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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 December 2016

* Amazon Go Store Will Replace Checkout Lines With Advanced Sensors >>
* Google’s new Trusted Contacts app lets you share your location in emergencies >>
* Leap Motion will bring your hands into mobile VR >>

* We Finally Know the Immense Weight of Humanity’s Footprint >>
* Find free stopover vacations with AirWander flight search >>
* InsideDNA looks deep into your DNA to determine the best drugs to cure what ails you >>

* Iris is an AI to help science R&D >>
* Scientists confirm twisty fusion device’s odd magnetic fields >>
* Uber creates an AI lab to help fuel its self-driving dreams >>

* Exomars Rover Will Attempt Mars Landing In 2021, Despite Recent Lander Crash >>
* Microsoft pauses Windows 10 previews to shift to radical new update system >>

* Google and Elon Musk open their AI platforms to researchers >>
* Watch Boston Dynamics’ founder and his robot SpotMini join us on stage to discuss the company’s future >>
* Computer vision may help the blind see the world >>

* Netflix Keeping Bandwidth Usage Low By Encoding Its Video With VP9 and H.264/AVC Codecs >>
* DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman says general AI is still a long way off >>
* ‘Toybox’ Review: A Free Collection of Toys That Proves The Power of Social VR >>

* Spikes in search engine data predict when drugs will be recalled >>
* Malaria caused ‘widespread death’ in ancient Rome: DNA evidence from skeletons reveals a deadly form of the disease hit the empire 2,000 years ago
* Bits of your brain go to sleep while you’re awake >>

* 20 Years in the Making: A New Approach to a Vaccine against HIV >>
* Wind and Solar Are Better Together >>
* This trick will save you HOURS of debating what to watch on Netflix >>

* Will A Cryogenically-frozen Corpse Ever Come Back To Life? >>
* Can Virtual Reality Can Help Us Empathize With Whales? See For Yourself. >>
* Why Ex-Hacker George Hotz is Giving Away Self-Driving Software >>

* What Makes a Great Leader? >>
* Looking at the Taiwan phone call in terms of the Art of the Deal >>
* NASA’s Kepler Mission Discoveries Transform Drake’s Equation –“Humans Not the First Technological Civilization in the Universe” >>

* Thought Experiment: The Asteroid Belt Astronomical Telescope >>
* Artificial intelligence and the evolution of the fractal economy >>
* Google, democracy and the truth about internet search >>
* How I Get More Done 2 Days Than Most People Do In 2 Weeks >>

* Leap Motion demos its excellent hand tracking technology on Samsung’s Gear VR >>
* Touching things in VR with your real hands is a total game changer >>
* Amazon Tests Grocery Store With No Checkout >>

* The AWS juggernaut >>
* WTF is AI? >>
* Silicon Valley shut out from Trump’s business adviser team >>

* Cause of visual impairment in astronauts found >>
* The Mummy: watch Tom Cruise in the new trailer >>
* Asteroid Hitting Earth, How Would Nasa deal with this When The Time Comes? >>

* The cofounder of Skype has backed a mini plane company with a €10 million round >>
* RANKED: The 10 most talked-about new TV shows right now >>
* DNA Test Reveals How Well You’re Aging >>

* Microsoft 3D Builder App Now Available on Windows Mobile Devices and XBox One Consoles >>
* The Future And You–Nov 23, 2016 >>
* The Neuroscientist Who’s Building a Better Memory for Humans >>

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