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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 August 2016

* Harnessing the immune system to fight cancer >>
* Bacteria made to turn sewage into clean water – and electricity >>
* Japan likely to restart 19 nuclear reactors by March 2018 >>

* Skin-Like Oxide Thin-Film Transistors for Transparent Displays >>
* Nanoblocks form pixels to enable meta-hologram >>

* NASA Orders Second SpaceX Crew Mission to International Space Station >>
* Ray Kurzweil: To Merge With Technology Is to Enhance Our Humanity >>
* Gullies on Mars Likely Not Carved by Liquid Water, NASA Says >>

* Mystery Solved: Black Holes Twist Space-Time Like Taffy >>
* Nasa Estimates Spacex 2018 Mars Mission Will Cost Only $300 Million >>
* An Unusual Pulsating Binary >>

* Watch SpaceX’s 1st Test-Fire of a Used Falcon 9 Rocket >>
* First Launch of NASA’s New Megarocket On Track for 2018 >>
* US Air Force’s Next Space Surveillance System on Target for 2021 >>

* Supercomputers find a way of making ‘imitation graphene’ from salt >>
* Israel has a desalination fresh water surplus and desalination could be used to reduce middle east conflicts >>
* Graphene-based sheets make dirty water drinkable simply and cheaply >>

* Deploy Simulation Apps Across a Larger Team >>
* Pattern-changing shirts react to pollution and radiation >>
* New movie screen technology lets you see 3D without those stupid glasses >>

* Winograd Schema Challenge Results: AI Common Sense Still a Problem, for Now >>
* New Material Offers a Revolutionary Approach to Power Electronics >>
* Imaging the brain at multiple size scales >>

* This Machine Hopes To Make Engineering Pharmaceuticals More Portable >>
* HBO’s Westworld Finally Gets a Release Date >>
* Kiefer Sutherland Confirms New Flatliners is Actually a Sequel >>

* A New Yahoo AI Can Detect Online Abuse, But Automation Isn’t the Answer >>
* Everything We Can Piece Together About Apple’s Mysterious Car Project >>
* The Most Controversial Line In Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech Was About Science >>

* American Anti-drone Rifle Deployed In Iraq >>
* Solar Capture Technique Turns CO2 Into Burnable Fuel >>
* How to Make Your Windows Look Any Way You Want >>

* Internet-Connected Pet Feeder Goes Offline, Pets Probably Very Hungry >>
* Sorry Google And Tesla, FiveAI Will Have The Best Driverless Car >>
* You Can Still Get Windows 10 For Free If You Use Assistive Technologies >>

* Apple self-driving effort shifts from hardware to software >>
* Mars TV series mixes Elon Musk with sci-fi for mission to the red planet >>
* VR Is The Future, But The Future Is…When, Exactly? >>

* Japan’s latest humanoid robot makes its own moves >>
* Billion-year-old air has five times more oxygen than expected >>
* The Holofone Phablet Packs Everything, Including A Projector >>

* Smart technology bringing smart revenues >>
* Gillmor Gang LIVE 07.29.16 >>
* From image recognition to object recognition >>

* So Digital Billboard Ads Change With the Speed of Traffic Now >>
* Building A Smart Home From Scratch >>
* Ultimaker makes a backpack for its 3D printers >>

* Can a meat- and cholesterol-free burger REALLY look, smell, sizzle and taste just like the real deal? >>
* ‘Eye of Horus’ lens system involves three galaxies >>
* Look into the light… The hypnotic ‘vortex laser’ set to revolutionise computing >>

* Searching for aliens closer to home: Nasa’s next planet-hunter will look for life near stars just outside our solar system >>
* Fifth fundamental force has NOT been found: LHC search for particle that would rewrite laws of physics comes up empty >>

* Now you see me: true invisibility cloak impossible to build >>
* Sip a cold one, watch the robot mow the lawn >>
* Gillmor Gang: Not Insane >>

* Facebook is giving away the blueprints to its 360-degree video camera >>
* Skydiver becomes first person to intentionally jump and land without chute >>
* Yi 4K camera is half the price and matches or beats the Go Pro Hero4 Black on a spec for spec basis >>

* Orangutan mimics human speech >>
* New movie display allows for glasses-free 3-D for a theater audience >>
* New Site Checks Your Browser’s Fingerprint >>

* Can Algorithms Save Us From Bias? >>
* New Selfie Technology Simulates Pro Lenses On Your Smartphone >>
* How NASA’s Juno Will Teach Us About Other Solar Systems >>

* How Pokemon And Location-Based Augmented Reality Could Save The Planet >>
* Famed Security Researcher ‘Mudge’ Creates New Algorithm For Measuring Code Security >>
* What Fear Does to Your Brain – And How to Stop It >>

* Google brings Maps’ multi-stop feature to iOS >>
* In what contexts should messaging be the UI? >>
* IoT alliances join forces to make homes >>

* Can We Learn How to Forget? >>
* Hypnosis brain changes >>
* The Best Astronomy Photos of 2016 >>

* Cancer found in ancient human ancestor’s foot >>
* Jackrabbot: Why this robot is watching how you move >>
* Android 7.0 Nougat Release Most Likely Mid-August? >>

* 11 new trailers you should watch this week >>
* HBO’s high-tech western series Westworld will premiere on October 2nd >>
* Hackers Have Figured Out How To Wirelessly Bug Almost Any Machine With RFID >>

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