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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 November 2021

* IBM debuts new quantum processor with 127 qubits >>
* FBL34 – Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying: Evolution and the Challenge of Modern Life >>
* Episode 84: Tech Buzz China: CEO South China Morning Post on hottest five trends shaping China >>

* Do something different for a week >>
* The FBI’s email system was hacked to send out fake cybersecurity warnings >>
* The robots behind the bar that want to pull your next pint >>

* Omdia’s Nicole McCormick: How to really sell 5G to consumers >>
* COP26 Hasn’t Solved the Problem: Scientists React to UN Climate Deal >>
* Portugal: Proposed law tries to sneak in biometric mass surveillance. >>

* If Remote Work Empties Downtowns, Can Theaters Fill >>
* As a skills crisis mounts, tech leaders pivot: ‘It’s crazy the hiring spree they’re on’ >>
* Nvidia-powered supercomputers advance COVID drug discovery and atomic simulations >>

* Hackers Snuck Into the FBI Email System, Spammed Over 100,000 Accounts >>
* Einstein’s theory of special relativity could create unhackable ATMs >>
* Samsung knows the pandemic changed tech, so Galaxy phones are changing too >>

* Biden-Xi talks: China warns US about ‘playing with fire’ on Taiwan >>
* Debris From Test of Russian Antisatellite Weapon Forces Astronauts to Shelter >>
* A Black Hole has been Found Lurking Just Outside the Milky Way >>

* The most powerful telescope ever built is about to change how we see the universe >>
* How the world’s largest inflatable aircraft hangar was built >>
* Booster 7 Forward Dome Sleeve Spotted | SpaceX >>

* Remote Teams in ML/AI >>
* China’s 640-Ton ‘Iron Monster’ Can Erect Colossal Bridges In a Few Days >>
* A New Defense Drone Reportedly Caught 16 Hellfire Missiles Mid-Flight >>

* NASA Scientists Think ‘Singing Trees’ Can Bring Us Closer to Another World >>
* McLaren Denies Widely Circulated Stories That It Has Been Bought by Audi >>
* Almost 20 Million Years Ago, Sharks Nearly Went Extinct — Nobody Knows Why >>

* TPG Telecom triples 5G coverage as standalone core launches >>
* Microsoft Expands Azure DevOps Portfolio >>
* How to Tackle SaaS Security Misconfigurations >>
* Researchers Demonstrate New Fingerprinting Attack on Tor Encrypted Traffic >>

* The Art of Asking the Right Question | Caroline Reidy | TEDx >>
* It Depends! There is more than One Right Answer | Liam Moggan | TEDx >>
* NBCU’s Peacock starts to stream into Europe >>

* Was COP26 in Glasgow a success? >>
* China’s Communist authorities reinvent state capitalism >>
* How America’s Pandemic Economic Response Fought the Last War >>

* Argentina’s government to lose control of Senate after midterm >>
* Biden to tell Xi to ‘play by the rules’ at 1st virtual summit >>
* Vergecast: How EV startup Rivian achieved a record-breaking IPO >>

* Boeing 777X touches down at Dubai International Airshow ahead of talks between Boeing and Emirates >>
* Japan breaks world record for fastest internet speed 319 terabits per second (Tb/s) >>
* Azure Administrator Certification (AZ-104) – Full Course >>

* Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood Talks and SpaceX Crypto Giveaway >>
* Air Cargo Is Suddenly Affordable Relative To Ocean Shipping >>

* The next pandemic is already here. Covid can teach us how to fight it. >>
* Changing the way you think about Stress | Dr Libby Weaver | TEDx >>
* Starship Prototype Ship 20 Aft Flap Test | SpaceX >>

* Make the Camera Your Friend | Grett O’Connor Buckley | TEDx >>
* The next pandemic is already here. Covid can teach us how to fight it. >>
* Ransomware attacks are getting more complex and even harder to prevent >>

* AI Weekly: Workplace surveillance algorithms need to be regulated before it’s too late >>
* Surgeons cautiously embrace medical metaverse >>
* AI tool offers cure for scattered medical data >>

* How to fend off cybersecurity burnout >>
* Unity moves robotics design and training to the metaverse >>
* Are you ready for China’s Personal Information Protection Law? >>

* Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6 Finally Arrive >>
* Nations strike climate deal after India-led compromise on coal >>
* Ep. 620: Why Getting to the Outer Worlds is So Difficult >>

* My Hacker News knowledge assimilation stack >>
* This Deep Sea Robot Is Exploring The Mysteries of Our Oceans’ Climate Activity >>
* RHEL 8.5 delivers key container improvements >>

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