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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 July 2022

* Hackers can turn computer cables into antenna to steal sensitive data >>
* Robot that learns social cues could feed people with tetraplegia >>
* AI learns how to recognise the species of splatted mosquitoes >>

* Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted infection: skin to skin contact >>
* Marcus House: Does NASA & SpaceX’s Plan with Artemis Make Sense? >>

* PRO ROBOTS: The World of the Future | What will the world be like in 2050? >>
* Building a Second Brain | Talks at Google >>
* Russia will withdraw from the International Space Station after 2024 >>

* The Life in The Simpsons Is No Longer Attainable >>
* The Ridiculous “Everything’s Gotten Better” Guys >>

* New SIM Cards Could Make Your Phone Slimmer and More Flexible >>
* Ep 46 – The nitty gritty about public cloud security >>
* Kubernetes, Networking, and Finding the VMware of Cloud Native >>

* Announcing GitLab support on CircleCI >>
* India receives $18 billion bids for 5G auction, expects rollout in September >>
* Two of Europe’s biggest internet satellite companies are merging to take on Starlink >>

* Quest 2 Price Jumps To $399 As Meta Costs Rise >>
* Autonomous ‘wingman’ drone technology being developed for tomorrow’s ‘Top Gun’ fighter pilots >>
* ‘Operating With Increased Intensity’: Zuckerberg Leads Meta Into Next Phase >>

* China’s 21-ton rocket stage is out of control, and it will crash into Earth soon >>
* China plans to build world’s largest water canal from Three Gorges Dam to Shanghai >>
* Tomorrow’s Build: Whatever Happened to Hyperloop? >>

* Meta is shutting down its couples messaging app you didn’t know existed >>
* Orbital Launch Mount Repaired for a Booster Return | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* 1st commercial mission to Mars in 2024? Relativity & Impulse Space announce plans >>
* Getting There Quickly: The Nuclear Option >>

* China targeted the Fed to build an informant network >>
* Do low-code / no-code platforms pose a security risk? >>
* VentureBeat Transform 2022 – Day 4 – The AI/ML Automation Technology Summit >>

* How governments seize millions in stolen cryptocurrency >>
* Attosecond Measurements Capture Electrons In Water Clusters >>
* Egyptian TikToker held in Saudi over ‘immoral’ video >>
* Watch stunning static fire footage of NASA’s SLS booster for the Artemis moon missions >>

* Cloud news: China unveils national cloud, Telstra commits to Azure >>
* Google, Meta cables will be ‘game-changers’ for Africa >>
* The Smallest Number You’ve Never Thought Of >>

* Your Difference is your Power | Prerna Chakkingal | TEDx >>
* Why newsrooms need Indigenous voices | Kelly Boutsalis | TEDx >>
* Shipping multi-tenant SaaS using Postgres Row-Level Security >>

* ESG: Three letters that won’t save the planet >>
* New Zealand’s ‘tobacco endgame’ law will be a world first for health – here’s what the modelling shows us >>
* Scan Your Shopping Cart With Yuka and Make Healthier Choices >>
* Coding Isn’t a Necessary Leadership Skill — But Digital Literacy Is >>

* Source Code For Rust-Based Info-Stealer Released On Hacker Forums >>
* Kmart Halts Use of In-Store Facial Recognition Amid Australian Privacy Investigation >>
* Artificial intelligence can spot patterns in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and autism by sifting through scans >>

* How to Make Your Staycation Feel Like a Getaway >>
* Who are the most important living thinkers, scholars and intellectuals over the age of 60? >>
* US summer travel 2022 >>
* SpaceX Had Six Launches in 17 Days >>

* The Deadliest Virus on Earth >>
* A New Understanding of Human History and the Roots of Inequality | David Wengrow | TED >>
* Workplace burnout: just how bad is it? >>

* I.M.F. warns that a global recession soon at hand. >>
* Odds of an economic recession are rising, but the stock market has already priced it in and found its bottom, JPMorgan says >>
* Why will inflation end in recession? Because it always does >>
* Pakistan’s punishing inflation changes life as 225m people know it >>
* Lessons from Turkey on the evils of high inflation >>
* IMF cuts global and Asian growth estimates as recession risk looms >>
* How a strong US dollar hampers the inflation fight >>
* He Wanted a Home and a Wife. China’s Property Crisis Left Him With Neither. >>
* Why A Recession Could Be Good For Private Equity >>
* Tension On The Front Lines: Low-Wage Workers Want Higher Pay And More Training, Not Bigger Titles. >>
* Walmart Cuts Profit Outlook; Stocks End Mixed >>
* GM Reports 40% Drop in Q2 Net Income >>

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