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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 November 2020

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 November 2020

* Best Black Friday deals you can get right now >>
* Remote-controlled delivery carts are now working for the local Los Angeles grocer >>

* After Admitting Mistake, AstraZeneca Faces Difficult Questions About Its Vaccine >>
* Astra Likely To Run Additional Global Vaccine Test, CEO Says >>
* Messaging app Discord is the new social life for house-bound teenagers >>

* Germany’s national rail operator will experiment with hydrogen trains >>
* Black Hole Information Paradox Is Just About Solved >>
* Misinformation Has Created a New World Disorder >>

* Can mass testing schemes stop the spread of the coronavirus? >>
* Pregnancy-style tests for Covid-19 and HIV would be ‘up to 100,000 times more sensitive’ if they used tiny diamond crystals >>
* TikTok’s deadline for a sale has moved to December 4th >>

* Everything You Already Forgot About 2020 >>

* AWS re:Invent 2020 Virtual Promo >>
* Your guide to artificial intelligence and machine learning at re:Invent 2020 >>
* Amazon Web Services outage subsides after unplugging services for hours >>

* Ubuntu Linux virtualized on M1 (success!) >>
* Apple is reportedly moving iPad production out of China >>

* GM Opens Up a New Front in Its Battle With Tesla: Batteries >>
* Ford’s 2021 F-150 Pickup Is a Mobile Power Station >>
* Elon Musk Talks Future Batteries and Compact Hatchback at European Battery Conference >>

* Daily Crunch: Amazon Web Services stumble >>
* Does AstraZeneca Vaccine Also Stop Covid Transmission? >>
* A 2-mile line in Arizona. A four-hour wait in Ohio. Millions seek help to avoid going hungry on Thanksgiving. >>

* SpaceX Ultra Heavy Starship Version 2 Could Launch Satellite Version of Project Orion >>
* Tomorrow’s Power Grid Will Be Autonomous >>
* Dilbert: Thursday November 26, 2020: Online Class Muted >>

* Exoplanet Imaging via a Fast New Camera >>
* A New Artist’s Illustration of the Extremely Large Telescope. So Many Lasers >>

* How Xpertal is creating the Contact Center of the future with Amazon Lex >>
* Announcing the launch of Amazon Comprehend Events >>
* Amazon Lex launches support for Latin American Spanish and German >>

* China’s Gen Z are coming of age: Here’s what marketers need to know >>
* This Company Wants to Put a Human-Size Hologram Booth in Your Living Room >>
* My podcast with Darren Lipomi: Tyler Cowen >>

* Did Viruses Create the Nucleus? The Answer May Be Near >>
* Another Win for Senolytics: Fighting Aging at the Cellular Level Just Got Easier >>
* Covid-19 pandemic could be stopped if at least 70% public wore face masks consistently: Study >>

* F-35A dropped an inert B61-12 nuclear bomb while flying at supersonic speed >>
* Staying Flexible With Hybrid Workplaces >>

* Driverless Cars Are Coming to an Area Near You and You Should Be Worried >>
* How to Create an AWS Continuous Deployment Pipeline >>
* Pushing AI to the Edge: Use Cases and What is Next [Part 2] >>

* Dow Drops Back Below 30000 Milestone >>
* Last call: Share your DevOps experiences at Continuous Lifecycle Online 2021 >>

* $1bn bid for Tokyo Dome planned by developer Mitsui Fudosan >>
* End of Covid mortgage holiday – will housing prices fall? >>
* Spectre wave of ‘managed sales’ of homes in March >>

* Israeli students’ electric car for elderly to compete in Dubai-based show >>
* U.S. sets new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations for 15th consecutive day >>
* Until vaccine, make 55-plus live separately to save lives, Israeli research says >>

* Why is China determined to launch digital currency? >>
* China tops world in AI patent filings, surpassing the US for the first time >>
* Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be able to run at 60fps on all next-gen consoles with new update >>


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