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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 March 2017

* SpaceX plans to send two people around the Moon >>
* Introducing Handle; Boston Dynamics >>
* Hyperloop One is in early talks with the Indian government >>

* Neural networks promise sharpest-ever telescope images >>
* Large scale 1000 mile quantum networks less difficult with new quantum repeater design >>
* More technical details about China’s Quantum Radar claims and quantum radar lab work >>

* WAGBOTS: Researchers find robots with tails can easily communicate to their owners >>
* Astronomers Discover New Stage in Origin of Planets –“Solves an Enduring Mystery” >>
* This Is Actual Science. Crystals At The Earth’s Core Power Its Magnetic Field >>

* Scientists have found a way of growing human tissue on apples >>
* A gene therapy that uses a person’s own blood cells to fight cancer just passed a key trial >>
* Bill Gates explains ‘the big milestone’ in technology he wants to see in his lifetime >>

* Fast Radio Bursts Are Astronomy’s Next Big Thing >>
* Netflix CEO Predicts Mobile Operators Will Soon Offer Unlimited Video >>
* Robots Will Be In Retail Stores Sooner Than You Think >>

* AI scheduling startup launches subscription for businesses >>
* Volvo’s new XC60 will automatically steer as well as brake to avoid crashes >>
* Google’s note-taking app Keep joins G Suite, now integrates with Google Docs >>

* Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robot Moves Like a Donkey on Rollerblades >>
* Bill Gates Made a David S. Pumpkins Video and I Want to Die >>
* How The Internet Will Become The ‘Exanet’ >>

* 12 layers of kevlar in bullet proof origami shield >>
* A Volcanic View of the Habitable Zone >>
* How to compete with robots in the age of artificial intelligence >>

* QS17 Quantified Self Conference 2017 >>
* Ghost Robotics’ Minitaur Demonstrates Impressive New Skills >>
* Artificial General Intelligence 2017 >>

* Billionaire Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son plans to invest in singularity >>
* Spacex To Send Privately Crewed Dragon Spacecraft Beyond The Moon Next Year >>
* As SpaceX Unveils Space Tourist Moon Flight, NASA Reacts >>

* Colon and rectal cancer seem to be on the rise—in millennials >>
* The Rise of Evidence-Based Psychiatry >>
* With its Moon announcement, did SpaceX kick off the first public-private space race? >>

* Vive Studios’ ‘VR Sports’ is exactly what it sounds like >>
* Intel’s diversity efforts are somewhat paying off >>
* BMW says ‘nein’ to Android Auto >>

* NASA’s support of SpaceX’s moon voyage highlights bigger ambitions >>
* What Are “Facebook Dark Posts”? >>
* Nissan’s self-driving test car tackles London streets >>

* Just How Secure Are Those Encrypted Apps Leaking Trump’s Secrets? >>
* Energy Bar Turns Your Android’s Status Bar Into a Battery Level Indicator >>
* Netflix’s CEO plans on putting buffering to bed >>

* Google reveals the latest plans for its futuristic campus >>
* Google’s Robocar Lawsuit Could Kill Uber’s Future and Send Execs to Prison >>
* One Billion Hours of YouTube Are Watched Every Day >>

* Bizarre body of 160 million-year-old four-winged dinosaur >>
* Super-smart robots will outnumber humans by FOUR BILLION within three decades, Softbank CEO says >>
* NASA’s 2018 mission to the sun hopes to answer 3 questions >>

* Trump to Seek $54 Billion Increase in Military Spendin >>
* Nerve-wrapping nanofiber mesh promoting regeneratio >>
* Scientists create electric circuits inside plants >>

* Nano ‘sandwich’ offers unique properties >>
* I Kicked A Dinosaur in The Face Using Vive’s Full Body Tracking >>
* Star Wars: Rogue One’s Director Used VR To Get The Best CG Shots >>

* GDC 2017: Epic CEO Tim Sweeney on How we Get to Mass VR and AR Adoption >>

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