ones >>
* App lets stadium crowds display giant messages with their phones >>
* Interviews May Lead Us Astray When Hiring Someone >>

* US Military’s XS-1 Space Plane Will Be Built by Boeing (Video) >>
* DARPA just announced it’s one step closer to building a hypersonic space plane >>
* Your fitness tracker could be way way off >>

* NASA Tracks Strange Supermassive Black Hole Moving Away From Elliptical Galaxy’s Center (VIDEO) >>
* Mars Rover 2020: Here’s What NASA’s New Red-Planet Car Will Look Like >>
* DEFCON Conference To Target Voting Machines >>

* Oculus founder thinks this wild anime film is the likely future of AR >>
* Stanley Robotics is building robots that can park your car for you >>
* AI in the newsroom: What’s happening and what’s next? >>

* IKEA’s super cheap smart bulbs will soon work with all your favorite assistants >>
* Experts warn VR could lead to major ethical issues as users create copies of their real-life partners that ‘never say no’ >>
* America’s Cup 2017 boats: all you need to know >>

* IGNITION 2017: WEEK left to lock in extra early-bird rates >>
* For the first time in 4 years, the cost of renting in the suburbs grew faster than that of city rentals >>
* Airbus A380 superjumbo is the next big thing in private jets >>

* Supercomputer study unlocks secrets of brain and safer anesthetics >>
* Smart graphene contact lenses bring wearable electronics to the eye >>
* Magnetic order in a two-dimensional molecular chessboard >>

* Controlled creation of large-scale quantum emitter arrays >>
* Graphene-based sensor could improve evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of asthma >>
* An Improved AlphaGo Wins Its First Game Against the World’s Top Go Player >>

* Joint Utsa-swri Study Shows How Radioactive Decay Could Support Extraterrestrial Life >>
* This RoboCop has its own drone >>
* Do Gravitational Waves Permanently Alter The Nature Of Spacetime? >>

* Harmonious Universe on Display Again in TRAPPIST-1 System | Video >>
* Parasitic Robot Steers Live Turtle With Tasty Snacks >>
* C Spire and Phazr Complete 5G Trial with Millimeter Waves in Mississippi >>

* A Neuromorphic Chip that Makes Music >>
* When AI improves human performance instead of taking over >>
* How Flexible IT Can Solve Complex Business Problems >>

* Do probiotics actually do anything? >>
* Three-quarters of IoT projects are failing, says Cisco >>
* MIT used bacteria to create a self-ventilating workout shirt >>

* You Have To See Rocket League Played With HoloLens >>
* Hands-On: Brass Tactics Is Basically Age Of Empires VR >>

* Microsoft Research Reveals New, Slimmed Down AR Glasses >>
* The new Game of Thrones season 7 trailer shows war is about to begin >>
* The huge plot points teased in Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer >>

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