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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 May 2023

* Earth is probably safe from a killer asteroid for 1,000 years >>
* Your DNA Can Now Be Pulled From Thin Air. Privacy Experts Are Worried. >>
* FBL101: Anne Scherer – How AI is Shaping You and Your Life >>

* MattVidPro AI: ChatGPT Plugins go PUBLIC, DALL-E Upgrade, Google PaLM 2! | AI News >>
* Age of “Assisted Everything” >>
* Lab grown monkey embryos show how organs grow in 3D >>

* Gwynedd: New ‘multi-purpose’ sheep bred successfully >>
* Elon Musk’s Starship Won’t Save Astronomy from Satellites Cluttering the Sky >>
* Ahead of next Starship launch, SpaceX hires key NASA human spaceflight head >>

* Starbase Update: When Will The Next SpaceX Starship Launch Happen? Progress at Starbase >>
* Stratolaunch’s massive Roc carrier plane completes hypersonic vehicle separation test >>
* Sam Altman man behind ChatGPT is about to have his moment on Capitol Hill >>
* NASA’s Webb Finds Water, and a New Mystery, in Rare Main Belt Comet >>

* NASA And Airways Launch Another Stadium-sized Balloon To The Edge Of Space >>
* What the World Can Learn From China’s Innovation Playbook | Keyu Jin | TED >>
* ChatHub is an all-in-one chatbot client >>

* WhatsApp announces Lock Chat: lock chats with a password and biometrics >>
* AI’s loneliness crisis >>
* AI Just Killed YouTube >>

* Apple’s next major product is ‘so good’, expert claims – and we could get a glimpse >>
* Ex-Google CEO Says We Should Trust AI Industry to Self-Regulate >>
* Bing Chat can now respond to questions with images, charts and other visual elements >>

* World’s oldest dog celebrates his 31st birthday >>
* Seals in Mexico are losing fur and climate change may be to blame >>
* Major YouTube Copyright Lawsuit Nears Trial With Almost Everything On the Line >>

* OpenAI unveils ChatGPT plugins, but there’s a catch >>
* PRO ROBOTS: GPT-5 canceled: Elon Musk Unveils TruthGPT & Nanonet Mimics Living Brain! >>
* ChatGPT users now have access to the chatbot’s “eyes and ears.” >>

* WTF! ChatGPT GPT-4 with Plugins is Actually GPT-3 with Plugins! >>
* Elon Musk must still have his tweets approved by Tesla lawyer, federal appeals court rules >>
* Why the New CEO Is Essential to Twitter’s Future >>

* Martha Stewart Reacts to Landing Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Cover at Age 81 >>
* Capturing final act of photosynthesis offers milestone for clean energy >>
* TED: What the world can learn from China’s innovation playbook >>

* Quantum Computers Could Be a ‘Superhighway’ to Experiencing Our Other Selves in the Multiverse >>
* Google’s NEW GEMINI >>
* Emergency SOS via Satellite lands in Australia and New Zealand >>

* Samsung is making a ChatGPT rival for its employees. >>
* Google is making big changes to how we use the internet >>
* AI Can Now Create Entire Games From Text Prompts With Nyric >>
* @AnthropicAI 100k context now seems to be available via the Claude web UI, not just the API. >>

* Dear CEO: Your employees are already using AI to do their work. What’s your AI plan? >>
* Apple Takes New Approach With Mixed-Reality Headset >>
* AI generated content helps in 3D brain reconstruction >>

* Pinball is booming in America, thanks to nostalgia and canny marketing >>
* Amazon defends robot usage as robotics industry investment declines >>
* An Open-source LTE Downlink/Uplink Eavesdropper >>
* New Ransomware Gang RA Group Hits U.S. and South Korean Organizations >>

* Industrial Cellular Routers at Risk: 11 New Vulnerabilities Expose OT Networks >>
* Are CI/CD pipelines bursting at the seams? >>
* Google Previews Generative AI Service to Improve Code >>
* What enterprises need to know about adopting generative AI >>

* ChatGPT is about to revolutionize cybersecurity >>
* What America does after a debt-ceiling disaster >>
* America’s banks are missing hundreds of billions of dollars >>
* Inside the Writers’ Strike: Negotiators Explain Where Talks Broke Down | WSJ >>

* How Our Bodys Electrome Defines Us >>
* Dubai tests first-ever electric driverless abras >>
* New telecoms powerhouse launches in Middle East >>
* 72 percent of Gen Z individuals hold the belief that their online accounts do not have any adverse environmental impact >>

* WOW to phase out own pay-TV product as it strikes deal with YouTube TV >>
* Why Indian telcos are building 5G at breakneck speed >>

* K-pop artist uses AI to sing in 6 languages >>
* 5 paid subscriptions I actually use in 2023 as a software engineer >>
* Flying cars could be a reality by 2026 >>
* We Have Largest Gen Z Audience Outside of Social Platforms >>

* Used ChatGPT to write a cover letter and pretty much fooled 3 experts—and an A.I. content detector >>
* Rather than fear a godlike AI, let’s put the tech we invented to good use >>
* Coastal Cities Priced Out Low-Wage Workers. Now College Graduates Are Leaving, Too. >>
* Planes Might Have AI Pilots In The Future, Says Emirates Airline’s President >>

* The power of A.I.: Cancer detection, digital twins and an ‘A.I. god’ >>
* High Performance Browser Networking >>
* AI Research Highlights In 3 Sentences Or Less (April-May 2023) >>

* Three-Hills Model for evaluating GPT startups >>
* Google Releases MusicLM: A New Experimental AI Tool That Can Turn Text Descriptions Into Music >>
* Between Realities VR Podcast ft Blair Renaud aka Anticleric of LOW-FI >>

* How to avoid AI commoditization: 3 tactics for running successful pilot programs >>
* Europe greenlights Microsoft’s $68.7B Activision acquisition >>
* Watch: The Super Mario Bros. Movie at home starting tomorrow, May 16th >>

* Avatar: The Way of Water is coming to Disney+ and Max on June 7th >>
* Critics Love The Quirky Puzzle Game ‘Humanity.’ Here’s What The Reviews Say >>
* Windows 11 users can now link their iPhones and use iMessage from a PC >>
* Apple’s App Store was down, briefly >>

* See what happened when UK PM welcomed Zelensky to the UK >>
* U.K. Pledges More Arms for Ukraine, Amid Zelensky’s Whirlwind European Tour >>
* Russia Concerned Its Air Defenses ‘Compromised’ After Ukraine Attacks: U.K. >>
* Ukraine says Russian forces are no longer capable of large-scale offensive actions >>

* Does British tourism really need the royal family? >>
* FDA Approves New Menopause Drug for Hot Flashes >>
* Mexico dispatches discarded presidential jet to Tajikistan >>

* Zibo barbecue: Millions bring sudden fame to industrial Chinese city >>
* What an Alien Civilization Could Learn About Earth From Our Mobile Phone Signals
* This OpenAI channel is full of people sharing GPT prompts for everything from applying to jobs to learning a language >>

* Sample of an AI computer scam. >>
* How AI can generate new video images >>
* An example of an AI-generated face >>

* Google: AI should never be credited as an inventor >>
* Confirmed. Ultra-Luminous X-Ray Sources are Really That Bright >>
* Venture Capital Limited Investments so Far AI in 2023 >>

* Election 2023: How ChatGPT reacted to Nicola Willis’ idea that AI could write Kiwis’ tax receipts >>
* The Disappearing White-Collar Job >>

* Auckland Council: Mayor Wayne Brown’s cost-cutting budget leads to 400 job losses >>
* My very first few creations with #midjourneyv51 >>
* Create Realistic AI-generated images of yourself that will stun everyone! #StableDiffusion TheDream.ai >>
* The last few days in AI development is insane. >>

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