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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 December 2016

* Scientists Shoot Lasers at Bird in Goggles to Unravel the Mysteries of Flight >>
* Nasa’s New Satellite Will Circle The Globe Repairing Broken Space Robots >>
* Deep Learning Reinvents the Hearing Aid >>

* Computer learns to recognize sounds by watching video >>
* “Neural Tourniquet” Zaps a Nerve to Stop Bleeding Anywhere in the Body >>

* Implantable device targets cancer, other illnesses with controlled long-term drug delivery >>
* Triggered by ultrasound, microbubbles open the blood-brain barrier to administer drugs without harming other areas of the body >>
* Self-Healing Transistors for Chipscale Starships >>

* Hassle-free Wi-Fi with Network Assist >>
* Dutch datacenter is first for Google: powered by 100% renewable energy from day one >>
* Google app update: making it easier to keep up with the things you need to know >>

* Quasar Light Confirms Consistency Of Electromagnetism Over 8 Billion Years >>
* InsideDNA looks deep into DNA to find the best drug targets >>
* European VCs are going to make flying cars a reality >>

* Disney Research wants to make VR haptics as immersive as visuals >>
* Controlling gene activity in human development >>
* Ancient leftovers show the real Paleo diet was a veggie feast >>

* No peeking: Humans play computer game using only direct brain stimulation >>
* Four Biomed Tech Game Changers From TEDMED >>
* Women prefer BIGGER penis for one-night-stand than long-term relationship, study >>

* Silicon Valley’s new craze is flying to Peru to take a psychedelic you can’t legally get in America >>
* Watch Emma Watson Join The Circle in Intense First Trailer >>
* What Westworld Needs to Do in Season Two >>

* $7 million LaFerrari becomes this century’s most expensive car sold at auction >>
* Scientists Ask: What is the Lifespan of Technological Civilizations >>

* Platypus venom could be used for diabetes treatment >>
* Amazon opening cashier less stores, drive thru stores, targeting 2000 physical stores of different formats >>
* Simple Processing Technique Could Cut Cost of Organic PV and Wearable Electronics >>

* Why the Automotive Future Will Be Dominated by Fuel Cells >>
* Germany’s Aggressive Switch to Renewables Will Save €149 Billion >>
* RAADfest 2017 >>

* NASA Is Building a $127 Million Space Mechanic >>
* Russia’s Unreliable Aircraft Carrier Just Lost Another Plane >>
* This Bird Is Wearing Teeny Tiny Goggles For Science >>

* Virgin Galactic’s Spaceshiptwo Glides Back Into The Space Race >>
* WD will make a record-breaking 14TB hard drive available next year >>
* How Does NASA Detect Exoplanets Thousands Of Light Years Away? >>

* Scientists Just Used CRISPR to Treat a Horrible Genetic Disorder in Mice >>
* Which Emotions Are the Most Contagious? >>
* This Tiny Gaming Console Can Play Retro Games From 28 Different Systems >>

* Trump Bitches About Air Force One Upgrade He Won’t Get to Enjoy, Lies About Costs >>
* The Flash Set Pictures Tease a Huge Fight and Yet Another New Speedster >>
* Westworld Won’t Be Back Until 2018 >>

* 4K movies come to the Google Play Movies & TV app >>
* Windows 10 Creators update loads up on features for IT >>
* Hyperloop Technologies in talks with government for trial runs in India >>

* OpenAI’s Universe is the fun parent every artificial intelligence deserves >>
* Do plants learn like humans? Smart seedlings can be taught to adapt to their environment >>
* Will Zo suffer the same fate as Tay? Microsoft launches its latest artificial intelligence chatbot on Kik >>

* Honda teases self-driving car concept with AI that can FEEL human emotions and form a ‘deep bond’ with drivers >>
* Artificial BLOOD stored as powder could be used in life-saving transfusions within the next 10 years >>

* Tech giants unveil plan to fight terrorist propaganda: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft will share ‘digital fingerprints’ of removed posts
* CNew material could make batteries up to 10,000 times more powerful >>

* Would you let a robot perform surgery on your EYE? >>
* A chunk of sea ice the size of India has melted >>
* LiveLike Adds DVR-Like Replay To Live VR Broadcasts >>

* Your Brain Can Resurrect ‘Forgotten’ Short-Term Memories >>
* Scientists Think the Speed of Light Has Slowed, and They’re Trying to Prove It >>

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