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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 May 2023

* Watch SpaceX Ax-2 Mission launching 4 humans to ISS & land booster back on land! >> >>
* Researchers unlock the fountain of youth in mice through genetically modified stem cells >>
* Drag Your GAN: Interactive Point-based Manipulation on the Generative Image Manifold >>

* Biden and McCarthy Set to Resume Negotiations on Debt Limit >>
* G7 Struggles to Win Over Swing Nations Courted by China, Russia >>
* G7 leaders call for ‘trustworthy AI’ standards, set up ‘Hiroshima Process’ >>

* CNET: Inside a New Vertical Farm Full of Robots >>
* Vergecast: TikTok bans, free surveillance TVs, and other weird ideas. >>
* LDM3D: Generates both image and depth map data from a given text prompt, allowing users to generate RGBD images from text prompts. >>

* Asking AI to create a family picture of every country. >>
* LLMOps (LLM Bootcamp) >>
* Amazon Prime Video reduced costs by 90% by ditching Microservices >>

* AI on the Battlefield | Palantir CEO Alex Karp at FEINDEF >>
* Top ML Papers of the Week (May 15 – 21) >>
* Software update for world’s wind farms could power millions more homes >>

* Are Smartphones Costing Gen Z Crucial Life Experiences? >>
* Weekly Piece of Future #16: From Eye Emulation to Sensing Prosthetics and Solar Power at 29.3% Efficiency >>
* Nearly every Apple top exec is working on the AR headset >>

* Google’s AI Search Could Mean Radical Changes for Your Internet Experience >>
* ChatGPT-funded robot powered by AI is already working as a security guard in the US and Europe >>
* Meta AI Introduces MTIA v1: It’s First-Generation AI Inference Accelerator >>

* Allen Institute for AI Announces OLMo: An Open Language Model Made By Scientists For Scientists >>
* What is social capital and how can you build yours? | Reza Varzidehkar | TEDx >>
* Automations are shell scripts I wrote alongside generative AI >>

* How US Universities Hope to Build a New Semiconductor Workforce >>
* Your car is spying on you: How to see what data it’s collecting and delete it >>

* NASA spots El Niño precursor from space: ‘If it’s a big one, the globe will see record warming’ >>
* Week in Business: An Attempt to Ban TikTok >>
* Formula One drivers blink at the same ‘safe’ places during their routes >>

* Laser tech cracks code of ‘Rosetta Stone’ fossils, yielding fresh early life clues >>
* Jeffrey Epstein tried to use Bill Gates’ affair with a bridge player as leverage >>
* Voicemail Refuses to Die >>

* Week in Apps: ChatGPT comes to iPhone, Bing AI efforts expand, Instagram’s Twitter clone >>
* Yellowstone volcano super-eruptions appear to have multiple explosive events >>

* How To Use Third-Party Plugins In ChatGPT? 80+ Plugins Just Added by ChatGPT For Public >>
* Apple got rich in China. Other Asian markets offer the next ‘golden opportunity’ >>
* As the West surges toward electric cars, here’s where the unwanted gas guzzlers go >>

* Dark cloud over ChatGPT revolution: the cost >>
* SpeechGPT: Empowering Large Language Models with Intrinsic Cross-Modal Conversational Abilities >>
* AI boom could expose investors’ natural stupidity >>

* China is using AI to raise the dead, and give people one last chance to say goodbye >>
* 3D Shapes Dataset Generator >>
* Russia’s army is learning on the battlefield >>

* Microsoft detects average 156,000 business email compromise attempts daily >>
* Economists Show AI Bringing Positive Impact to Workplaces >>
* Scan Container Images for Vulnerabil >>
* Why the walled garden strategy needs to change >>

* YouTube summaries powered by ChatGPT >>
* I can’t believe how many people don’t realize the opportunity of AI right now. >>
* Guy builds Whisper + GPT-4 live transcription tool for generating real-time responses during job interviews, and open-sourced the code >>
* A free app to turn your drawings into AI generations >>

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