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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 May 2023

* OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s congressional testimony comes at a critical AI moment >>
* Top Moments From ChatGPT Creator’s Congressional Testimony >>
* Full: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testifies during Senate hearing on AI oversight — 05/16/23 >>

* Sanctuary’s Humanoid Robot Is for General Purpose Autonomy >>
* Microsoft Says New A.I. Shows Signs of Human Reasoning >>

* Matt Wolfe: My AI “Second Brain” To Make Life Easier >>
* MattVidPro AI: NEW ChatGPT Plugins & Web Browsing – Hands On >>
* OpenAI Approach with browsing tool is utterly crazy. It’s like going back to dialup! 1000x more useful to update training data to 2023, than this nonsense >>

* 7 in 10 UAE companies plan to increase spending on AI >>
* Burnham: The Amazon’s Secret AI Robot Project >>
* Everyday Astronaut: Looking Inside Rocket Engines I don’t Know Anything About! >>

* Zoom announces Anthropic partnership to bring Claude chatbot to Zoom products >>
* Slack Launches SlackGPT: Bringing the Power of Generative AI in Slack >>

* DeepBrain AI uses virtual humans and generative AI to automate job interviews >>
* OpenAI Readies New Open-Source AI Model >>

* Google to delete accounts inactive for two years in security push >>
* SpaceX Completing Starlink Dish Factory >>
* Twitter’s New CEO: Why Elon Musk Chose NBCU’s Linda Yaccarino | WSJ >>

* Watch 44 million atoms simulated using AI and a supercomputer >>
* GPT-NeoXT-Chat-Base-20B foundation model for chatbot applications is now available on Amazon SageMaker >>

* 2023 Humans to Mars Summit | an ExploreMars.Org Event – Day 1 >>
* NASA Plans to Bring Bits of Mars to Earth. It May Change How We See Space >>
* Microbombs detonated by ultrasound can blast away tooth decay bacteria >>
modified stem cells extend lifespan of mice by 20 per cent

* Apple AR/VR headset’s software features leaked, and I’m so excited >>
* Apple Registers ‘xrOS’ Wordmark Ahead of WWDC Headset Unveiling >>
* xrOS has been trademarked in New Zealand ahead of potential WWDC reveal >>
* Apple Will Soon Let People Use Their Own Voice For Text-To-Speech Conversations >>

* Caltech’s walking robot can also fly and skateboard >>
* CNET staff are unionizing, citing editorial independence and use of AI tools >>
* iPhones Will Be Able To Speak in Your Voice With 15 Minutes of Training >>

* WAI: SpaceX Raptor 3 Starship engine sets new world record for larger Starships! >>
* SpaceX Raptor 3 Engines and Beyond >>
* Meet Deepbrain: An AI StartUp That Lets You Instantly Create AI Videos Using Basic Text >>

* Electrically stimulating the clitoris could treat low libido in women >>
* Genetically modified stem cells extend lifespan of mice by 20 per cent >>
* Ep 66 – Anyone can be an MVNO with Gigs >>

* First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin >>
* Students are increasingly refusing to go to school. It’s a mental health crisis. >>
* Record one in five young people are unemployed in China >>
* You studied computer science but big tech no longer wants you. Now what? >>
* 25% of tech firms plan layoffs after demand for workers halved in 2022 — report >>

* First Pangenome Map Captures the Full Scope of Human Genetic Diversity >>
* Amazon’s working on a secret new home robot that could be more like Rosie >>
* This company will give you a free TV if you watch non-stop ads >>

* Does Working Hard Really Make You a Good Person? | Azim Shariff | TED >>
* Open-source vs. “ClosedAI,” demoing new AI tools & more with Sunny Madra & Vinny Lingham | E1742 >>
* Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool so your projects have a backup location, and get your project in front of SourceForge’s nearly 30 million monthly users. It takes less than a minute. Get new users downloading your project releases today!

* Vodafone Plans 11,000 Job Cuts >>
* Vodafone job cuts throw ‘tech co’ strategy into doubt >>

* Meet Glaze: A New AI Tool That Helps Artists Protect Their Style From Being Reproduced By Generative AI Models >>
* Robot took my order at checkers today. They’re coming for our Wendy’s jobs next >>

* SpaceX just performed an FTS test on the B6 test tank at Massey’s >>
* Tetris reveals how people respond to unfair AI >>
* Radiation belts spotted outside our solar system for the first time >>

* Microsoft’s Bing Chat gets deeper Edge mobile integration, a widget, and much more >>
* iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored to be only model that gets new periscope lens tech >>
* Agents, Assemble! Meet AutoNeRF: An AI Approach Designed to Use Autonomous Agents to Generate Implicit Scene NeRFs >>

* A guidance language for controlling large language models. >>
* ChatHub is an all-in-one chatbot client >>
* Can the World Make an Electric Car Battery Without China? >>
* Elon Musk Is Running Twitter Like SpaceX. Will It Work? >>

* IT Visionaries: Why You Need to Be More Proactive About Cybersecurity >>
* ‘SuperLab’ Will Test U.S. Power Grid Against Climate Disasters >>

* OpenAI CEO warns Senate about AI interfering with elections >>
* OpenAI is rolling out ChatGPT Plugins to Plus subscribers. Here’s why that’s a big deal. >>
* Watch: Shark comes out of nowhere and rams kayaker >>

* Revolutionary shark attack risk forecast app ‘SafeWaters’ launches Kickstarter >>
* Accelerating Scientific Discoveries: AI Conducts Autonomous Experiments >>

* How Biden Blew It on the Debt Ceiling >>
* Americans are still using credit cards to buy necessities as household debt hit a new record >>
* Ukraine war: Trump is ‘untethered to reality’ >>
* President Zelensky imposes sanctions against the Russian IT sector >>
* The return of the porn wars >>
* Wellbeing is so last year – Labour’s ‘no frills’ budget points to an uninspiring NZ election >>

* Scientists may have found an antidote for death cap mushrooms >>
* Why your next trip to Japan might be about to get more expensive >>

* What happens when you miss two weeks of AI news | The AI Beat >>
* PharMerica data breach impacts more than 5.8 million individuals >>
* mega guide to ALL of the 45 Plugins >>

* Sam Altman: CEO of OpenAI calls for US to regulate artificial intelligence >>
* Real danger of AI is a lack of social innovation – expert >>
* EU AI Act To Target US Open Source Software >>
* OpenAI CEO asking for government’s license for building AI . What The Actual F@#K? >>
* US Senator Uses ChatGPT for Opening Remarks at a Hearing on AI >>

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