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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 January 2015

* Hands On With Samsung’s 110-inch 8K Glasses-Free 3D TV >>
* MyDlink Network Video Recorder review: Network surveillance on the cheap >>
* Russia delays decision on using ISS after 2020 >>

* Human language may have evolved to help our ancestors make tools >>
* Steam Machine Turns Poop into Clean Drinking Water >>
* Miele Recruits IBM’s Chef Watson for New Smart Oven >& gt;

* The Narrative Clip 2 Is POV Photography at Its Purest >>
* CES: What future for virtual reality? >>
* Divers retrieve cockpit voice recorder of crashed AirAsia jet >>

* NASA spacecraft soon arrives at Pluto >>
* Electricity Now Grows On Trees! Scientists Unveil Cool Prototype ‘Wind Tree’ [Video] >>
* Samsung Galaxy S6 Could Be Announced Next Month With Gear VR 2 >>

* The ‘Dirty Little Secret’ About Google’s 20% Time, According To Marissa Mayer >>
* ELON MUSK: ‘We’re Going To Try And Do For Satellites What We’ve Done For Rockets’ >>
* Vision system for household robots >>

* Driving Solutions To Build Smarter Cities >>
* Elon says reusable rocket needed more hydraulic fluid and next one will have 50% more >>
* 5000 times more conductive 3D printer ink for printing parts with embedded functional electronics and wiring >>

* US fabricating 32 story modular high rise in 18 months >>
* Jose Cordeiro – The Future of Technology and the Technology of the Future | Talks at Google >>
* Artificial Intelligence will be central to US Sixth Generation Fighter with Design analysis ramping up this year >>

* Russia should start serial production of the T-50 PAK-FA air superiority fighter jet this year >>
* Intel Pledges $300 Million To Make Its Workforce More Diverse >>
* Autonomous Modules Self-Assemble in Air and Water >>

* How to create the world’s most complex 3D-motion nanomachines from DNA >>
* Faster-Than-Light Lasers Could “Illuminate” the Universe >>
* Drought-Tracking Satellite to Blast Off This Month >>

* Verizon Vehicle Will Make Your Dumb Car Smarter >>
* An Algorithm Found These Images Hidden in Reflections From Glitter >>
* Why Is It Called Area 51? >>

* If We Made ‘Back to the Future II’ Today: What Would 2045 Look Like? >>
* Stephen Hawking on Black Holes and Why He’d Be a Good Bond Villain >>
* Graphs That Help Show Why Ebola Goes Viral or Dies Out >>

* What’s Up With That: How Squinting Helps You See Better >>

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