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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 May 2023

* Elon Musk Reveals New Optimus Robot Video (2023 Tesla Shareholder Meeting) >>
* Full: Musk See Interview – I Created AI >>
* Breaching 1.5°C of global warming by 2027 is increasingly likely >>

* Titanic: First ever full-sized scans reveal wreck as never seen before >>
* Heat Will Likely Soar to Record Levels in Next 5 Years, New Analysis Says >>
* How Humanity Can Avoid an AI Takeover >>

* Italy floods: F1 race cancelled as deadly deluge >>
* Finding a story to believe in | Aniekeme Umoh | TEDx >>
* Do others see you as you see yourself? | Ivy Slater | TEDx >>

* How to make space in a world with too much technology | Daniel Sih | TEDx >>
* Intelligent interfaces of the future >>
* B1M: This Lego-Inspired City Was Unfinished — Until Now >>

* How do you solve a problem like out-of-control AI? >>
* ChatGPT Scams Are Infiltrating the App Store and Google Play >>
* Artificial intelligence has humanity on the ropes in The Creator’s first trailer >>

* Apparently, they were all losers in the race to 5G. Wireless carriers haven’t been able to monetize 5G, and telecom companies are in crisis >>
* Exclusive: Telcos draw up proposal to charge Big Tech for EU 5G rollout >>
* Capgemini’s Ashish Yadav: Monetizing 5G and aiding the defense industry >>

* US Space Force to attempt to replace a damaged satellite in less than 24 hours >>
* AI Triumph: ChatGPT Passes Radiology Exams >>
* Human Trial of mRNA Universal Flu Vaccine Begins >>

* Stability AI Releases StableStudio, the Open-Source Future of DreamStudio >>
* What the ‘perfect’ man and woman look like, according to AI >>
* Week in Startups: AI girlfriends, memories & recreations + Sam Altman testifies | E1743 >>
* 5 things about AI you may have missed today: ‘Perfect woman’, signs of human reasoning in AI and more >>

* Two Minute Papers: NVIDIA Is Simulating 100,000 Hair Strands! >>
* Starship 25 Rollout Aborted | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* How Intelligent Virtual Assistants are Revolutionizing Industries >>

* For Biden, Crisis at Home Complicates Diplomacy Abroad >>
* Quad cancellation a ‘self-inflicted wound’ on the US: experts >>
* Businesses are in for a mighty debt hangover >>
* If The U.S. Avoids A Debt Ceiling Disaster, You May Want To Thank Main Street, Not Wall Street >>
* Democrats Plan Discharge Petition, Aiming to Force Debt-Ceiling Vote >>

* Harry and Meghan in ‘near catastrophic car chase’ with paparazzi >>
* NYPD say no collisions, injuries or arrests in alleged ‘near catastrophic car chase’ >>

* Legend of Zelda game sells 10 million copies in three days >>
* Sam Altman goes before US Congress to propose licenses for building AI >>

* It looks like Google’s working on a dashcam feature for Android phones >>
* AI-powered coding, free of charge with Colab >>
* Has Elon Musk become a risk to his own investors? ‘I’ll say what I want and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it’ >>

* Not only is Elizabeth Holmes being sent straight to prison, a judge just told her to pay $452 million to all her victims >>
* Can AI save your life? We asked Google Bard for tips on surviving dangerous situations >>
* A Google AI Chatbot May Soon Take Your Drive-Through Food Order at Wendy’s >>

* AI Explained: ‘This Could Go Quite Wrong’ – Altman Testimony, GPT 5 Timeline, Self-Awareness, Drones and more >>
* Why OpenAI’s CEO Called for AI Safety Standards at Senate Hearing | Tech News Briefing | WSJ >>
* Lessons from Losing My Mind | Andy Dunn | TED >>

* FitMe: Deep Photorealistic 3D Morphable Model Avatars >>
* Tesla Bot Update: The humanoid is getting better and is learning faster than humans >>
* Understanding 3D Object Interaction from a Single Image >>

* Towards Expert-Level Medical Question Answering with Large Language Models >>
* Just Calm Down About GPT-4 Already >>
* AI touches everything, everywhere all at once at Disrupt >>

* ChatGPT Course – Use The OpenAI API to Code 5 Projects >>
* At Hiroshima, Leaders Should Choose to End All Nuclear Threats >>

* How “second chance” laws could transform the US justice system | TED2023 >>
* Samsung is reportedly sourcing OLED TV panels from rival LG >>
* Artemis 2 crew begins 1st moon mission training in 50 years >>

* Tesla CEO Elon Musk discusses the implications of A.I. on his children’s future in the workforce >>
* Elon Musk Answers All Your Questions at Tesla’s 2023 Shareholder Meeting >>
* Tesla Robotaxi and Teslabot Goes from Working to Millions in Two Year >>
* Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Advertising needs to be as close to content as possible >>
* Sam Altman Talks AI, Elon Musk, ChatGPT, Google… >>

* OpenAI shut down DC company’s pitch to apply ChatGPT to politics >>
* Max promises shorter ad breaks than other streamers when it launches May 23rd >>
* Key takeways from OpenAI CEO’s 3-hour Senate testimony, where he called for AI models to be licensed by US govt. Full breakdown inside >>

* Fastest-Growing And Declining Industries In America, Visualized >>
* Most Complained About Video Games Online, Ranked >>
* Business leaders investing in generative AI, automation to reinvent physical operations: Report >>
* ServiceNow partners with Nvidia to develop ‘super-specialized’ generative AI for enterprises >>

* Audio journalism app Curio can now create personalized episodes using AI >>
* 10 Powerful Things That Bard Can Do But ChatGPT Can’t >>
* 9+ Use Cases of ChatGPT that Went on Steriods >>

* Google wants to make spotting AI-generated images easier >>
* OpenAI readies new open-source AI model, The Information reports >>
* ChatGPT 4 free. Plus subscription worth it? >>
* Website-to-Chatbot >>

* Alzheimer’s Can Now Be Detected Early With AI >>
* IBM commercial boss warns managers to start using A.I., or risk being replaced. He’s not alone >>
* UAE residents could soon order groceries with the help of ChatGPT >>

* New programme to expand UAE space-ecosystem >>
* Introducing the World’s Largest Open Source Company Dataset >>
* Vintage AI Predictions Show Our Hopes and Fears Aren’t New—Even If the Tech Is >>

* Red Hat 2023 Preview | Ashesh Badani, Chief Product Officer, Red Hat >>
* China makes first ChatGPT arrest as job losses by AI begin >>
* Amazon job listings hint at ChatGPT-like conversational AI for online store >>

* Guns: Supreme Court leaves Illinois ban on ‘assault rifles’ in place for now >>
* Facing impeachment, Ecuador President Lasso dissolves Congress >>
* Death Rates Rise Among Young Americans >>
* UCA: 6 in 10 children and adolescents in Argentina are poor >>

* Did Russia destroy a US Patriot missile defense system? ‘Impossible’ >>
* Vladimir Putin wants to militarise Russian schools >>
* Henry Kissinger explains how to avoid world war three >>

* It’s Like a Lottery.’ Migrants Struggle to Make Asylum Appointments Through U.S. Government App >>
* Russia Agrees to 2-Month Ukraine Grain Deal Extension >>
* Hippocratic AI Raises $50 Million To Power The Healthcare Bot Workforce >>

* Alarm Over Russian Airlines Flying Expired Spare Parts >>
* The Truth About the World’s Most Fascinating Military Machines >>
* Most common ‘sources’ of ransomware attacks in 2022 listed >>

* The Power of Thank You | Sterling Forer | TEDx >>
* iPhones will be able to speak in your voice with 15 minutes of training >>
* Tesla Bot can walk very slowly and pick up stuff now >>

* Tweaking Vegetables’ Genes Could Make Them Tastier—And You’ll Get to Try Them Soon >>
* I run an AI tool database with over 600k users. Here are the 10 best AI tools I added this week >>

* Budget 2023: Youth support leader says NZ isn’t investing enough into our ‘greatest asset’, calls for more money in education, mental health >>
* Struggling families ‘stuck’ using buy now pay later for essentials >>
* Sandringham Village general manager looks to set up community patrols following road rage attack >>

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