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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 February 2017

* Sony projector turns any surface into a touchscreen >>
* Bioprinter makes fully functional human skin >>
* NTT DoCoMo demos VR control of robots over 5G >>

* Samsung will likely unveil Galaxy S8 on March 29 >>
* The World Conference on Computers in Education 2017 >>
* Big permanent moonbase by 2021 using Spacex and Bigelow has been the obvious non-corrupt choice for years >>

* New ‘Silver Bullet’ pill powered by your own stomach acid sends data straight to your phone while it works >>
* In 30 years, your shoes will be smarter than you, says SoftBank founder >>

* Linux on Windows 10: Will penguin treats in Creators Update be enough to lure you? >>
* Everything You Can (and Can’t) Do With the New Nokia 3310 >>
* MWC’s best phones head-to-head: It’s (mostly) about the display >>

* Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Make an Announcement Today! >>
* Scientists rejuvenate blood by reprogramming cells >>
* The internet’s best reactions to the Oscars’ best picture fiasco >>

* WHO Releases List of World’s Most Dangerous Superbugs >>
* Black holes kill more stars than astronomers expected >>
* Giant Neuron Found Wrapped Around an Entire Mouse Brain >>

* Why 2017 Is The Year Of Artificial Intelligence >>
* Amazon, Google, Salesforce And Leading Roboticists On The Golden Age Of AI >>
* How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Enterprise Customer Service >>

* Not another AI post >>
* Inside facebooks ai machine >>
* Sharp vision: New glasses help the legally blind see >>

* Super material that bends sound waves could create loudspeakers only you can hear >>
* Lucid Dream Analysis Could Tap the Creative Unconscious >>
* The Search for a New Test of Artificial Intelligence >>

* Smart multi-layered magnetic material acts as an electric switch >>
* Scientists are on a quest to develop artificial blood — even after decades of failure >>
* DNA-based nano-tweezers measure the forces between nucleosomes >>

* James Webb Space Telescope To Search for Second Earth Among Weird Habitable Worlds in the TRAPPIST-1 Solar System >>
* NASA 2018 –Will Send Its First Robotic Mission to Solve Enduring Mysteries of Our Sun >>

* Roborace unwraps its driverless electric car >>
* Straight Women Are Given Fewest Orgasms, Study Finds >>
* Satellite maps provide a new way to track deforestation >>

* Tesla expects 110,000 model 3s in 2017 and over 265,000 in 2018 >>
* Does Pluto Have The Ingredients For Life? >>
* Brain-computer interface advance allows paralyzed people to type almost as fast as some smartphone users >>

* The Latest Cars 3 Trailer Still Has Us Asking Disconcerting Questions About the Reality of the Cars Universe >>
* Here’s The Official Trailer For Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War >>
* Twitter Alums Look Wag The Long Tail Of Cancer Risk Detection >>

* ARM will knock out a trillion IoT chips by 2040 >>
* New Samsung Patents give us a Peek at their Work on Next-Gen Smartphones and Mobile TVs with Scrollable Displays >>
* UN Report: Robots Will Replace Two-Thirds of All Workers in the Developing World >>

* An Agenda for the Future of Global Business >>
* Who the Hell Is Going to Buy Sony’s Weird Android Projector? >>
* What to Expect From This Year’s Game Developer’s Conference >>

* Black Holes May Be Way More Murderous Than We Realized >>
* The best ways to back up all your photos to the cloud >>
* Riding a Logging Machine Like a Rodeo Bull Is the New Definition of Terror >>

* Akai brings its iMPC music production app to Android devices >>
* Ford patents a head rest with a hidden travel pillow to help passengers doze off >>
* How Computers Could Spell The End Of Finance >>

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