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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 March 2012

* Is a pain-free needle possible? >>
* Quadcopters preparing to deliver tacos via GPS >>
* Permoveh personal vehicle prototype can travel sideways, diagonally (video) >>
* Century of the Starship >>

* Robotics Refueling Research Scores Huge Leap at Space Station >>
* Russian plans first SVBR-100 lead bismuth modular fast reactor for 2017 >>
* No More GPS Voice: Haptic Steering Wheel Buzzes to Give You Directions >>

* Video: Face-Recognition System Can Sort Through 36 Million Faces Per Second >>
* Video: 45-foot paper airplane needs a helicopter to throw it >>
* What If All of America’s Toilets Were Flushed Simultaneously? >>

* 100 million TVs will be Internet-connected by 2016, report predicts >>
* Gut on a chip >>
* Bed-of-nails breast implant deters cancer cells >>

* Researchers discover why humans began walking upright >>
* Mountaintop Blown Up For Giant Telescope | Video >>
* Excuse me, but is your leg ringing? >>

* Recent Solar Storms Pumped 26 billion Kilowatts of Energy into Earth’s Atmosphere >>
* Standoff sensing enters new realm with dual-laser technique >>
* Messier 9 Close-up >>

* Researchers prove that memories reside in specific brain cells >>
* Scary Fast Surveillance System Scans 36 Million Faces a Second [Video] >>
* Ever Watch 130 Simpsons Episodes at the Same Time? [Video] >>

* Record-breaking laser pulse paves way for fusion >>
* Applying Watson technology for personalized cancer care >>
* Python Truck Fixes Potholes in Two Minutes Flat >>

* Blown lift jets fly better with engines up top >>
* Better lensless microscope with up to 100 times better magnification and could lead to 50 picometer resolution >>
* ‘Antimagnet’ Renders Magnets Invisible >>

* James Cameron might have embarked on his historic solo dive to the Ocean’s Deepest Point >>
* Synopsis: The Unbearable Hardness of Physics >>

* Astronauts Practice Refueling Spacecraft in Orbit >>
* Cloned cheek cells keep immunity in check >>
* Mike Treder’s family calls off search: >>

* Robot Submarine on Jupiter Moon Europa is ‘Holy Grail’ Mission for Planetary Science >>
* Next-Generation GPS Satellites Designed in Virtual Reality >>
* Paul Allen commits $300M to Allen Institute for Brain Science drives toward complete understanding of how brain works >>

* Red Wine, Tartaric Acid, and the Secret of Superconductivity >>
* Mathematician’s ‘irregular mind’ scoops Abel award >>
* Runaway planets zoom at a fraction of light speed >>

* The Secret Nuclear Drone Tech Our Government Hid >>
* False memories generated in lab mice >>
* Turning Human Waste into Power >>

* The Stanford education experiment could change higher learning forever >>
* Computer model of spread of dementia can predict future disease patterns years before they occur in a patient >>

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