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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 October 2016

* Neurons from stem cells replace damaged neurons, precisely rewiring into the brain >>
* Hormone injection for men has been shown to be 96% effective as contraception >>
* Your home’s online gadgets could be hacked by ultrasound >>

* Bad Code May Have Crashed Schiaparelli Mars Lander >>
* SpaceX is ready to resume testing rockets following its accident >>
* SpaceX Says Helium Loading Issue May Have Caused Falcon 9 Explosion >>

* Taking the life-cycle perspective: Report addresses critical issues in building practices >>
* Tesla doubles the energy density of its commercial batteries >>
* Magic Leap goes to Finland in pursuit of Nordic VR and AR talent >>

* Making computers explain themselves >>
* Driverless cars will definitely need smart road infrastructure >>
* PlayStation Vue is on Android TV now, Mac and PC later >>

* LG’s latest 5K screen is Apple’s new flagship display >>
* What Would a Machine as Smart as God Want? >>
* What Can Futurists Teach Us About Imagination? >>

* How Your Heartbeat May Trick Your Senses >>
* The Naked Truth: Why Humans Have No Fur >>
* Tiny Genetic Differences between Humans and Other Primates Pervade the Genome >>

* Report claims 75% of internet usage is now on the move >>
* A Visual Guide to Modified Mosquitoes >>
* Researchers say ‘implicit beliefs’ are the key to a successful career >>

* There’s nothing normal about Elon Musk’s solar roofs >>
* Are vending machines for flats going to be the next big wedding trend? We hope so. >>

* Starbreeze buys a visual effects studio to improve its VR experience >>
* New Attack Can Seize Control of Drones >>
* Police Used Cell Tower Logs To Text 7,500 Possible Crime Witnesses >>

* Starbreeze deal gives you more freedom to move in VR >>
* 100% Renewables Increasingly Looks Possible >>
* DNA tech could reveal water contamination >>

* People nervous about sharing the road with self-driving cars >>
* Google Pixel Camera Flaw Angers Users >>
* Why Don’t Galaxies Just Pass Through Each Other Instead Of Colliding? >>

* Gillmor Gang: October Surprise >>
* The Solar System is big enough to hold the space plans of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos which combined look like Babylon 5 >>
* Scientists Hope to Eradicate Disease With Massive Mosquito Orgy >>

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