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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 August 2016

* World’s Longest Airship Goes Bottoms Up In Crash >>
* Earth-Like Planet in Habitable Zone Orbiting Proxima Centauri 4.25 Light-Years Away >>
* Interstellar probes will be eroded on the way to Alpha Centauri >>

* PowerEgg, the ovoid flying robot, lands this October for $1,288 >>
* Seeing New York City in Ridiculous 8K Is Pretty Sweet >>
* YouTube gets a new TV app >>

* Google is using AI to compress images better than JPEG >>
* Why Virtual Reality Games Will Be a Technological Revolution >>
* NASA seeks Small spacecraft Tipping Point technologies >>

* Why Today’s Earthquake In Italy Was So Destructive >>
* Mind Aglow: Scientists Watch Thoughts Form in the Brain >>
* Alien World ‘Proxima b’ Around Nearest Star Could Be Earth-Like | Video >>

* Scientists Reprogram Brain With a Beam of Light –“Human Brain is Plastic, Not Hardwired” >>
* PowerEgg, the ovoid flying robot, lands this October for $1,288 >>

* People will lie to robots to avoid hurting their feelings >>
* Best Buy bets on VR for the holidays with 500 stores demoing Oculus Rift >>
* Tim Cook has led Apple through 5 years of winning >>

* Introducing The First Voice-Activated Hotel Room >>
* One Year Later, Face Transplant Recipient Just A Normal Guy >>
* Deep Space Industries announces Prospector-1- First Commercial Interplanetary Mining Mission with target date by 2020 >>

* Alien spacecraft or personal drone? Meet the PowerEgg. >>
* China Unveils Plans for a Manned Radar Station on the Moon >>

* Future Radio Telescope’s Brains Pass First Tests on Huge Supercomputer >>
* 520 Days and Counting: Jeff Williams Tops U.S. Record for Time in Space >>
* Proxima b: 6 Strange Facts About a Potentially Earth-Like Exoplanet >>

* Google’s Antiaging company Calico will use Computational Biology and Machine Learning >>
* MIT is dragging hard-wired network chips into the agile era >>
* At 25, the World Wide Web Is Still a Long Way From Reality >>

* The ‘BioRing’ Could Be The Next Evolution In Wearable Tech >>
* Open source 25-core chip can be stringed into a 200,000-core computer >>

* Humans have been changing the climate for 180 YEARS: Warming started during the Industrial Revolution >>
* Soft robot octopus uses chemical fuel gut to explore untethered >>
* Experience The Glorious Night Sky Over Yellowstone National Park >>

* Watching This Guy Unicycle on Top of a 70-Story Chimney Will Scare Your Pants Off >>
* Team Great Britain Thought It Was Being Helpful By Providing The Luggage >>
* Traffic Comes To A Halt In A Major City Due To…Pokemon? >>

* Good Drones Pilot Tests Refugee Drone To Save Others >>
* Scientists Want To Bring A Bird Back From Extinction >>
* Virtual Reality Video Games Using Real Bullets: The Latest Billionaire Toy >>

* The world’s largest pyramid is hidden inside a mountain in Mexico >>
* iRobot mopping robot drops to $169 >>
* We may not be alone, scientists discover a new planet similar to Earth >>

* This LG fridge lets you see what’s inside without opening it >>
* ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: Jason Momoa To Return As Khal Drogo? >>
* ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Cristina & Izzie Returning? >>

* The next-generation Xbox could be even more different than we thought >>
* Samsung says there were so many pre-orders for the new Galaxy Note 7 phone that it’s having shortages >>

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