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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 07 November 2014

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* SenseFly’s eXom Drone Uses Vision and Ultrasound to Fly Precisely, Safely >>
* Japan wants elder care robots instead of foreign workers >>

* 300 million college graduates in developing countries are more likely to take your job than a robot for the next 20 years >>
* Google Wants to Store Your Genome >>
* Swedish Researchers Report Record Wireless Data Transmission Rate >>

* Amazon’s Echo Might Be Its Most Important Product In Years >>
* This Is the First Picture of New Planets Forming >>

* Pixar is making ‘Toy Story 4’ >>
* The Big Future: Can we build a virtual world? >>
* Parkinson’s stem cell ‘breakthrough’ >>

* This Robotic “Fish” Will Save Salmon from Damnation >>
* Why You Can’t Always Trust Your Brain >>
* Your Smartphone Could One Day Be Powered By Jet Fuel >>

* Get ready for ‘Interstellar’ with these TED Talks >>
* Not enough video in your Facebook news feed? Try a better phone >>
* Five questions about the future of drones with 3D Robotics’ Colin Guinn >>

* Lenovo is the new king of the PC and tablet hill >>
* Microsoft Doubles Down On Office For Tablets >>
* Meekan Raises $870,000 To Connect The World’s Calendars >>

* The Next Technology Revolution Will Drive Abundance And Income Disparity >>
* Sensor helps you watch your diet by tracking your chewing >>
* BT, HTC and EE develop tech that can pinpoint 999 calls to within metres >>

* NASA wants to build Lytro’s camera tech into space probes >>
* EE TV now available for free to existing mobile and broadband customers >>

* Kickstarter-backed smart oven would learn your habits and help you stay fit >>
* Famed Physicists Talks Quantum Mechanics and Space-Time: How to Watch Live >>
* Laser probe knows if you ate your veggies >>

* This Robot Makes People Experience a Ghostly Presence >>
* The smart oven that turns even the worst cook into a chef: ‘Maid’ preheats itself, reads out recipes and perfectly times your meals >>

* Why didn’t animals thrive on Earth sooner? Lack of oxygen made it impossible to support the rise of life during ‘boring’ billion years >>
* Will Machines Ever Think Like Humans? >>

* Smart sensors warn instantly of citywide water leaks >>
* Synthetic biology could be big boost to interplanetary space travel >>
* Internet Arcade is a classic video game paradise >>

* Amazon Unveils Siri-Like Speaker You Control With Your Voice >>
* Microsoft Office Is Now Free for iPhones, iPads and Android >>
* Virgin Galactic looks to resume tests in 2015 despite crash setbacks >>

* This App Tracks How You Sleep, Just By Placing Your Phone Next To Your Head >>
* How gravity explains why time never runs backward >>
* Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior >>

* What Neuro-revolution? The Public Find Brain Science Irrelevant and Anxiety-provoking | WIRED >>
* ‘Quantum holograms’ for information storage and computation | KurzweilAI >>
* Voters Nix Robo-Tix >>

* ‘Direct writing’ of diamond patterns from graphite a potential technological leap >>
* Back From the Past: Stanford Resurrects First U.S. Website >>
* High-fat diet postpones brain aging in mice >>

* Brain-to-brain interface via Internet replicated, improved >>
* ‘Direct writing’ nanodiamond patterns from graphite >>
* Tough multifunctional electronics based on bullet-proof Kevlar >>

* Ebola, Marburg viruses edit genetic material during infection >>
* SpaceShipTwo Pilot’s Survival is Miraculous >>
* Astronomers Predict 20,000 Alien Planets Observed Next Five Years >>

* The New Boosted Boards Are Actually Affordable (and Still Badass) >>
* New Brain Interface Allows For Mind-to-Mind Video Gaming >>
* Your 80s Robot Butler Dreams Just Came True >>

* Star Wars Episode VII Is Called “The Force Awakens” >>
* Who blew up the rocket? >>

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