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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20-21 May 2023

* Matt Wolfe: Did You Hear About This AI News Yet? >>
* E129: Sam Altman plays chess with regulators, AI’s “nuclear” potential, big pharma bundling & more >>
* Marcus House: SpaceX Starship Static Fire Prep, NASA Blue Origin Announcement of Lunar Lander, and much more >>

* MattVidPro AI: New AI Research: DragGAN – Pose Characters with AI >>
* New AI research lets you click and drag images to manipulate them in seconds >>
* CUBE: Breaking Analysis: The AI powered hybrid multi super cloud >>

* Idiots at work & why you should love them! | Per Henrik Stenstrøm | TEDx >>
* NASA Selects 2nd Artemis Lander | SpaceX’s Breaks Raptor Records | Stratolaunch Drop Tests Talon-A >>
* TED: The Incredible Creativity of Deepfakes — and the Worrying Future of AI | Tom Graham | TED >>

* Microsoft Build 2023: How to watch and why you should >>
* My AI boyfriend taught me more than any man ever has >>

* AT&T opposes the Starlink and T-Mobile satellite-to-phone service plan >>
* AT&T blasts T-Mobile’s SpaceX plans as ‘woefully insufficient’ >>
* The Notebook Dump: 5G monetization, MVNOs and scooter racing >>

* CUBE: DeepBrain AI uses virtual humans and generative AI to automate job interviews >>
* Week in Startups: Fireside chat with Jason Calacanis & Brad Gerstner hosted by Mubadala’s Ibrahim Ajami | E1746 >>
* ChatGPT Plugin Review: Scraper AI. Grab information from webpages in seconds. >>

* GPT 4 Got Upgraded – Code Interpreter (ft. Image Editing, MP4s, 3D Plots, Data Analytics and more!) >>
* CUBE: Extended – Report find massive increases in threats and the targeting of shadow APIs >>
* Preventing brandslaughter and living the illuminated brand | David Corbin | TEDx >>
* AI Mega Update: New Tools and Huge News >>

* FDA just approved rub-on gene therapy that helps “butterfly” children >>
* Week is another big leap forward in AI. >>
* Top ML Papers of the Week (May 8-14) >>

* NASA Picks Blue Origin To Make a Second Human-Crewed Lunar Lander >>
* Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are now competing on the Moon >>
* Blue Origin bags $3.4 billion NASA contract to land humans on the moon >>

* Humans were kissing at least 4500 years ago, reveal ancient texts >>
* AI Takes the Wheel at the Indy Autonomous Challenge >>
* How AI will change the world by 2030, according to eight experts: Tech could solve the energy crisis, add trillions to the global economy… or wipe out the human race >>

* Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through May 20) >>
* Twitter’s new 2-hour video feature is already making it a hub for pirated movies >>
* Introducing an image-to-speech Generative AI application using Amazon SageMaker and Hugging Face >>

* Video Friday: Lunar Transport >>
* Super General Intelligence Versus A Non-Fragile Civilization >>

* SpaceX Raptor Test Fired into a Water Cooled Steel Plate >>
* SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster Is Being Certified for 20 Reuses >>
* Meta’s Building an In-House AI Chip to Compete with Other Tech Giants >>

* Hiding Behind the AI Apocalypse >>
* Apple WWDC 2023 preview: Everything you need to know >>
* Who Is Going to Regulate AI? >>

* AI used across ‘multiple departments’ in camera surveillance >>
* Microsoft says China approves its plan to buy video game-maker Activision Blizzard, former NetEase partner >>
* Dark cloud over ChatGPT revolution: the cost >>

* NYC Public Schools Drop Ban on AI Tool ChatGPT >>
* Why Is China Suddenly Shutting Down Concerts and Events? >>
* CUBE: Extended: Dear CEO Your employees are already using AI to do their work. What’s your AI plan? >>
* This Physics Principle Explains Why It’s Impossible to Know Certain Things About the World >>

* Early Reactions And Reviews Of ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’ Are All Over The Place >>
* Fear the fire or harness the flame: The future of generative AI >>
* The thing missing from generative AI is the ‘why’ >>

* AI-powered automation enhances job fulfillment for nearly 60% of workers: Report >>
* Yellow AI launches YellowG, a generative AI platform for automation workflows >>
* Meta AI Introduces Generative AI For Advertisers >>

* SpeechGPT: Empowering Large Language Models with Intrinsic Cross-Modal Conversational Abilities >>
* OpenShape: Scaling Up 3D Shape Representation Towards Open-World Understanding >>
* BT to cut 55,000 jobs with up to a fifth replaced by AI >>

* Apple is hiring people to work on its own AI-powered products >>
* New AI Voice Coach May Help Treat Depression, Anxiety >>
* Can AI-backed tuberculosis software help detect lung cancer too >>

* Elections in UK and US at risk from AI-driven disinformation, say experts>>
* Biggest Challenges Leaders Are Going to Face in The Next 10 Years >>
* What I don’t like about chains of thoughts and why language is a bottleneck to efficient reasoning >>

* ‘Big Brother’ is Using Advanced Camera Tech and AI to Target the Poor >>
* The A.I. future according to Cathie Wood: full interview >>
* As payments systems go digital, they are changing global finance >>

* Executive Keeping Tesla Rolling Isn’t Elon Musk >>
* Debt ceiling talks have stalled — but a discharge petition isn’t likely to save us >>
* Why We’re Worried About Generative AI >>
* How TikTok is revolutionizing the music industry | Padmini Simhan | TEDx >>

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