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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 March 2023

* Future of Work With AI – Microsoft March 2023 Event >>
* Microsoft’s AI Future of Work Event: Everything Revealed in 8 Minutes >>
* Watch Microsoft Demo AI-Powered Outlook (Future of Work Event) >>
* Microsoft 365 ‘Copilot’ uses AI to automate everyday tasks in multiple apps >>

* AI-generated images from text can’t be copyrighted, US government rules >>
* A battle royal is brewing over copyright and AI >>
* Telcos need to build businesses as well as networks >>

* AI Is About to Transform Childhood. Are We Ready? >>
* Stupidity of AI >>
* Why aren’t governments afraid that AI will create massive unemployment? >>

* China’s Answer to ChatGPT Gets an Artificial Debut and Disappoints >>
* Baidu’s ChatGPT Rival Ernie Bot Doesn’t Go Live at Its Launch Party >>
* Baidu unveils China’s answer to ChatGPT with no live preview and limited beta, sends stock tumbling >>

* ChatGPT Smartwatch Is Powered by Raspberry Pi >>
* ChatGPT in vehicles could leave cars vulnerable to hackers, experts warn >>
* Samsung launches precision strike in global chip wars with South Korea mega-investment >>

* Pentagon releases video of Russian jet ‘dumping fuel on drone’ >>
* Poland becomes first NATO member to offer Ukraine fighter jets >>

* Golf at 3 p.m. Thursday? Sure, It’s the Afternoon Fun Economy. >>
* Remote Workers Are Swingers: Mid-Week Golfing Is Up 278% >>
* A Laid-Off Meta Employee Says She Wasn’t Given Anything to Do: ‘You Had to Fight to Find Work’ >>
* Ready to Integrate AI Systems Into Your Workplace Performance? Here’s What You Should Know. >>
* AI automation in workplace is bad news for the ‘brilliant jerks’ of tech >>
* Author Talks: In the ‘age of AI,’ what does it mean to be smart? >>

* B1M: Engineering the World’s Most Complex Office Building >>
* The AI Podcast: Peter Ma on Using AI to Find Promising Signals for Alien Life – Ep. 191 >>
* Acquired: Nintendo >>

* Silicon Valley Bank’s implosion leaves a gaping hole for start-ups >>
* Silicon Valley Bank Going Under, And This Week’s Other Best Memes, Ranked >>
* Yellen Defends Efforts to Stabilize Banking System >>
* Tech Leaders Remain Staggeringly Oblivious To The True Lessons Of Silicon Valley Bank >>
* Silicon Valley Bank helped finance China’s innovation economy. What happens next? >>
* Silicon Valley Finally Figured Out People Don’t Like It >>
* Credit Suisse: What is happening to the Swiss banking giant? – BBC News >>
* Signature Bank faced criminal probe ahead of firm’s collapse >>
* Stocks rally as First Republic rebounds on reports of a rescue. >>
* First Republic Set to Get $30 Billion of Deposits in Rescue >>
* Credit Suisse Shares Jump as Bank Plans to Borrow Over $50 Billion >>
* What’s wrong with the banks >>
* Shards of Silicon Valley Bank Are for Sale, but No One Is Buying Yet >>

* I made a song entirely of artists singing “yeah” >>
* An effective strategy to remotely operate snake robots >>
* TechCrunch Live: Why cybersecurity is still hiring and spending with Vanta and Sequoia >>

* FCC makes its first rule to block scam robotexts official >>
* Building Internal Developer Platforms With EKS and GitOps >>
* ‘Harry Potter’ theme park to open in Tokyo in June >>

* Google’s PaLM-E is a generalist robot brain that takes commands >>
* PaLM-E: The Future of Robotics – Google’s Revolutionary Robot Brain in Action! >>
* Starship 24 Tile Installation Completed | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* ‘Harry Potter’ theme park to open in Tokyo in June >>
* AI: How ‘freaked out’ should we be? >>
* World’s first octopus farm proposals alarm scientists >>

* 2023 Wikipedia redesign >>
* SpaceX Starlink rolls out $200 per month ‘global’ satellite internet package >>
* What we learned at MWC ’23 >>

* Putting GPT-4 to the Test – Can it code a complete game from scratch? >>
* Century of Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT & Black Swan Events >>
* OpenAI co-founder on company’s past approach to openly sharing research: ‘We were wrong’ >>
* GPT-4 AI Gets Top Marks in Law, Medical Exams, OpenAI Claims >>
* GPT-4 passes basically every exam. Bar Exam: 90% LSAT: 88% GRE Quantitative: 80%, Verbal: 99% Every AP, the SAT… >>
* GPT-4 is out, and the results are astounding: better than most students, can reason in several languages… What does it mean? >>
* A chess game against GPT-4 >>
* GPT-4 Has Been Out for 1 Day. These New Projects Show Just How Much More Powerful It Is >>
* OK, it’s time to freak out about AI >>
* Multi-modal, Multi-model, Multi-everything Future of AGI >>
* OpenAI checked to see whether GPT-4 could take over the world >>
* ChatGPT a recipe for culinary disaster >>
* Is the chatbotpocalypse looming? Some people would like us to think so >>
* Study finds humans beat ChatGPT when creating phishing attacks >>
* Can ChatGPT Plan Your Vacation? Here’s What to Know About A.I. and Travel. >>
* How Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant Lost the A.I. Race >>

* 3 habits that kill your confidence | Shadé Zahrai | TEDx >>
* TED: The surprising psychology behind your urge to break the rules >>
* Who owns the internet of the future? | TEDx >>
* The bad math of the fossil fuel industry | TEDx >>
* Sustainable Wellness Through Nature | Jillian Clancy | TEDx >>
* Where compassion, climate change, and green energy meet | Mauricia Baca | TEDx >>

* UK bans TikTok from all government phones over spying capability >>
* From The Great Resignation to The Great Refusal >>
* Contactless Card Limits Around The World, Mapped >>

* Virgin Orbit pauses operations while it looks for funding >>
* SpaceX delivers new science experiments to ISS to explore origins of life on Earth >>
* Could Brain-Computer Interfaces Lead to ‘Mind Control for Good’? >>

* Hammer-wielding primary school-aged youths raid liquor store >>
* Gwyneth Paltrow Is Literally Shooting Ozone Up Her Butt For The Sake Of “Wellness” >>

* The npm registry’s safe word is Socket >>
* 20 years later, Second Life is launching on mobile >>
* Windows filled with see-through wood layer help hold in heat >>

* Three UK hints at Vodafone merger progress >>
* Ciena’s hop over 1.2 Tbit/s trend could get pricey >>
* Amazon will put $10B in Project Kuiper ‘before seeing much cash flow,’ says exec >>

* Virtual Reality Was Supposed To Be Revolutionary. Will It Ever Live Up to the Hype? >>
* Introducing Patcher, a new tool for keeping infrastructure code up-to-date! >>

* Chinese and Russian Hackers Using SILKLOADER Malware to Evade Detection >>
* What is Incident Automation? >>
* AI in Medicine Must Prioritize the Other ‘A’: Augmentation >>

* Argentina considers first rate hike since September after inflation hit 103% >>
* Israeli inflation higher than forecast in February, boosting odds of more rate hikes >>
* The FBI And DOJ Are Investigating ByteDance’s Use Of TikTok To Spy On Journalists >>
* French Government Bypasses Parliament to Raise Retirement Age >>

* Humans (Mostly) Love Trash Robots >>
* The strong US job market is helping to give rise to “returnships” >>
* Nigeria has launched a $672 million fund for startups after the collapse of three US banks >>

* Look At All Of These Chickens. Three Owls Are Hidden Among Them, Can You Spot Them? >>
* Your AI-free Content Deserves a Badge >>

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