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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 November 2014

* Virtual Reality Isn’t Just For Games. It’s Going To Change Everything >>
* Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms >>
* Blu-ray Discs Spin Their Way Into Making Solar Cells More Efficient >>

* Will 2015 see the emergence of a Diamond Age of Microelectronics ? >>
* Three Billion People Are On The Internet Now >>
* Internet Users Surge to Almost 3 Billion Worldwide >>

* What Futuristic Technology Are You The Least Excited For? >>
* Google launches ‘smart’ spoon to help steady shaking hands >>
* NASA Encourages Asteroid Mining, Contracts Two Private Companies >>

* In a self-driving future, we may not want to own cars >>
* The strange world of computer-generated novels >>
* Forget your keys? There’s an app for that >>

* Interstellar Might Depict AI Slavery >>
* The First 3-D Printer in Space Makes Its First Object: A Spare Part >>
* Support Mach Effect Propulsion research via the Space Studies Institute fund raising effort >>

* Automation Makes Us Dumb >>
* Genetics Suggest Autism Isn’t Just One Disorder—It’s Hundreds | WIRED >>
* Rohinni’s Lightpaper Is Incredibly Thin, And Printable >>

* Google Glass Is Dead; Long Live Smart Glasses >>
* Wireless electronic implants deliver antibiotic, then harmlessly dissolve >>
* Graphene and Ammonia Combine for Novel Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction >>

* How Orion Capsule’s First Flight Test Works (Infographic) >>

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