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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 June 2021

* Much-anticipated Pentagon UFO report lands today: What to know >>
* Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFO) Report >>
* Everything You Need To Know About The Pentagon’S Big Ufo Report… For Now >>
* I Created ‘The X-Files.’ Here’s Why I’m Skeptical of New U.F.O. Report. >>

* New type of ancient human is discovered in Israel: ‘Nesher Ramla’ people who lived 400,000 years ago >>
* Newly identified ancestor of Neanderthals complicates the human story >>
* Scientists hail stunning ‘Dragon Man’ discovery >>

* The New Data Equation: Leveraging Cloud-Scale Data to Innovate in AI, CyberSecurity, & Life Sciences >>
* Google is warning users when its search results might be unreliable >>

* AWS BugBust: The World’s First Bug Busting Challenge for Developers >>
* The Oceans Are Ready In Space. Request for 500 Patreon Members To Get There Quicker >>

* Video Friday: Household Skills >>
* Reckoning With Tech Before It Becomes Invisible >>
* To Fly a Drone in the U.S., You Now Must Pass FAA’s TRUST Test >>

* Biden’s New $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Includes $65 Billion for Universal Broadband >>
* Vodafone UK flexes 5G Standalone muscle with Ericsson >>
* All adults in England told to ‘grab a jab’ >>

* Defining the skills citizens will need in the future world of work >>
* Elon Musk eyes Starlink IPO as it goes global >>
* Telecom industry cheers deal for $65B in broadband funding >>

* Windows 11 is free, but your CPU might not be officially supported >>
* Intel Macs can’t run Windows 11 without this workaround >>
* Why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to use TPM chips >>
* Microsoft Windows 11 revealed with dramatic increase in system requirements >>
* Engadget Podcast: Windows 11 and a chat with Ratchet & Clank devs >>
* Windows 11 Drops Skype As a Default App >>
* Windows 11 Requires an Internet Connection and Microsoft Account At Setup >>
* Watch the Windows 11 event in under 8 minutes >>
* Here are two podcasts from our Windows 11 coverage >>
* Microsoft’s fast game-loading tech won’t come to Windows 10 >>
* Microsoft wants Steam to be part of its new Windows 11 app store >>
* Windows 11 is deleting Internet Explorer >>

* Keynote Analysis | Postgres Vision 2021 >>
* Event Wrap | Postgres Vision 2021 >>
* Cracking the Code: Lessons Learned from How Enterprise Buyers Evaluate New Startups >>
* Josh Berkus, Red Hat | Postgres Vision 2021 >>
* Hierarchical Structures in PostgreSQL >>
* Serverless Container Security for AWS Fargate >>

* A Newly-Discovered (Almost) Dwarf Planet Will Come Surprisingly Close in 2031 >>
* How Far Can Civilization Go? >>
* Andromeda in a Single Shot >>

* Cryptocurrency Blockchains Don’t Need To Be Energy Intensive >>
* UK’s Vodafone network runs trials on standalone 5G in London, Manchester and Cardiff >>
* China Plans Its First Crewed Mission To Mars In 2033 >>

* GitNFT allows you to sell your Github commits as NFTs! >>
* Amazon CEO is blasting into space next month. Why can’t he get insurance? >>
* Kubernetes co-developers aim to make the container orchestration software ‘boring’ >>

* AWS Has Acquired Encrypted Messaging Service Wickr >>
* Equity Live: This is what leadership smells like >>
* The Hazards of a “Nice” Company Culture >>

* The Alarming Blind Spots in Health Care AI >>
* Virgin Galactic receives FAA approval to take passengers into space >>
* Tiny Satellites Could Help Warn of the Next Big Hurricane >>

* Databricks co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi is coming to TC Sessions: SaaS >>
* Earth-like conditions on exoplanets in the Milky Way could be A LOT rarer than experts previously believed >>
* AI-Piloted Fighter Jets >>

* SpaceX launches GPS satellite to provide PNT services >>
* Microsoft’s CEO didn’t work from a home office before the pandemic. Having to do so made him rethink how his company’s products work. >>
* JRE #1673 – Colin Wright >>

* They called it a conspiracy theory. But Alina Chan tweeted life into the idea that the virus came from a lab. >>
* What Is Cloud Automation and How Does It Benefit IT Teams? >>
* Take a data-first approach to modernization >>

* Building Feature Toggles into Terraform >>
* A Cancer Killer That Comes With a Host of Beneficial Side Effects. >>
* The Age of Indifference: We’re Facing Our Greatest Era of Crisis. So How Come Nobody Cares? >>

* How TSMC Builds a $19 Billion Fab >>
* The World’s Largest Fusion Reactor Now Has the World’s Most Powerful Magnet >>
* Who Will Build Consumers a Debt Dashboard? >>

* Airtel, TCS partner for Made in India 5G open RA >>
* China’s Communist Party at 100: the secret of its longevity >>
* BlackBerry CEO Says Turnaround ‘Taking Longer Than I Expected’ >>

* Mainland China and Taiwan propel semiconductor investment frenzy as Singapore and Japan join the game >>
* Asia’s UFO community looks to the skies at Hong Kong Extraterrestrial Expo >>
* Taking DevOps to the Next Level: Your 5-Step Guide to Monitoring Nirvana >>

* The Future of Games is an Instant Flash to the past >>
* FLOAT ON: This Kestrel’s Next-Level Head Stabilization While Hovering In Place Proves That Nature Is Lit>>

* New Ultralight Material Is Tougher than Steel and Kevlar >>
* At 250 MPH, This Strange Ride is the ‘World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle’ >>
* Everything We Know About The Devastating Building Collapse in Miami >>

* China Just Announced That It’s Sending the First Humans to Mars >>
* Next Phase of Europe’s New Fighter Jet Gets Approval >>
* SpaceX Aims To Launch First Orbital Starship Flight in July >>

* What Google’s $7BN Building Spree Means for Construction >>
* Sex toy recycling programme launched >>

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