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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 July 2020

* What to expect from tech’s historic antitrust showdown with Congress >>
* CES will go ‘online only’ for 2021 >>
* Why Google’s Keeping Workers Remote Until Summer 2021 >>

* Airbus’ self-flying plane just completed successful taxi, take-off, and landing tests, opening the door for fully autonomous flight >>
* Japanese construction giant to build massive dam almost entirely with robots >>
* First look inside Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft for private astronauts >>

* Brain switches that control male urges to fight and have sex identified in mice >>
* School’s Coming Back. What Will It Look Like? >>
* Kanaiya Vasani, Infoblox | Next Level Network Experience >>

* Australian government sues Google for misleading consumers in data collection >>
* Jeff Bezos, the press-shy billionaire, to face the harsh spotlight of Congress >>
* MacKenzie Scott has already donated nearly $1.7 billion of her Amazon wealth since divorcing Jeff Bezos >>
* 116 Organizations Driving Change >>

* GitHub public roadmap >>
* If Life Feels Bleak, It’s Because Our Civilization is Beginning to Collapse >>
* Watch a beam of light bounce off mirrors in ultra-slow motion >>

* DeepMind and Oxford University researchers on how to ‘decolonize’ AI >>
* Future-Proofing Your Strategy with Scenario Planning >>
* Discovery in Mexican Cave May Drastically Change the Known Timeline of Humans’ Arrival to the Americas >>
* How the eviction crisis across the U.S. will look >>

* Dawn Aerospace unveils new spaceplane >>
* Owner of WeChat thinks deepfakes could actually be good >>
* US needs a green stimulus—but not right now >>
* Present-focused, future-ready R&D organization >>

* Artificial intelligence identifies prostate cancer with near-perfect accuracy >>
* McDonald’s to close 200 U.S. restaurants. >>

* Sandworm details the group behind the worst cyberattacks in history >>
* Coronavirus latest: Earnings deluge underscores pandemic’s impact on corporate America >>
* Scientists pull living microbes, possibly 100 million years old, from beneath the sea >>
* Google improves connectivity with upgrades to its cloud infrastructure >>
* Vodafone CEO Read targets ‘urban’ open RAN in 2022 >>
* The Telecoms.com Podcast: Huawei in Europe, towers and India >>
* 2020 Finalists: Most Innovative Business Cloud Service >>

* Chile picks Japan’s trans-Pacific cable route in snub to China >>
* Ahead of military talks, China claims troops have disengaged at most sites >>
* Mumbai: 57% respondents in slums exposed to coronavirus,16% in residential societies >>

* Nasa’S New Mars Rover Is About To Embark On A Hunt For Ancient Alien Life >>
* Big Tech Is Going On Trial >>
* How to Develop SaaS Application >>
* Jenkins Pipeline Groovy Script – Part 1: Creating Gitlab Group >>

* Google Stadia tests 4G and 5G game streaming >>
* BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer >>
* Even countries that got coronavirus under control are now struggling. That’s deeply concerning for the rest of the world >>

* Germany’s new virus cases fell to below 500 a day for weeks. Now they’ve topped 800 >>
* Is a co-payment scheme for the border on its way? >>
* Jobs fall and women bear the brunt as virus hits Melbourne and Sydney >>

* Building a multilingual question and answer bot with Amazon Lex >>
* Aerographite: An Advance in Sail Materials with Deep Space Implications >>

* Gamma-Ray Telescopes Can Measure the Diameters of Other Stars >>
* $30 Trillion Investment Trend Being Driven By Apple, Google and Amazon >>
* Dilbert: Tuesday July 28, 2020: Deep Disrespect For Authority >>

* Microsoft runs a data centre on hydrogen for 48 whole hours >>
* MW will offer fully electric versions of the 5 Series, 7 Series and X1 >>
* Bringing an AI Product to Market >>
* Does ride-sharing substitute for or complement public transit? >>
* Intel puts Dr. Ann Kelleher in charge of its delayed 7nm CPU project >>

* Ultrasonic jamming device add-on for your Amazon Echo >>
* SpaceX offers an inside look at how it created its futuristic Dragon space suits >>
* Stanford students are short-circuiting VC firms by investing in their peers >>
* You Need More Sleep. What Should You Do If You Can’t Get It? >>
* YouTube will offer 100 kids movies and specials for free >>

* ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 3 starts streaming on October 15th >>
* Cartilage in the brain morphs while we sleep and may explain why a snooze can help consolidate memories while sleep deprivation makes us more likely to forget them, study >>
* Device Is Like A Router For Solar Homes In Blackouts >>

* Lockdown narrowed the happiness gap between the wealthy and unemployed >>
* Qatar hoping to host 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games >>
* Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s eloquence in the face of arrogance is a master class >>
* Tesla’s next vehicles have the potential to usher in the extinction of gas cars >>

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