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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 October 2016

* Google’s Alice AI Is Sending Secret Messages To Another AI >>
* A drone to wash your car >>
* Three reasons carriers are building new cell networks for the Internet of Things >>

* The job 10,000 people applied for >>
* Google AI invents its own cryptographic algorithm; no one knows how it works >>
* A Radioactive Pen in Your Pocket? Sure! >>

* Why the Next Denial of Service Attack Could Be Against Your Car >>
* Soft robot with a mouth and gut can forage for its own food >>
* Would YOU visit a robot gynecologist? >>

* Israeli company Aquarius Engines claims a revolutionary combustion engine with twice the efficiency and only costs $100 >>
* A Cigarette-Smoking Robot for Better Lung Disease Research >>
* Breaking the Multicore Bottleneck >>

* That time your smart toaster broke the internet >>
* Machine Learning Applied To Shopping Is Now A Thing >>

* AI Market is projected to grow from $8 billion today to $47 billion by 2020 >>
* Helium encased in a carbon fullerene buckyball is proposed as a possible room temperature superconductor >>
* Superconducting ring generators are core technology enabling a planned mach 5 Hypersonic commercial business jet >>

* Deep Learning works great because the Universe, physics and the game of Go are vastly simpler than prior models and have exploitable patterns >>
* Graphene-Nanotube Combo Exceeds Benchmarks for Hydrogen Storage in Fuel Cells >>
* New molecule may help fight obesity by converting ‘bad’ fat to ‘good’ fat >>

* The first dinosaur brain reveals something experts never expected to see >>
* There’s No Need To Fear Gene-edited Food >>

* ‘Aliens?!’ How the News Will Spread in a Digital Age >>
* Proxima B was not expected to have sunspot activity but observations show it has a 7 year cycle >>
* Anti-Aging Startup Raises $116 Million With big VCs and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Backing >>

* The Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and Life >>
* Nanostructure Makes Batteries Better on Very First Charge >>

* Apple’s Macbook Event In 90 Easy Seconds >>
* The 7 Greatest Software Innovations Of The Year >>
* Apple’s New TV App Is Worthless Without Netflix and Amazon Video >>

* Mysterious Star Pulses May Be Alien Signals, Study Claims >>
* Gillmor Gang LIVE 10.29.16 >>
* Artificial Intelligence That Can Learn Is A Step Closer To Reality >>

* Computer Class >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – October 28, 2016: Dr. Derrick Pitts Of The Fels Planetarium >>
* New Horizon Probe has finished transmitting pictures 15 months after the Pluto Flyby >>

* Microsoft Research has two types of touch for VR haptics >>
* The head of 3D for Windows explains how the feature became a new centerpiece for the OS >>

* Windows 10’s focus on friends could make it a more human OS >>
* Futuristic billboards, Google shipping and more >>
* PlayStation Vue launches on Android TV, with Windows and Mac support on deck >>

* How Skyscrapers Are Being Built Higher and Higher >>
* Scientists Find First Ever Fossilized Dinosaur Brain >>

* Apple’s MacBook Pro launch was lame — get used to it >>
* The head of 3D for Windows explains how the feature became a new centerpiece for the OS >>
* Artists get real about Microsoft’s Surface Studio >>

* Facebook aims for Snapchat-like camera-centric focus >>
* What’s The Most Stable Shape For An Interstellar Lightsail? >>

* Build Your Own Wi-Fi Drone Disabler With a Raspberry Pi >>
* The Search Is On For Alien Signals Around Tabby’s Star >>

* Flying Inches Above a Reflective Lake Is the Most Relaxing Thing >>
* Plane Catches Fire at O’Hare on Fire Drill Day >>
* Second Plane of the Day Explodes in Florida >>

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