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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 May 2023

* Microsoft Build 2023: Everything Revealed in 7 Minutes >>
* Full: Microsoft Build 2023: Day 1 #MSBuild >>

* Bill Gates says the A.I. race winner will be whoever creates a personal assistant >>
* With AI, Bill Gates sees the end of Google Search and Amazon >>

* CEO Satya Nadella introduces the world of AI copilots >>
* Microsoft announces Windows Copilot, an AI ‘personal assistant’ for Windows 11 >>
* Microsoft puts AI in the heart of Windows 11 with Windows Copilot >>

* Microsoft confirms 365 Copilot AI will be ‘natively integrated’ into Edge >>
* Microsoft’s Azure AI Studio lets developers build their own AI ‘copilots’ >>

* Microsoft Bing will connect ChatGPT to the internet for all users >>
* Microsoft says Bing can be default search engine for ChatGPT users >>
* Apple invites media to WWDC 2023 keynote, where AR headset is expected to debut >>

* Matt Wolf: Mind-bending AI Is Changing Art And VFX Forever >>
* MattVidPro AI: Control your AI Art! Adobe’s New Generative Fill Feature Blew my Mind >>
* Adobe added their first Generative AI tool to Photoshop: >>

* AI passed an advertising Turing test for the first time >>
* AI Paper Shows How Diffusion Models Memorize Individual Images From Their Training Data And Emit Them At Generation Time >>

* Ansible Lightspeed taps LLMs and foundation models for AI-powered IT automation >>
* Unleashing the power of generative AI to create value in the enterprise >>
* OnlyFans star hiring out virtual AI CLONE to fans so they can live out ‘wildest fantasies’ >>

* $4 million AI-powered weapons scanner sold to school, system failed to detect knives >>
* It is starting to get strange: Let’s talk about ChatGPT with Code Interpreter & Microsoft Copilot >>
* Google Will Soon Show You AI-Generated Ads >>

* Dr Alan D. Thompson: Embodied AI …Robots (ChatGPT, Meta AI, Burnham, Phoenix, Tesla, 1X EVE, 1X NEO) >>
* Verizon’s Debika Bhattacharya on the endless possibilities for generative AI >>

* TikTok sues Montana to overturn first US state ban >>
* Food delivery by drone is just part of daily life in Shenzhen >>
* A Swedish newspaper is having AI rap its articles in an attempt to get young people interested in the news >>

* An A.I.-Generated Spoof Rattles the Markets >>
* Author uses AI generators, including ChatGPT, to write nearly 100 books in less than a year >>
* Microsoft launches Fabric, a new end-to-end data and analytics platform >>

* AI is headed to the Microsoft Store on Windows >>
* Why Companies Are Raising Prices Even as Consumer Confidence Wanes | Your Money Briefing | WSJ >>
* Preserving the World’s Language Diversity Through AI >>

* Fake AI image of Pentagon exploding goes viral on Twitter and causes US markets to plummet >>
* Pentagon attack hoax that triggered brief market selloff illustrates pitfalls of A.I.-driven fake news, warns Deutsche Bank >>

* Apple’s tax on AI inventions has begun. It will cost OpenAI and others hundreds of millions of dollars a year. >>
* ChatGPT Can’t Think—Consciousness Is Something Entirely Different to Today’s AI >>

* How Biden Could Bypass Congress to Avoid a Default | WSJ >>
* The Clock Is Ticking on the Debt Ceiling >>

* New AI tool lets you reshape images by clicking and dragging >>
* NASA return to the Moon could be imperiled by politics >>

* DeSantis Set to Announce 2024 Run on Twitter With Elon Musk >>
* Elon Musk Tweets Support For Tim Scott Again—But Will Host DeSantis’ Campaign Announcement >>

* AI Podcast: How Alex Fielding and Privateer Space Are Taking on Space Debris >>
* Robots Level Up: AI Helps Them Understand Material Composition >>
* From delayed detection to early intervention: Innovating cardiac monitoring with e-tattoos >>

* Airbus’ autonomous drone helicopter aces flight in conditions where pilots don’t fly >>
* AI has infiltrated the hiring process — and it’s making it miserable to find a new job >>
* Ahoy, matey! Windows 11 will soon have native RAR support >>

* Microsoft is helping developers build their own ChatGPT-compatible AI copilots >>
* Everything I Learned Testing Photoshop’s New Generative AI Tool >>
* Chances of pregnancy might be reduced in women engaged in shift work >>

* WAI: How SpaceX Is Trying To Solve The BIG Starship Problem! >>
* Silicon Valley Is Reviving the Dream of General-Purpose Humanoid Robots >>

* Windows 11 finally gets native RAR support >>
* Spotify may use AI to make host-read podcast ads that sound like real people >>
* Prince Harry loses challenge to pay for police protection in UK >>

* TSMC wins major AI chip orders >>
* Meta’s Breakthrough Language Model on Par with GPT-4 and Bard in Performance >>
* Meta AI LIMA is GroundBREAKING!!! >>

* Solving big problems with GitHub Copilot >>
* Dire Defect of ‘Multilingual’ AI Content Moderation >>
* Meet BLOOMChat: An Open-Source 176-Billion-Parameter Multilingual Chat Large Language Model (LLM) Built on Top of the BLOOM Model >>

* Asking Ai to create kids for some countries! >>
* WireStock: The easiest way to sell photos, videos, and vectors online >>
* ‘Been shot, stabbed, beaten’: Assaults on police nearly double >>

* Convicted paedophile Rolf Harris dead aged 93 >>
* Belgorod raid: Insurgents defeated after rare cross-border incursion – Russia >>
* Amid debt ceiling impasse, House GOP auctions off lip balm for $100,000 >>

* Brain waves can tell us how much pain someone is in | MIT Technology Review >>
* Top ML Papers of the Week (May 15-21) >>
* Microsoft unveils new Power Platform features at Build 2023, emphasizing low-code technologies for developers >>

* STF (Sketching the Future): A New AI Approach that Combines Zero-Shot Text-to-Video Generation with ControlNet >>
* Textually Pretrained Speech Language Models >>

* ControlVideo: Training-free Controllable Text-to-Video Generation >>
* nginx 1.25.0 Feature: experimental HTTP/3 support. >>
* Linux Networking Shallow Dive: WireGuard, Routing, TCP/IP and NAT >>

* Microsoft expands AI plugins and copilot ecosystem for developers >>
* Microsoft China executive warns of wasteful ChatGPT-like investments >>
* Joint commissioning, testing of Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway starts >>
* The QR-Code Menu Is Being Shown the Door >>

* A.I.’s Threat to Jobs Prompts Question of Who Protects Workers >>
* China’s new “Top Gun” normalises war with America >>
* Cohesity partners with Google Cloud to empower organizations with generative AI and data capabilities >>

* Revealed: COBOD to build 3D printed schools in war-torn Ukraine >>
* What happens if America defaults on its debt? >>
* Japan’s Onomichi Dockyard leads $80m bet on floating nuclear plants >>

* These Are the Most Bizarre Numbers in the Universe >>
* Dunning-Kruger Effect Isn’t What You Think It Is >>
* Cybersecurity firms’ earnings set to benefit from growing threat of hacks >>

* Italy watchdog to review other AI systems after ChatGPT brief ban >>
* Vodafone 3G switch off may leave Brits without internet, experts warn >>
* BT’s downsizing plan looks more realistic than Vodafone’s >>

* How to Adapt to the Constantly Evolving Needs of Cybersecurity >>
* Using Generative AI to Unlock Probabilistic Products >>
* We’ve Been Hunting For Aliens All Wrong, Scientists Say. We Must Pin Down Their ‘Technosignatures’ >>

* TED2023: The timeless, ancient language of art >>
* 3 Reasons To Trust Students With ChatGPT | Yoram Solomon | TEDx >>
* It Takes a Little To Do a Whole Lot of Good | Bourhan Yassin | TEDx >>
* The world is not real: quantum mechanics needs imaginary numbers | Armin Tavakoli | TEDx >>
* Artificial Intelligence: A Procrastinators Best Friend | Chantel Henry | TEDx >>

* Overcoming the Kubernetes Skills Gap with ChatGPT Assistance >>
* IGNITION! RS-25 Dev Engine 10001 fires up on test 8 of 12 at NASA Stennis. >>
* NZ: National Party admits using AI to create fake photos for political attacks >>

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