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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 May 2023

* Spacetop is an ‘augmented reality laptop’ for remote working on the go >>
* Official ChatGPT app for iPhones is here >>
* MattVidPro AI: Open AI Releases ChatGPT APP! >>

* Satellite Signal Jamming Reaches New Lows >>
* SpaceX rolls next Starship prototype Ship 25 out to pad for engine test (photo) >>
* Virgin Galactic’s final VSS Unity flight test is slated for May 25th >>

* In Battle Over A.I., Meta Decides to Give Away Its Crown Jewels >>
* Meta built a code-generating AI model similar to Copilot >>
* Meta Platforms unveils next-generation AI infrastructure and data center designs >>
* Meta bets big on AI with custom chips — and a supercomputer >>

* Apple TV finally gets multiview for live sports >>
* Harnessing the Power of Your Vote to Tackle the Climate Crisis | Anita Halvorssen | TEDx

* Supreme Court Protects Twitter And YouTube From Liability For Terrorist Content >>
* Twitter and Google survived a Supreme Court challenge—and so did Section 230 >>
* Supreme Court rules against reexamining Section 230 >>

* Montana Becomes The First State To Completely Ban TikTok >>
* Montana’s TikTok ban is unconstitutional and makes no sense >>

* BT to cut up to 55,000 jobs by 2030 as fibre and AI arrive >>
* BT boss prophesies jobs carnage in AIpocalypse >>
* Anna Frebel: Origin and Evolution of the Universe, Galaxies, and Stars | Lex Fridman Podcast #378 >>

* One million cancel broadband as living costs rise >>
* Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral cost over $200 million, UK government reveals >>
* 61% of Americans believe AI threatens civilization, reveals new poll >>

* Politicians Need to Learn How AI Works—Fast >>
* Here’s How AI Will Come for Your Job >>
* Italy Allocates Funds To Shield Workers From AI Replacement Threat >>

* Where AI evolves from here >>
* Is It Too Late to Regulate A.I., or Too Soon? >>
* 1 in 5 older adults skipped or delayed medications last year because of cost >>

* Amazon to invest $12.7bn in Indian cloud business >>
* AI is going to put a lot of call centers in India and elsewhere out of business. >>
* For Indians, a summer holiday abroad now comes with a 20% tax >>

* 5 things about AI you may have missed today: Google planning AI ads, AI jobs growing fast, more | HT Tech >>
* Microsoft AI Releases Guidance: A Next-Gen Language For Prompt Programming >>
* Debt Collectors Want To Use AI Chatbots To Hustle People For Money >>

* Google AI can now answer your questions about uncaptioned images >>
* This house is made from recycled diapers mixed into concrete >>
* El Niño climate events cost tropical countries trillions of dollars >>

* How to tackle the global indoor air crisis >>
* Inside the little-known group setting the corporate climate agenda >>
* Monitoring the dark web to identify threats to energy sector organizations >>

* Would you pay $30,000 to freeze your beloved pet >>
* Cube: Chris Lynch: “It’s all About the Data Stupid” >>
* Using NEW MPT-7B in Hugging Face and LangChain >>

* Tesla Shareholder Meeting in 18 Minutes (Supercut) >>
* Can NASA’s Artemis moon missions count on using lunar water ice? >>
* Week in Startups: Viral fundraising tactics with Rewind AI’s Dan Siroker + How to build a strong brand | E1745 >>

* This incredibly camera drone flies itself >>
* A.I. Text to Music with Google’s MusicLM >>
* How Microsoft 365 Copilot works >>

* IT worker sues her boss believing ‘xx’ in email were kisses >>
* The Man OpenAI Fears The Most >>
* Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One | Official Trailer | Paramount Pictures UK >>

* PRO ROBOTS: Unleashing the Future: Discover Tesla Bots and How They’re Revolutionizing Our World! | ProRobots >>
* Tesla FSD Overly Aggressive after BIG update >>
* Hundreds of students return to remote learning and masks amid COVID outbreaks >>

* Workplace AI: How artificial intelligence will transform the workday >>
* Developing country voices will be excluded at UN plastic talks, say NGOs >>
* Disney Pulls Plug on $1 Billion Development in Florida >>

* Debt ceiling negotiators rushing for weekend deal, but much work remains >>
* As G-7 summit begins, debt ceiling questions hang overhead >>
* Americans’ Debt Just Exceeded $17 Trillion for the First Time — Here’s the Smartest First Step to Fix Your Finances >>
* Did Russia Really Kill a Ukrainian Patriot Missile? >>

* Investment in DNA sequencing has a new focus: eDNA >>
* Tools are now critical to implementing Agile successfully >>

* Future space food could be made from astronaut breath >>
* YouTube is Bringing 30-Second Unskippable Ads To Its TV Apps >>
* TED: What makes a “good college” — and why it matters >>

* America has an umpire shortage. Unruly parents aren’t helping >>
* Elizabeth Holmes Must Report to Prison on May 30 and Pay Restitution >>
* In your opinion, does a story lose its value if it’s written by AI? >>

* Why Putin Is Right to Fear for His Life >>
* AI takeover of Google Search starts now >>
* New device allows amputees to feel temperature sensation >>

* Astronomers discover Earth-Sized planet with active volcanoes >>
* It’s official: El Niño slows global economy, mounts losses in trillions of dollars >>
* A Texas professor failed more than half of his class after ChatGPT falsely claimed it wrote their papers >>
* Buckle Up! Implementing Modern Testing Strategies to Accelerate Software Delivery >>

* NerfBridge: Bringing Real-time, Online Neural Radiance Field Training to Robotics >>
* Meet VideoChat: An End-to-End Chat-Centric Video Understanding System Developed by Merging Language and Visual Models >>
* Stanford Researchers Introduce FrugalGPT: A New AI Framework For LLM APIs To Handle Natural Language Queries >>
* Microsoft AI Releases Guidance: A Next-Gen Language For Prompt Programming >>

* PaLM 2 Technical Report >>
* Smart Word Suggestions for Writing Assistance >>
* #1 AI Profile Picture Maker >>

* Hippocratic AI Raises $50 Million To Power The Healthcare Bot Workforce >>
* China surpasses Japan as world’s top auto exporter >>
* China has too much invested in AI to smother its development >>

* There Is More To Life Than Work: Bill Gates Delivers Emotional Message To Graduates About Learning To Take A Break >>
* Why Your Side Hustle May Actually Be Good for Your Main Job >>
* Cisco: The demand is still there >>

* Montana just banned TikTok. Will it actually work? >>
* Legal tests begin as TikTok banned in first US state >>
* 9 questions about attempts to ban TikTok, answered >>
* TikTok Still Fills Teens Feeds With Dark Content >>
* How TikTok is revolutionizing the music industry | Padmini Simhan | TEDx >>

* Developing country voices will be excluded at UN plastic talks, say NGOs >>
* A soft e-skin mimics the way human skin can sense things >>
* China-linked APT Mustang Panda targets TP-Link routers with a custom firmware implant >>

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