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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 March 2012

* Toshiba builds scanner that can identify fruit without a barcode, yup (video) >>
* James Cameron’s New Sub Will Take Him To the Deepest Spot On Earth [Video] >>
* Disappearing Toner Lets This Copier Re-Use Office Paper [Video] >>

* AI designs its own video game >>
* Teach your robot well (Georgia Tech shows how) >>
* 2000x GPU Performance Needed To Reach Anatomical Graphics Limits For Gaming? >>

* A Machine That Sniffs Out Cancer >>
* National Parks Street View-style trails goes live, avoids the Google cars (video) >>
* Remote Dog Feeder with Twitter and Arduino >>

* DNA nanotechnology-based nanorobot delivers cell suicide message to cancer cells >>
* Tobii EyeAsteroids 3D lets you destroy virtual space stones with a gaze, we go eyes-on (video) >>
* How many joints would you have to smoke to die of a marijuana overdose? [Video] >>

* Japanese Speech-Jamming Gun >>
* Virtual Currency Is The Next Big Platform >>
* Researchers ‘Print’ Polymers That Bend Into 3-D Shapes >>

* Microsoft Research releases free Cliplets computer vision video editor >>
* Amateur Rocketeer Derek Deville’s Qu8k Rocket Flies to 120,000+ Feet (Video) >>
* Future Supermarket Checkouts Could Recognize the Food, Not the Barcode [Video] >>

* Heartbeats Hint at Personality Traits >>
* New Breed of ‘Nuclear Clocks’ Could be 100 Times More Accurate than Today’s Atomic Timekeepers >>

* Lockheed’s Space Fence Prototype Starts Tracking Space Junk With Advanced Radar >>
* DARPA Unveils Drone-Slaying War Laser >>
* What’s Next on TV? Lowdown on 6 Pilots Now Filming >>

* Thrill-Seeking Bees Reveal Link to Human Personality >>
* ‘Heavy Rain’ game creator debuts high-tech ‘Kara’ >>
* Reusable Sticky Tape Could Hold Up Your TV >>

* New DARPA challenge: develop algorithms for controlling satellites >>
* Neil deGrasse Tyson: how space exploration can make America great again >>
* Power backups to protect nuclear plants in a disaster >>

* IBM Labs: Holey Optochip First to Transfer One Trillion Bits of Information per Second >>
* Missing: Electron antineutrinos; Reward: Understanding of matter-antimatter imbalance >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 March 2012 >>

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