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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2023

* All-In Podcast: E120: Banking crisis and the great VC reset >>
* GPT-4 Is Here, and the Silicon Valley Bank Fallout – New York Times >>
* Engadget Pod: Why did Silicon Valley Bank fail so hard? >>
* theCUBE Pod | SVB Update, GPT-4 & Microsoft, Will TikTok Get Banned in the US? >>
* SpaceX now eyeing April (20th?) for Starship’s 1st orbital launch, Elon >>
* Vergecast: GPT-4 is coming for your work tools >>

* Nvidia’s Founder Jensen Huang Predicts Next-Generation AI Models Will Be 1 Million Times More Powerful >>
* Put GPT-4 to the test – What happens when AI takes over 1 million humanoid robots? >>

* Baby boomers, now outnumbered by millennials, see a shift in generational power >>
* GPT-4 Has the Memory of a Goldfish >>
* Alarming: Tesla lawsuit claims collision monitoring system is faulty >>

* Clock uses ChatGPT to rhyme / composes a new poem every minute >>
* ChatGPT’s Chess Elo is 1400 >>
* One AI Tutor Per Child: Personalized learning is finally here >>

* China’s Xi Jinping to Meet With Vladimir Putin in Moscow Next Week >>
* Ukraine war: China’s claim to neutrality fades with Moscow visit >>
* ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Putin Over Alleged Ukraine War Crimes >>
* Can Vladimir Putin actually be arrested? >>
* Why Vladimir Putin will never stand trial in The Hague >>
* Will Vladimir Putin ever face a war crimes trial? >>
* Russian troops exhausted and incapable of even local offensive efforts, U.K. >>
* Russia wants to replenish its troops by recruiting 400,000 new contract soldiers starting April: reports >>

* How deep is the rot in America’s banking industry? >>
* US Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Grew $300 Billion in the Last Week >>
* Biden Asks Congress for New Tools to Target Executives of Failed Banks >>
* Silicon Valley Bank’s Focus on Startups Was a Double-Edged Sword >>
* Banking Crisis Hangs Over Economy, Rekindling Recession Fear >>
* Is the Silicon Valley Bank collapse the start of something bigger? >>

* GPT4 Futurology Piece: Unleashing the Potential of GPT-4 in Business: A Glimpse into the Next 2 Years >>
* ViperGPT: Visual Inference via Python Execution for Reasoning >>
* China’s metaverse investments will outpace the West in 2023, experts predict >>
* Government ‘AI Sandbox’ is a welcomed move, say experts >>

* Robotaxis in Beijing: China’s Baidu wins approval to offer driverless-cab service >>
* US-China trade ‘becoming less directly interdependent’ amid decoupling despite ‘misleading’ data >>
* For Chinese AI Chatbots, Politics Is Off-Limits >>
* Pornhub owner MindGeek sold to private equity firm >>

* Glass made of amino acids can be 3D-printed and dissolves in the body >>
* Elon Musk questions Microsoft cutting its AI ethics team after doing the same at Twitter >>
* This iPhone 15 Rumor Makes Me Nervous >>

* Squeak Squeak, Buzz Buzz: How Researchers Are Using AI to Talk to Animals >>
* Scientists develop ‘cosmic concrete’ to construct habitats on Mars >>
* Microsoft introduces Copilot, justifies AI-hallucination as ‘usefully wrong’ >>

* Video Friday: Resilient Bugbots >>
* UNIX co-creator Ken Thompson is a… what user now? >>
* UK To Invest 900 Million Pounds In Supercomputer In Bid To Build Own ‘BritGPT’ >>
* Indians are braving war to study in Ukraine >>

* Meta AI Unlocks Hundreds of Millions of Proteins To Aid Drug Discovery >>
* ChatGPT lands on the Apple Watch and Siri should be worried >>
* Report: Apple CEO Tim Cook Ordered Headset Launch Despite Designers Wanting to Wait for AR Glasses >>

* PR firm says using AI tools like ChatGPT can inspire creativity and transform businesses — if you do it right >>
* Are AI developers playing with fire? >>
* How data centers at public pools can keep swimmers warm >>

* Goldman Sachs just told us the banking crisis makes it more pessimistic about the economy – and other recession signals are blaring too >>
* March 26 launch to complete OneWeb’s first constellation >>

* I’m safe. GPT vs me >>
* Revolutionary 3D-printed devices utilize advanced sensing technology >>
* MattVidPro AI: GPT 4 is Here! Most SHOCKING Results/Tests >>

* GPT-4 solves Gary Marcus-induced flubs >>
* How will AI transform childhood? >>
* AI Might Be Seemingly Everywhere, but There Are Still Plenty of Things It Can’t Do—For Now >>
* AI revolution: Is your next lawyer a machine? >>

* Can GPT-4 *Actually* Write Code? >>
* $250B of India’s exports are GPT-4 tokens. let this sink in >>
* Unpredictable Abilities Emerging From Large AI Models >>

* NASA’s Webb Telescope Captures Rarely Seen Prelude to Supernova >>
* America’s Cup intensity ramps up with first preliminary regatta announced >>
* Two surfers save dolphin during Hurricane Ian.. >>
* BritGPT: UK plans ChatGPT-like superpower to counter China’s AI influence >>

* Where In The World You Can And Can’t Drink Tap Water, Mapped >>
* Morning After: TikTok’s parent company reportedly under FBI investigation >>
* OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscription launches in India >>
* Google says hackers could silently own your phone until Samsung fixes its modems >>
* New Zealand bans TikTok from phones of parliamentarians >>
* The Goliath is Amazon: after 100 years, Barnes & Noble wants to go back to its indie roots >>

* Walmart invests $200 million in Indian mobile payments giant PhonePe >>
* AI Can Re-create What You See from a Brain Scan >>
* Pattern-Shaping System Speeds Up Chip Production >>
* Terrifying Technology Inside Drone Cameras >>

* Black Sea drone incident highlights the loose rules around avoiding ‘accidental’ war >>
* Report: Two Planes That Nearly Collided On Runway Were Both Cleared For Takeoff, Landing >>
* Meta Employees Interrogate Mark Zuckerberg in Town Hall Meeting >>

* Generative AI Revolution will Enable Anyone to Create Games >>
* Could ChatGPT Help Land Your Next Job? >>
* Cable Next-Gen 2023 recap: Operators choose their own adventure >>

* Can humans hibernate? | Vladyslav Vyazovskiy | TEDx >>
* Integrity in Institution Building | Dinesh S. Thakur | TEDx >>
* How to invest sustainability | Stuart Kirk | TEDx >>

* Top 5 Insider Threats to Look Out For in 2023 >>
* Phone2Proc: A Lightweight Process By Which An Embodied AI Agent Can Tune To And Be Robust In A Target Real Environment >>
* China-linked APT likely linked to Fortinet zero-day attacks >>
* Top Innovative AI-Based Startups in Egypt (2023) >>

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