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Tristans Link archive – 13 Jan 2010

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* Researchers identify protein needed to develop auditory neurons
* Nanomedicine: Ending ‘hit and miss’ design
* Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds
* Learn the five secrets of innovation – CNN
* Carnegie Mellon scientists crack brain’s codes for noun meanings
* 1,000m underground central heating system planned
* How galaxies came to be: Astronomers explain Hubble sequence

* Reality Checkup: Medical AI Still a Hard Sell in the Clinic: Scientific American
* Nano Needlese Inject Molecules Into Cells
* 3D View of the Brain – PhysOrg
* Simple DNA nanomachine is capable of continuous rotation
* Gdrive debuts: 1GB free file storage in the Google cloud – Geek
* Ongoing human evolution could explain recent rise in certain disorders

* RCA Airnergy Charger Harvests Electricity From WiFi Signals
* Official Google Blog: A new approach to China
* New Nano-car? Tiny Dragster Has Chassis, Axles, & Buckyball
* Longevity gene helps prevent memory decline and dementia
* Q & A: Did Inflation Happen Before the Big Bang?
* Robot Babies Are Always A Mistake | BotJunkie

* Control Your PC With the Puyocon Motion-Sensing Ball – Gizmodo
* Can Tablet Computers Really Hit Prime Time This Year? Analysis
* Synthetic Skin Delivers Gene Therapies Straight to Body, No Needles Necessary
* I-FAIRY lets you become a robot puppet master | DVICE
* Landspeeder and AirMule drone: Starwars here we come | DVICE
* Now, Electronics That Obey Hand Gestures – NYTimes

* Foresight 2010: the Synergy of Molecular Manufacturing and AI
* The Battle of the Brain –
* Brain ‘entanglement’ could explain memories – New Scientist
* FuturePundit: Computer Servers Cheap Compared To Electricity
* What came first in the origin of life? A study contradicts the ‘metabolism first hypothesis
* Four Trends for the ‘Tens – Harvard Business
* BBC News – Chemical computer that mimics neurons to be created

* Wildcat: What Keeps Time Moving Forward? Blame It on the Big Bang: Scientific American
* Wildcat: Neuroscience, Sociology and Human Interaction and Technology x3Vids
* Wildcat: The Truth About Digital Sweat Shops: The fear is that online labour market
* Wildcat: Prions: Do They Reshape the Definition of Life?
* xixidu: Carbon nanotubes help pairs survive a breakup
* xixidu: Kenya fishermen see upside to pirates: more fish
* xixidu: Parrot’s AR.Drone captured on video – it’s like having your personal Predator!

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