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Tristans Link archive – 9-10 Jan 2010

* The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by Their 20’s http://ff.im/-e4TyQ
* Removing heart tumour can also be bloodless http://ff.im/-e4Rnd
* Ho Hum! predictable arrival of Sex Robots and 3D Porn…. http://ff.im/-e4PrG
* Why playing in the virtual world has an awful lot to teach children. http://ff.im/-e4ZZe
* Wall Street Journal on Feynman, Drexler, History, and the Future http://ff.im/-e4ZlH
* More video’s Vuzix Wrap 920AR Video Eyewear http://ff.im/-e4pMp
* Video – Light Touch Pico Projector Creates Touchscreen Out of Anything http://ff.im/-e4prI
* Video; Intel Infoscape flaunts jaw-dropping graphics http://ff.im/-e4m20

* Mathematicians Create Algorithm So Complex No Computer Can Use It…Yet http://ff.im/-e4lBI
* 768-bit RSA Factored by Academics http://ff.im/-e4juZ
* Top-of-Line Five-Screen Professional Display http://ff.im/-e1AQb
* Video: Burj base jump http://ff.im/-e1zY2
* Scientists Turn Wood Into Bone http://ff.im/-e1xJf
* The year 3D Printing mainstreams? http://ff.im/-e1wf8

* Polymeric Protein Encapsulation May Bring Protein Therapy to Practical Reality http://ff.im/-e1uCh
* Glasses-free 3D displays – http://is.gd/5Vh41
* Robot border guards to patrol future frontiers http://ff.im/-e1tkb
* A virtual liver, a better chance of life http://ff.im/-e1sHK
* Infographic: Where’s Money Going in Afghanistan?  $1 million a soldier http://ff.im/-e1oxB

* The Origin of the Brain http://ff.im/-e1hpv
* NBF > more Freitas Food Replacement Nanobot concept http://ff.im/-e1kKC
* NBF > Most Important Nanotechnology Blog Post of Eric Drexler http://ff.im/-e1jIj
* The Futurist:  Scarcity Bites – A Decade Too Soon! http://ff.im/-e1glg
* Vuzix Announces Wrap 920 AR http://ff.im/-dZ0Nl

* xixidu: The difference between economic predictions and reality. http://bit.ly/7Jdm9j
* Ami Iida: Physicists Solve Difficult Classical Problem with One Quantum Bit  http://bit.ly/8dXytH
* Spaceweaver: How to Train the Aging Brain – NYTimes.com http://bit.ly/5LYkvd
* Spaceweaver: Rethinking artificial intelligence http://bit.ly/8vH55G
* Kurt Starnes: Astronomers Say 4-5 Years Until Earth-like Planet Found http://bit.ly/4z32fv
* xixidu: Overcoming Information Overload Issues http://bit.ly/8Tpyun
* xixidu: Why Science Tells Us Not to Rely on Eyewitness Accounts http://bit.ly/8P9Uk6
* xixidu: Panasonic SDXC cards roadmap (2TB) http://bit.ly/5Aw0WJ
* xixidu: A Conversation on the Neuroethics of War http://bit.ly/5ziJYV
* xixidu: Part 1: Aubrey de Grey: The Role of Mitochondria DNA in Aging http://bit.ly/4LDV5g
* M F: Turkey illustrated by Warwick Goble http://bit.ly/5gnEUh

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