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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 June 2020

* Microsoft Battles for Your Work Computer >>
* Robotic Third Arm Can Smash Through Walls >>

* Slack’s new integration deal with AWS could also be about tweaking Microsoft >>
* Slack video and voice calls will rely on Amazon Chime >>
* Slack Partners With Amazon To Take On Microsoft Teams >>

* U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 13.3% >>
* Mixed Session Halts Week’s Stock Rally >>
* Podcast: Twitter and Facebook’s showdown with Trump >>

* The Super Powers of Bats and the Fight to Stop Deadly Viruses >>
* Michelle Peluso, IBM | IBM Think 2020 Afterthoughts >>
* CMU’s ‘Penrose’ Turns Complex Math Notations Into Illustrative Diagrams >>

* SaaS earnings rise as pandemic pushes companies more rapidly to the cloud >>
* Musk Says ‘Time To Break Up Amazon,’ Escalating Feud With Bezos >>
* MIT Logarhythms host a virtual concert and release a sneak peek of their new EP >>

* No, coronavirus apps don’t need 60% adoption to be effective >>
* The activist dismantling racist police algorithms >>
* Vergecast: SpaceX’s first crew in space and Facebook’s ongoing moderation controversy >>

* Facebook Groups Are Falling Apart Over Black Lives Matter Posts >>
* The Facebook Groups Where People Pretend the Pandemic Isn’t Happening >>
* Tech Is Global. Right? >>

* JRE #1486 – HONEY HONEY >>
* Machine Vision Will Have a Huge Impact on the IoT >>
* How We Develop an IoT Prototype in a Month >>

* Managing Business Risks of Large Scale Cloud Migrations >>
* Heroku From the Perspective of a Cloud Architect >>
* IBM Releases Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit for MacOS and iOS; Linux and Android Coming Soon >>

* If you see the cops, start recording >>
* Render: Cloud Deployment with Less Engineering >>
* 5 steps to remove yourself from drama at work >>

* How Amazon, Microsoft and Google are courting – and challenging – telcos >>
* Lawmakers in Eight Countries Form New Alliance to Counter China >>
* Tesla’s Elon Musk says ‘time to break up Amazon’, fuelling feud with Jeff Bezos >>

* Has China gone into stealth mode with its military-civil fusion plans? >>
* Global COVID-19 cases surpass 6.6 million >>
* Doctors Heavily Overprescribed Antibiotics Early in the Pandemic >>

* Why Didn’t Helicopter Airlines Take Off? >>
* Twitter disables Trump campaign’s George Floyd video tribute >>
* Scientists aim gene-targeting breakthrough against COVID-19 >>

* Vaccine summit exceeds target to raise almost £7bn >>
* Miniature human livers grown from skin cells are successfully transplanted into rats for the first time >>
* Mangrove trees won’t survive sea-level rise by 2050 unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, study shows >>

* Longest known comet tail stretched for over a billion kilometres >>
* Human-like ears 3D-printed inside mice as surgery-free spare parts >>
* Why Now Is the Time for “Open Innovation” >>

* VMware acquires network security firm Lastline, said to lay off 40% of staff >>
* Uber’s Self-driving AI Predicts the Trajectories of Pedestrians, Vehicles, and Cyclists >>
* Twitter has a record-breaking week as users looked for news of protests and COVID-19 >>

* Computers Barely Work, Instrumentation, Feedback, and Robotics Debates >>
* Deciphering Big Data to Make Better Decisions >>
* All Facebook users can now access a tool to port data to Google Photos >>

* Quantum Dots Shift Sunlight’s Spectrum to Speed Plant Growth >>
* Dilbert: Friday June 05, 2020: Believing Experts >>
* Can Software Performance Engineering Save Us From the End of Moore’s Law? >>

* Average is not the same as typical >>
* Are Classic Habitable Zones Too Wide for Complex Life? >>

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