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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 May 2023

* Meta’s open-source speech AI recognizes over 4,000 spoken languages >>
* Morning After: Meta could launch a Twitter competitor next month >>

* Meta’s $1.3 Billion Fine Is a Strike Against Surveillance Capitalism >>
* Meta fined record amount ordered to stop sending European user data to US >>
* Meta Reportedly In Talks With Magic Leap For ‘Mainstream AR Products’ Tech Deal >>

* Scientists Find Brain Signals of Chronic Pain >>
* Chronic pain linked to distinctive patterns of brain activity >>
* AT&T warns T-Mobile US, Starlink may disrupt terrestrial cellphones >>

* Planet Can’t Sustain Rapid Growth Much Longer >>
* NSFW: AI-Powered Sex Toys: new AI Powered Male Vibrator >>

* Scientist Develops Technology To Make Space Telescopes 866% More Sensitive Than JWST >>
* GamesBeat Summit 2023 Day 1 5/22/23 >>
* Intel Announces Aurora genAI, Generative AI Model With 1 Trillion Parameters >>
* Google unveiled a new audio model named SoundStorm. >>

* FBL102: Nita Farahany – Thinking Freely in the Age of Neurotechnology >>
* Profits Skyrocket For Ai Gun Detection Used In Schools — Despite Dubious Results >>
* Tell your grandma, tell your employees: AI means they can’t trust their ears anymore. >>

* WhatsApp now lets you edit messages with a 15-minute time limit >>
* Gen Z just wants a stable job >>
* Scott Manley: Why Blue Origin’s Lunar Lander Is A Radical Rethink >>

* Unveiling Lite3: DEEP Robotics’ Robot Dog Transforms the Future of Tech For $2890! | ProRobots >>
* Silicon Valley Is Reviving the Dream of General-Purpose Humanoid Robots >>
* NASASpaceflight: Massive Progress at Starbase! SpaceX’s Next Moves Revealed | Starbase Update >>

* Two Minute Papers: Stable Diffusion Got Supercharged – For Free! >>
* Dr. John Campbell: mRNA influenza vaccine >>
* Jeff Bezos Reportedly Engaged to Lauren Sanchez—Will Still Launch Her Into Space >>

* theCUBE: ISC 2023 – Quantum Computing >>
* You can design your dream home thanks to AI | Alejandro Maldonado | TEDx >>
* Why Disney Is Scrapping Its ‘Star Wars’ Hotel and $900 Million Florida Campus | WSJ >>

* How solving the climate crisis will make us richer | Cameron Hepburn | TEDx >>
* Friends with AI? It’s complicated. | Marisa Tschopp | TEDx >>
* To build smarter chatbots, look to the brain | Anna L. Ivanova | TEDx >>
* AI for (not so) rare genetic diseases | Somesh Mohapatra | TEDx >>
* Activating AI for Enterprises | Mohammad Oli Ahad | TEDx >>
* Co-Crafting your Career with AI | Isabella Loaiza | TEDx >>

* Our quick guide to the 6 ways we can regulate AI | MIT Technology Review >>
* Launch an LLM App in One Hour (LLM Bootcamp) >>

* A Call for Change: Fixing A Broken Medical Training System | Jake Goodman | TEDx >>
* Airlines and F.A.A. Try to Head Off Summer Travel Meltdowns >>
* Women Have Been Misled About Menopause >>
* Amazon’s palm-scanning payment tech will now be able to verify ages, too >>

* Video Game Industry Is Slowly Waking Up to Climate Change >>

* When SAM Meets NeRF: This AI Model Can Segment Anything in 3D >>
* Microsoft Researchers Introduce Reprompting: An Iterative Sampling Algorithm that Searches for the Chain-of-Thought (CoT) Recipes for a Given Task without Human Intervention >>
* Pengi: An Audio Language Model for Audio Tasks >>
* Scaling laws for language encoding models in fMRI >>

* Copilot Leaks: Code I Should Not Have Seen >>
* Open AI: Governance of superintelligence >>
* Israeli startup to give fans a referee’s-eye view at the EuroLeague final games >>

* MyVocal.ai – Instant Voice Cloning for Text-to-Speech and Singing in One Minute – Free! >>
* theDIYtrip – AI based trip planning app that helps plan trips in seconds to any city in the world >>
* Facia.ai is a facial recognition, liveness detection, and face matching platform >>
* LiveKit is a suite of tools that enable developers to create tools for video conferencing, livestreaming, robotics, and metaverse >>
* Video2text – Transcribes videos into text. >>

* Get ChatGPT on Telegram! Take advantage of the AI chatbot this way | Tech News >>
* Google’s AI-enabled Flood Forecasting Goes Global >>

* Twitter bug seems to be randomly restoring deleted tweets >>
* Researchers Accurately Simulate 100 Million Atoms With Machine Learning >>
* Global Population Implosion to Less Than 200 Million People in 2300 >>

* Private Ax-2 astronauts thrilled by zero gravity and Earth views after SpaceX launch (video) >>
* SpaceX Dragon capsule docks at space station with private Ax-2 astronaut crew (video) >>
* Future markets in everything? >>

* Gates Foundation launches AI ‘Grand Challenge,’ as it weighs risk and reward in the developing world >>
* AI Explained: Ultimate Plug-in: 12 New Code Interpreter Uses (Book Scans, Multiple Datasets, Error Analysis … ) >>
* Will startups have a shot in the enterprise AI race? >>

* Google Flooded the Internet With AI News. Where’s Apple? >>
* Memory Allocation >>
* Meta: Reimagining Our Infrastructure for the AI Age >>

* How many hours have you played Tears of the Kingdom? >>
* People Are Having A Lot Of Fun Building Things In ‘The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’ >>
* Meta’s new AI models can recognize and produce speech for more than 1,000 languages >>

* Intel Gives Details on Future AI Chips as It Shifts Strategy >>
* AI Paper Proposes A Latent Diffusion Model For 3D (LDM3D) That Generates Both Image And Depth Map Data From A Given Text Prompt >>
* Meta AI open-sources tools for self-supervised training of speech recognition models >>

* Nvidia chips drive new supercomputing and quantum initiatives >>
* Medical marvel: AI can go where humans can’t >>
* Mind to molecules: Does brain’s electrical encoding of information ‘tune’ sub-cellular structure? >>

* Leadless pacemakers may soon be available >>
* It’s Gamers vs. Government in Hunt for Classified U.S. Documents >>
* Today’s AI boom will amplify social problems if we don’t act now, says AI ethicist >>

* ChatGPT outperforms money managers, as Americans flock to AI for investing advice >>
* Dish Network says the February ransomware attack impacted +300,000 individuals >>
* China bans chip maker Micron from its key information infrastructure >>

* President Biden nominates a fresh face to break FCC deadlock >>
* Did Biden screw up his debt ceiling strategy? >>
* Russia and China hit back at a G7 that saw them as a threat >>
* Russia is accusing Ukraine of a “sabotage” attack across the border. Here’s what to know >>

* 15 Best ChatGPT prompts to finish hours of work in seconds >>
* Who wins when a fire hose and a flamethrower shoot at each other? >>
* CommanderGPT – a project for full desktop automation with read + write permissions. >>

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