Futueseek Daily Link Review; 20 November 2015

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* First-Ever Working Vocal Cords Grown in a Lab >>
* A Virtual Reality Revolution, Coming to a Headset Near You >>

* Facebook makes it easier to break up with your ex >>
* House panel examines safety risks and benefits of the ‘Internet of Cars’ >>
* To record your heart rate, swallow this device >>

* Nasa’s ‘chemical laptop’ to search for alien life >>
* The Lion King In VR Is The Most Thrilling And Nostalgic Thing You’ll See Today >>

* This is the First Time We’ve Witnessed a Planet Forming >>

* A ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Single Player Campaign Could Have Been Incredible >>
* 4K TVs use 30% more power, backlights and processing power to blame >>

* New game shows the possibilities of VR, with dinosaurs >>
* This 360-degree virtual tour of Dubai’s top luxury hotel will give you vacation envy >>
* Self-balancing skateboards are illegal in New York, too >>

* The Machine-Vision Algorithm for Analyzing Children’s Drawings >>
* The World’s Largest Volcano Is a Magnetic Muddle >>
* Theory and Experiments suggest Space Time is made of Quantum Entanglement >>

* First white laser made which could revolutionize communications, lighting and displays >>
* Teaching Children to Talk, Not Text >>
* Three Alternative Fusion Projects That Are Making Progress >>

* A Robotic Tabletop Makes Simple Structures All by Itself >>
* You Shouldn’t Freak Out About the Antibiotic Apocalypse >>
* A Laser Has Been Used To Chill Water For the First Time Ever >>

* Fallout 4: The Kotaku Review >>
* How Should We Talk to AIs? >>
* Move Over, Jony Ive—Biologists Are the Next Rock Star Designers >>

* These Ancient Monster Galaxies Have Scientists Perplexed >>
* Is This the Loneliest Galaxy In the Universe? >>
* Lunar Lovers, Why Now Is the Best Time to Moon Watch >>

* Einstein’s Unfinished Dream: Marrying Relativity to the Quantum World >>
* Exercise may protect against neurodegenerative diseases >>
* Will the Internet of Things Speak a Language of Light? >>

* The Quest to Make Your Shoe a Power Source >>
* Blood test for ovarian cancer ‘100% accurate’ >>

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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 19 November 2015

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* Attempt no landing there? Yeah right—we’re going to Europa >>
* NASA: “MIT to Create Algorithms for Humanoid Robot for Space Missions to Mars & Beyond” >>
* The Universe –“Could Harbor Other Dimensions that are Too Small to Detect” >>

* $1.5 million simple to use personal submarine, Deep Flight, targets wealthy yacht owners >>
* Energy Harvesting Backpack >>
* Allen Institute researchers decode patterns that make our brains human >>

* How to control information leaks from smartphone apps >>
* Iran Demonstrates New Humanoid Robot Surena III >>
* Parrot Pitches BeBop 2 Drone As “Flying Image Processor” >>

* AI Advances Make It Possible to Search, Shop with Images >>

* Hoverboards Are Illegal in NYC, Still Should Not Be Called Hoverboards >>
* The First Huntsman: Winter’s War Trailer Is Chock Full of Deadly Magic >>
* Find Your House On This Map and Watch the Satellites Passing Above You >>

* SpaceX Is About to Win Its First-Ever U.S. Military Mission >>
* The world’s longest bike is as long as half a New York City block >>
* This new tool helps software developers make money from their Windows 10 apps >>

* NASA wants to find out why zero G impairs human eyesight >>
* Some 3D Printed Objects Are Toxic To Fish – And Makers Should Tread Carefully >>
* IBM Watson’s new app predicts the must-have toys and gifts >>

* NASA’s chemical ‘laptop’ would help find life on other planets >>
* Machine Learning Versus Machine Discovery >>
* The Next Gold Rush Will Be 5,000 Feet Under the Sea, With Robot Drones >>

* New Wash >>

* Andreessen announces new $200M bio-software fund >>
* 2-3 cups of coffee a day reduces death risk: Study >>
* Scientists refrigerate liquid using infrared laser for first time >>

* Scientists discover why some people cannot ‘hold their drink’ >>
* ‘Gobsmacked’ inventor wins US prize for eye-driven wheelchair >>
* Frontal brain wrinkle linked to hallucinations >>

* Hexa Research Makes Projections for 3D Printing into 2020, Lack of Skill Sets May Impede Progression >>
* 5G Challenges Call for Startups >>
* Exponential Medicine: From Drones to Heartbeat Detecting Devices—Tech Can Aid Disaster Response >>

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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 18 November 2015

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* Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015 is… crying Emoji >>
* Google Aims a $50 Million Moonshot at Curing Heart Disease >>

* Teaching a 3-Year-Old to Program—Without a Computer Screen >>
* Nuclear Waste Deep Storage Plans Approved >>
* Inside the Lab That Pushes Supergrid Circuit Breakers to the Limit >>

* The Pelican Nebula in Gas, Dust, and Stars >>
* The Global Energy Risk of Growing More Protein >>
* Japan’s Plan to Speed Self-Driving Cars >>

* Rice makes light-driven nanosubmarines >>
* Lasers could heat materials to ten million degrees in much less than a million millionth of a second >>
* How Robots Can Quickly Teach Each Other to Grasp New Objects >>

* Can humans empathize with robots? The knife test. >>
* A molecular light-driven nanosubmarine >>
* ‘Super natural killer cells’ destroy cancer in lymph nodes to halt metastasis >>

* Reprogramming neurons and rewiring the brain >>
* Femtosecond Lasers Drive a New Generation of Network Vector Analyzers >>
* To See Deep Inside a Volcano, Use a Telescope Built for Quasars >>

* This Box Makes It Easier To Fall Asleep By Slowly Removing Blue Light From Your TV Screen >>
* Physicists Prove That Spooky Action At a Distance Is Real >>
* 3DR’s Solo Drone Will Help You Be a Responsible Drone Pilot >>

* Anonymous Has Declared War on ISIS >>
* Intel Plans to Put Its Insane 8-Teraflop Supercomputer Chips Into a Desktop >>
* Supercomputers get their own software stack – dev tools, libraries etc >>

* LED implants could ease your pain >>
* LG’s smart TVs will stream Google Play movies this month >>
* The PowerUp FPV is a paper airplane drone you control with your head >>

* Rice University creates a 244 atom nano-submersible powered by light >>
* $85 Chromebit PC-on-a-stick transforms your TV or monitor into a Chromebook >>
* Star Wars Battlefront review: Hokey religions are no match for a good blaster at your side >>

* Your Credit Report Now Includes Info on How You Pay Your Bills >>
* 5Gbps broadband is coming to Britain, for £399 per month >>
* Here’s How OTT Internet TV Will Transform Pay TV >>

* How Robots Can Quickly Teach Each Other to Grasp New Objects >>
* Advanced Security sees $100m drone opportunity >>
* Self-driving cars may become a mass reality faster than you think >>

* How to Do Quantum Magnetic Levitation at Home >>
* Is Russia building an underwater drone to deliver a dirty bomb? >>

* World Changing Ideas 2015 >>

* New website ends your relationship for you >>
* Google self-driving car gets pulled over >>

* CES 2016 sneak peek reveals more cars, smarter drones >>
* Nasa probe spots hints of gamma-ray cycle in ‘active’ galaxy >>
* Loneliness makes your brain work differently, study shows >>

* New blood cancer drug clears first clinical trial >>
* Google offers ‘helipad view’ of the world’s most luxurious hotel >>
* Frontal brain wrinkle linked to hallucinations >>

* Are the robots taking enough jobs? >>

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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 17 November 2015

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* Beyond telomerase: another enzyme discovered critical to maintaining telomere length >>
* What Yeast Reveals About the Origins of Multicellular Life >>
* Ultracold Quantum Crystal packed with 5 times more molecules >>

* Extending the resolution limits of atomic force microscopy >>
* New Dwarf Planet is Most Distant Object Yet Observed in our Solar System >>
* Observing the Milky Way in a New Dimension –“Reveals Unknown Structures and Answers to Old Mysteries” >>

* Space Travel Change Humans On Molecular Level? | Video >>
* New Supercomputer Ranking Shows China Still on Top >>
* Could Implantable LEDs Relieve Your Pain? >>

* New way to measure crop yields from space >>
* Microwave and ultrasound technology might be able to “hear” tumors growing >>
* China’s ‘Alpine’ high-speed train service starts tomorrow >>

* Flexible Optogenetics Implants Hack the Sense of Pain >>
* Machine Vision Algorithm Learns to Recognize Hidden Facial Expressions >>
* Ultrathin coating can defeat ultrahigh frequency microwave radar for more stealthy fighter jets >>

* New technology senses colors in the infrared spectrum >>
* Better Brain-Reading Software Compensates for Squishy Brains and Vacuum Cleaner Noise >>
* How to Design a Robot You Can Swallow >>

* Now You Can Learn to Code With Minecraft >>
* An AI Program in Japan Just Passed a College Entrance Exam >>
* Microsoft’s Plan to Port Android Apps to Windows Appears Delayed >>

* Track Your Baby’s Temperature With A Cool Stick-On Tattoo >>

* This 360-Degree View From a Blue Angel Cockpit Is Amazing and Terrifying >>
* Intel’s 72-core processor jumps from supercomputers to workstations >>
* Scientists want to laser-heat stuff to ten million degrees >>

* Microsoft delays tool that will bring Android apps to Windows >>
* Intel prepping a 10-core Core i7 for launch next year >>
* This Wireless Meat Thermometer Will Let You Know When Dinner’s Ready >>

* Nanoparticle breakthrough could mean faster charging batteries >>
* CES 2016 Innovation Awards >>

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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 13 November 2015

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* 3D Printing Stem Cells Now Possible >>
* Windows 10 is making its first big push into the workplace >>
* Single Artificial Neuron Taught to Recognize Hundreds of Patterns >>

* Potentially Revolutionary Spina Bifida Treatment That Uses 3D Printing >>
* Rocket Fiber Launches 100Gb/s Internet Service In Downtown Detroit >>
* SpaceX Test Fires SuperDraco Engines and Upgraded Falcon 9 | Video >>

* ‘Waterless’ washing machine group raising £40m for expansion >>
* Book Review: CHIPS 2020 Updates Essential View of Nanoelectronics >>

* Sculpted Bone Healing, Active Leg Compression, and More from Health Device Startups >>
* Oldest Stars Ever Discovered at Milky Way Center –“Dating from Before Its Birth” >>

* Asus Will Launch An Augmented Reality Headset In 2016 >>
* Dubai Is Giving Its Firefighters Jetpacks To Use During Skyscraper Fires >>
* Scientists See Sperm Slithering For The First Time >>

* The Red Weapon 6k Camera Shoots For The Stars >>
* Russian TV “Accidentally” Leaks Footage of Classified Nuclear Torpedo Design >>
* Facebook brings 360-degree videos to iPhone and Gear VR >>

* Gravity’s Most Extreme Effects Can Now Be Tested In A Laboratory >>
* This Is What A 540 Million Year Old Brain Looks Like >>
* Microsoft just made its first major updates to Windows 10 >>

* Microsoft goes all-out for enterprise with its latest Windows 10 update >>
* Closest Earth-Size Exoplanet Found May Be a Venus Twin >>
* A new Windows 10 update for Christmas >>

* How an illegal psychedelic drug could help treat opiate addiction >>
* Flying the seaplane of the future, the Icon A5 >>
* Poll: How much do you pay each month for TV and films? >>

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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 12 November 2015

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* Getting Punched In Virtual Reality Will Soon Feel Real >>
* Microsoft’s Huge Update Could Bring Artificial Intelligence To Your Apps >>
* Bluetooth’s 2016 roadmap: Whole-home coverage, mesh networking, and faster speeds >>

* Apple said to be planning person-to-person payments service >>
* Oculus now lets you play 1980s games in a virtual reality arcade >>
* New Algorithm Recognizes Both Good and Bad Fake Reviews >>

* 3D print extra bits for old objects to help extend their life >>
* Most of Earth’s mass extinctions caused by… mineral deficiencies >>

* NASA Makes Strides Toward Journey to Mars >>
* Why the Pyramids Spawn So Many Wacky Theories >>
* Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets >>

* 64-Bit Debug Tool Works Back in Time >>
* Get a Virtual-Reality Punch, Feel Real Impact >>
* Wow! Missile Test That Shocked California Snapped Against Milky Way | Video >>

* Alien Venus Found 39-Light Years Away –“Will Be a Favorite of Astronomers for Years to Come” >>
* Super H-mode plasma could greatly increase tokomak fusion power >>
* Bell Lockheed say Valor Tiltrotor future vertical lift vehicle could be operation by 2025 >>

* Elon Musk tracking all advanced battery developments and sees nothing in the near term that would disrupt the Gigafactory of batteries >>
* Experts Still Think uBeam’s Through-the-Air Charging Tech Is Unlikely >>
* Sound Waves Could Power the Hard Drives of the Future >>

* How We’ve Succeeded In Breaching The Blood-brain Barrier At Last >>
* Un Agreement Lets Satellites Track Airplanes Over The Ocean >>
* This Is How Autonomous Cars See The City >>

* Bosch’s New Automotive Touchscreens Feel Like Physical Buttons >>
* Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Chips Will Provide Better Signal and Battery Life >>
* New Android Wear Smartwatches Can Go Online Without Needing Your Smartphone >>

* Track Your Heart with Your Phone >>
* Gentlemen, Start Your Drones >>
* Robot watches store shelves so you don’t leave empty-handed >>

* The Two Modern Space Races >>
* NVIDIA’s ‘mobile supercomputer’ can make machines smarter >>
* ARM’s latest design brings 64-bit processors to smartwatches >>

* NASA probe shows how solar burps may have stripped Mars of water >>
* Microscopic cage for light traps photons but lets fluids through >>
* Gene editing beat a baby’s leukaemia. Are other cancers next? >>

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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 11 November 2015

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* Teaching Machines to Learn on Their Own >>
* Ultrasound prises open brain’s protective barrier for first time >>
* ARM has a new 64-bit chip for the next billion smartphones >>

* Build a 3-D Virtual World with This Crowdsourced Map of the Real World >>
* DARPA aims to provide real-time radio frequency maps >>
* Using Virtual Reality to Save the White Rhino >>

* ARM is bringing some much needed security to the Internet of Things >>
* Tool Lets Beginners Design And Print Walking Robots >>
* Facebook director Marc Andreessen sells half his stake >>

* Samsung’s virtual reality headset open to pre-orders >>
* Ice spewing volcanoes, moons spinning like tops: The weird Pluto world revealed >>
* After more than 10 years, the first trailer for the ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel is here >>

* These futuristic flying pods could make driving in the city history >>
* Flexible, implantable device could block pain signals >>

* Personalized ‘Pills’ From a 3D Printer? >>
* MIT’s friendly snake robot concept can transform into many things >>
* To Study the Brain, a Doctor Puts Himself Under the Knife >>

* NASA: Pluto’s Active Ice Volcanoes? –“Tens of Kilometers Across and Several Kilometers High” >>
* ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ Author George Musser Talks Physics Loopholes >>
* Solved! Mystery of Stars and Galaxies Magnetic Fields >>

* MIT has new LineForm shapechanging interface >>
* Can Another Bushnell Revolutionize the Way We Play? >>
* AE Aurigae and the Flaming Star Nebula >>

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