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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 October 2011

* Augmented Reality Through Your Wireless Headset >>
* Chinese researchers create ping-pong playing robots, trash talk still needs work >>

* Modeling brain disorders in a petri dish >>
* Singapore develops the nanopatterning for 6 times the memory density on hard drives >>

* The next stage of human-robot love: Meet Meka’s anime robot girl >>
* An Introduction to Cosmology by Sean Carroll >>
* Giant tablet lets commanders control war with the swipe of a finger >>

* Robot Gas Attendants Could Keep Old Satellites Chugging >>
* Thinking machines will run future power grids >>
* Warped Galaxies Reveal Signs of Universe’s Hidden Dark Matter >>

* Simple genetic circuit forms stripes: Synthetic biology helps scientists sort out pattern formation >>
* Robot biologist solves complex problem from scratch >>
* 7 Population Milestones for 7 Billion People >>

* Smart DC cuts electricity costs by using direct current electricity (w/ video) >>
* How do we know how many galaxies are in the Universe? [Starts With A Bang] >>
* Iowa State, Ames Lab physicist says nanoparticle assembly is like building with LEGOs >>

* Warp field Mechanics paper from the 100 year Starship symposium >>
* What bananas tell us about radiation >>

* Twisting artificial muscle fibre made with nanotubes >>
* A new scheme for photonic quantum computing >>
* The Next Big Thing In The Electric Vehicle World: Retrofits Of Gas Guzzlers >>

* NTT Docomo vision of 2010 and the reality of Skype and video calling >>
* Force-fed black holes grew to master early universe >>
* Self-replication of information-bearing nanoscale patterns >>

* Dennis Ritchie who created C and co-created Unix has died >>

* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 October 2011 >>

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