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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 March 2023

* Can society adjust at the speed of artificial intelligence? >>
* AI’s Most Insane Week – Things Will Never Be The Same >>
* Marcus House: SpaceX is ready to launch Starship in a few weeks! >>
* OpenAI CEO, CTO on risks and how AI will reshape society >>

* LLaMA & Alpaca: “ChatGPT” On Your Local Computer 🤯 | Tutorial >>
* Number of ML/AI papers per month. Doubling every 23 months. >> >>
* Could Chat GPT Talk to Whales? >>
* ST Booth Tour, at Embedded World 2023 #ew23 >>

* World’s first solar panel ‘carpet’ on railway tracks may generate electricity >>
* Generative AI Revolution will Enable Anyone to Create Games >>
* AGI With Internet Access: Why we won’t stuff the genie back in its bottle. >>

* AI fools voice recognition used to verify identity by Centrelink and Australian tax office >>
* Venezuela, China, Biden and extraterrestrials – the disinformation of AI >>
* Real Reason Elon Musk Is Developing His Own ChatGPT! >>
* Discover Midjourney V5’s Hidden Powers with GPT-4! >>

* Breaking Analysis: GPT models are a two edged sword for automation platforms >>
* Today’s Congress might be incapable of compromise to save banking system >>
* TSA Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Unnecessary Pat-Downs >>

* Donald Trump returns to Facebook and YouTube after social media ban lifted >>
* Ex-US President Donald Trump expects to be arrested on Tuesday >>
* How Trump’s using a possible arrest to rile his base >>
* Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday Donald Trump would be voted into White House again, if he is arrested in New York. >>
* Get ready, Washington. TikTok’s planning to flood capital with “dozens” of influencers next week >>

* Putin’s world just got a lot smaller with the ICC’s arrest warrant >>
* More Students Are Turning Away From College and Toward Apprenticeships >>

* Cancer Patient Sues Hospital After Ransomware Gang Leaks Her Nude Medical Photos >>
* Qualcomm Is Poised to Dominate EVs Before Apple Gets a Chance >>
* The brewing war over who goes hungry in America — and how to feed them >>

* The key to Covid’s origin lies in Beijing, not Wuhan >>
* New Evidence Supports Animal Origin of COVID Virus through Raccoon Dogs >>
* Saturday assorted links >>
* Why Google Is Behind in the AI Race >>

* Microsoft’s new Copilot will change Office documents forever >>
* Brazil Looks To Regulate Monetized Content On Internet >>
* Slack’s new ChatGPT bot will talk to your colleagues for you >>

* Russia tried to steer Ohio train disaster debate using Twitter, Musk tech >>
* NASA’s AIM spacecraft goes silent after a 15-year run studying the Earth’s oldest clouds >>
* HustleGPT is a hilarious and scary AI experiment in capitalism >>

* AI-generated content can now be copyrighted…sometimes >>
* Weekend Silicon Valley Stared Into the Abyss >>
* Everything Everywhere All at Once Piracy Skyrockets After Oscar Win >>

* Security News This Week: Ring Is in a Standoff With Hackers >>
* Google discovers 18 vulnerabilities in multiple Samsung chips >>
* Amazon’s AWS Releases Fedora-Based, Cloud-Optimized ‘Amazon Linux 2023’ >>
* Bird flu cases are expected to surge as birds migrate in coming weeks >>

* Quantum computers may finally have their first real practical us >>
* Quantum effects could be key to the chemistry of life on Titan >>
* New Evidence Supports Animal Origin of COVID Virus through Raccoon Dogs >>

* CEO of OpenAI admitted he’s “a little bit scared” of his ChatGPT creation and warned that it could “eliminate” many jobs. >>
* ChatGPT is the Myspace of AI: It’s fun, but it’s far from taking your white-collar job >>
* Remote jobs have some workers feeling like college kids again: They play in the afternoon and work at night >>

* Where Did All Your Zoom Friends Go? >>
* Question About Your Money: Has Anything Truly Changed This Week? >>
* ChatGPT said I did not exist: how artists and writers are fighting back against AI >>

* Cost of living: Unpaid carers going without basics >>
* Bailouts of insolvent banks don’t lead to hyperinflation >>
* Teaching and Learning Economics with the AIs >>

* GeekWire Podcast: SVB aftermath; the ‘affliction’ of remote work; and Microsoft puts AI to work >>
* OpenAI GPT-4: The Game-Changing AI Technology – LIVE with Tesla & Elon Musk >>
* Dangerous moment for U.S. banking system; once a small bank fails there are systemic consequences >>

* Futurists predict a point where humans and machines become one. But will we see it coming? >>
* 53-year-old longevity researcher says his ‘biological age’ is a decade younger thanks to 4 daily habits >>

* Paris stinks as uncollected trash mounts to 10,000 tonnes due to strikes >>
* Paris police ban gatherings on key sites as French pension protests grow >>
* NATO is racing to arm its Russian borders. Can it find the weapons? >>

* Heartbeat May Shape Our Perception of Time, Study Shows >>
* ‘Unprecedented’: School pupils robbed by gun-wielding trio, offenders at large >>
* The faces of Sydney’s rental crisis >>

* Military: rocket fired from Gaza lands on southern Israel >>
* Americans Don’t Care About the Iraqi Dead. They Don’t Even Care About Their Own. >>
* Menindee: Millions of dead fish wash up near Australian town >>
* Prices at the supermarket keep rising. So do corporate profits. >>

* Twenty Experts In Various Fields Collectively Dunk On AI Attempting To Do Their Jobs >>
* Will AI Actually Mean We’ll Be Able to Work Less? >>
* Sandy Hook Families Are Fighting Alex Jones and the Bankruptcy System Itself >>
* How the Psychology of Silicon Valley Contributed to a Bank Collapse >>

* OpenAI Knows GPT-4 Is Dangerous—but Won’t Do a Damn Thing About It >>
* Notebook Dump: Amazon’s $10B satellite project, Casa Systems’ CEO exit >>
* A New Artificial Intelligence Research From Stanford Shows How Explanations Can Reduce Overreliance on AI Systems During Decision-Making >>

* #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt: The future of social commerce >>
* The impact of deepfakes on marketing >>
* Generative AI: Imagining a future of AI-dominated creativity >>

* Hey Alexa, what’s next? Breaking through voice technology’s ceiling >>
* Microsoft Researchers Propose A New AI Method That Uses Both Forward And Backward Language Models To Meet In The Middle And Improve The Training Data Efficiency >>

* Ten Innovative Ways You Can Start Using GPT-4 Today >>
* Is the global investment boom turning to bust? >>
* Experts warn about AI-based voice cloning technology used for scams >>

* Asteroid Didymos is sending rocks flying into outer space >>
* UK to invest over $3 million in Rolls Royce’s Moon nuclear reactor >>
* Opening up Tesla’s Supercharger network could help EV users in the US >>
* 5 Largest cruise ships in the world >>

* VW beats Tesla to the punch and unveils an affordable electric vehicle >>
* Presidents arguing about audio mixing is the best use of AI. >>
* For Steve Ballmer, Building An NBA Champion Is Harder Than Running Microsoft But More Fun >>

* The sole US supplier of a major abortion pill said it would not distribute the drug in 31 states >>
* Real-Time Video Processing with WebCodecs and Streams: Processing Pipelines (Part 1) >>
* Google-backed Anthropic launches Claude, an AI chatbot that’s easier to talk to >>

* Reclaiming your self-worth | TEDx >>
* Women’s sexuality isn’t ‘complicated’ | TEDx >>
* More American women over 40 are having babies. Their risk of dying from it keeps rising too >>

* Can humans hibernate? | Vladyslav Vyazovskiy | TEDx >>
* Are you “underbanked”? | TEDx >>
* How to stand strong when your roots are falling apart. | Ratan Chouhan | TEDx >>

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