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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14-17 January 2015

* Personal Robot wants to be the Alfred to your Batman >>
* Incredible CT Scans Show What’s Happening Inside A Body In Motion >>
* Drone video shows how Shanghai looks like a city from the future >>

* The Human Brain Is Lopsided Compared To Other Primates >>
* First contracting human muscle grown in laboratory >>
* Rapere: An Intercept Drone to Seek and Destroy Other Drones >>

* A Brain-Computer Interface That Works Wirelessly >>
* Can Methane Act as a Storage Medium for Renewable Energy? >>
* How Computer Scientists Solved The Challenge of Zero-Maintenance Data Storage >>

* New planet-hunting telescope array opens its eyes >>
* Many things went right with Spacex landing attempt and gamechanging reusability seems likely in months >>
* “Leak” Reminds Us to Watch Palantir Because It Could Be Watching Us >>

* Predict The Future With These Laws Of Innovation >>
* Stephen Hawking on Black Holes and Why He’d Be a Good Bond Villain >>
* Russia will deploy innovative special ammunition for better penetration of fortification and armor >>

* The New CISPA Bill Is Literally Exactly the Same as the Last One >>
* Brimstone and Nanotech May Boost Batteries >>
* Elon Musk Says He Will Build A Five-Mile Hyperloop Test Track, Probably In Texas >>

* Google’s Modular Ara Smartphone to Debut in Puerto Rico >>
* Elon Musk donates $10M to ‘keep AI beneficial’ >>
* Machine learning helps Stanford physicists predict dangerous solar flares earlier >>

* Scaled Composites: Builder of SpaceShipTwo >>
* These Interstellar Cannons Actually Hunt Exoplanets >>
* $500 TEDDY BEAR teaches tots to spit up personal data >>

* First SLS Engine Blazes to Life in Mississippi Test Firing Igniting NASA’s Path to Deep Space >>
* Scientists Discover Two New Species of Lizard on the Black Market >>
* Elon Musk Wants To Build And Launch Satellites To Fund A Mars Colony >>

* Google wants self-driving cars on the road within 5 years >>
* 3D printing created this drone, complete with circuitry >>
* Elon Musk is building a Hyperloop test track, possibly in Texas >>

* Risks Impacting The World In 2015 And The Next 10 Years >>
* Google Maps 9.3 adds shareable directions in latest app update >>
* Google halts Glass Explorer sales, amid leadership changes and lagging development >>

* Watch the smart home of 2020 in action >>
* Skydio Makes Drones Smart So Pilots Can Be Dumb With $3M From Andreessen >>
* Antibiotic-filled blood supercharges mosquitoes >>

* Laugh sensor among oddball wearables at Japanese expo >>
* Toyota’s VR driving simulator teaches teens to focus on the road >>
* A Brain-Computer Interface That Works Wirelessly >>

* Lab-grown muscles could lead to personalized medicine >>
* MEMS: The micro-machines inside your most beloved technologies >>
* Rise Of The Machines >>

* This robot can convincingly forge letters in your handwriting >>
* Samsung Advances their Iris Scanning and Recognition System >>
* The World’s First Tutulemma >>

* Google Launches Classroom Mobile Apps For Android And iOS >>
* First-of-a-Kind Device Allows You To Track Important Hormones Wherever You Are >>
* IBM’s new mainframe will eat mobile apps for lunch >>

* Scientists find how cancers can evade treatment >>
* Germs be gone: New nanotechnology keeps bacteria from sticking to surfaces >>
* Nest founder Tony Fadell to oversee Google Glass 2.0 >>

* Elon Musk: Hyperloop test track likely for Texas >>
* Smart shoe devices generate power from walking >>
* Walk 20 minutes a day, beat early death >>

* DNA ‘smart glue’ may help build tissues, organs >>
* ‘No under—80 cancer deaths in UK by 2050’ >>
* Nanowire coated clothing can keep you warm and cosy >>

* Nasal spray may treat Alzheimer’s: Scientists >>
* Google launches build-your-own mobile phone trial >>
* Google offers instant translation in 36 languages >>

* Zinc-oxide Nanostructures Could Help Power Wearables >>
* Understanding the personalities of bacteria >>
* Fighting Ebola with Simulations and Algorithms >>

* Oculus Rift Could Make Music Software Way Easier to Use >>
* Google’s New Language Translation App Is Utterly Astonishing >>
* Average life expectancy heading for 100 >>

* #1 Editor’s Choice Award: Rule by Algorithm? Big Data and the Threat of Algocracy >>
* World Economic Forum highlights risks of emerging technologies >>
* How Humanity Will Conquer Space Without Rockets >>

* Samsung Interview: Mirrorless to outsell DSLRs ‘in three years’ >>
* How many smells can we smell? >>
* Expanding the brain achieves super-resolution with ordinary confocal microscopes >>

* Second SpaceShipTwo Under Construction – Factory Video >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 16, 2015: Hard Landings, False Alarms & Found Beagles >>
* 2014 Was Earth’s Hottest Year On Record, NASA Says >>

* Elon Musk wants to build a new Internet from space >>
* Google search will-be-your-next-brain >>
* This drone tech could lead you to a parking space, so kick and scream no more >>

* Watch SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Booster Almost Land Itself. Almost >>
* Dive right in to all 13 shows for Amazon’s ambitious 2015 pilot season [Update] >>
* Our latest message to ET could be full of LOLcats and celebs. We should try to do better, or keep quiet altogether >>

* Zuckerberg’s 3 predictions for what social networks will look like in 10 years >>

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