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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 March 2023

* Mad Man Lands Plane On Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Helipad >>
* Spacesuit NASA’s Artemis astronauts will wear on the Moon >>
* AI Told Me I Had Cancer >>
* Gene-edited rice may be able to grow on Mars >>

* NASA’s new air pollution sensor will monitor smog above America in real time >>
* Vergecast: Moon photos, Silicon Valley Bank, moon photos, ChatGPT, and moon photos. >>
* Cars That Watch Their Drivers Could Reteach the World to Drive >>

* Markets Shudder as Bank Fears Go Global >>
* Drugs in Orbit: One Startup’s Big Idea for Microgravity >>
* Robot snake that moves like a sidewinder could inspect sewage pipes >>
* ChatGPT’s success could prompt a damaging swing to secrecy in AI, says AI pioneer Bengio >>

* What can you do with GPT-4? >>
* GPT-4: OpenAI says its AI has ‘human-level performance’ on tests >>
* GPT-4 Research >>
* GPT4 is up to 6 times more expensive than GPT3.5 >>
* GPT-4 & Japanese Alignment >>
* Ai’s New Insane Gpt-4 >>
* What’s new with GPT-4 — from processing pictures to acing tests >>
* OpenAI should be called ClosedAI >>
* Elon Musk reacts to ChatGPT successor GPT-4 passing major exams, says what will humans do? >>
* GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4 doing music programming with Glicol >>
* Google announces new generative AI lineup in advance of Microsoft’s rumored GPT-4 debut >>

* Scientists Investigate a Bird Flu Outbreak in Seals >>
* NASASpaceflight: Mind-blowing NASA Space Tech You Use Every Day Without Knowing! SpaceX, Tesla, Canon, Apple >>
* NASA’s Webb Telescope Captures Rarely Seen Prelude to Supernova >>

* How a Traded-In Apple iPhone Gets Refurbished | WSJ >>
* Future Smartphone: More Folds, Less Phone, a Whole Lot of AI >>

* BMW’s new ‘Panoramic Vision’ will put a full-width display on EV windscreens >>
* Elon Musk revealed Motor, that can NOT be copied !! >>
* Bullet proof strong room in a school to protect students from mass shooters >>

* Samsung to invest $230 billion to further semiconductor manufacturing >>
* ARTEMIS: ‘World’s fastest’ humanoid robot readies for RoboCup >>
* TikTok’s New Hyper-Realistic Effect Sparks Beauty Debate >>

* LinkedIn is adding AI tools for generating profile copy and job descriptions >>
* You can now ‘enhance’ your LinkedIn Profile with AI-written ‘suggestions’ >>
* I Asked an Algorithm to Optimize My Life. Here’s What Happened >>
* AI startup just raised $350 million for generative AI trained to use every software tool and API >>

* Google announces AI features in Gmail, Docs, and more to rival Microsoft >>
* Get utterly roasted by Carrot Weather’s new chatbot with ChatGPT update >>
* Oura Ring Can Now Tell if You’re a Morning Person >>

* Bing AI and GPT4 Has an IQ of 114 and is Smarter Than the Average Human >>
* Jailbreak GPT4 to Get Around Restricted Questions >>
* GPT-4 Scores in Top 10% for Legal Bar Exam >>
* GPT-4: OpenAI says its AI has ‘human-level performance’ on tests >>
* A rogue version of ChatGPT is predicting the stock market will crash this week. Here’s why the AI chatbot is dead wrong. >>
* Stripe and OpenAI collaborate to monetize OpenAI’s flagship products and enhance Stripe with GPT-4 >>

* UK spy agency says AI chatbots like ChatGPT pose a security threat >>
* Next-generation Zipline P2 Zip drone comes with an adorable ‘droid’ sidekick >>
* 4 updates from the Google for Games Developer Summit >>
* Actions the best CEOs are taking in 2023 >>
* Samsung to invest in South Korea mega chip-making plan >>

* What metaverse? Meta says its single largest investment is now in ‘advancing AI’ >>
* Mark Zuckerberg says engineers who joined Meta in-person perform better than those who joined remotely >>
* Morning After: Meta lays off an additional 10,000 workers >>

* Is it possible to digital detox anymore? >>
* Cost-of-living crunch: How much do we really need to earn to keep up? >>
* Is it possible to recreate dinosaurs from chicken DNA? >>

* Russian hackers have been exploiting unknown flaw in Outlook for nearly a year now >>
* AI-Generated Voice Deepfakes Aren’t Scary Good—Yet >>
* T-Mobile to acquire Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile in $1.35 billion deal >>
* What YouTube hustle gurus are really selling you >>

* Docker is deleting Open Source organisations – what you need to know >>
* Skyscraper-building machine to help builders construct highest building in Hainan >>
* The eSIM spells trouble for operators >>
* 6G is shaping up to disappoint, and the industry can blame itself >>

* What you need to know about the spat between the US and Russia over a downed drone >>
* Russia “running out of capability” in Ukraine more than a year after invasion >>
* US, Russia ratchet up their rhetoric over downing of drone >>
* Extreme travel: It just got harder to see every place in the world >>

* ChatGPT just released a new AI that can build websites, among other things >>
* Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Announces Key Milestone in Innovation Journey with OpenAI >>
* PwC partners with Harvey to build AI tools to assist its lawyers >>
* For Wells Fargo, solving for AI at scale is an iterative process >>
* How the quest for AI at scale is gaining momentum in the enterprise >>
* Forget the hybrid cloud; it’s time for the confidential cloud >>
* The world needs your ideas! Demand for tech talent remains strong in mainstream businesses >>

* Open Piano: an open source piano engine based on physical modeling >>
* Generative AI is overrated, long live old-school AI! >>

* Silicon Valley Bank Rescue Just Changed Capitalism >>
* For markets Silicon Valley Bank’s demise signals a painful new phase >>
* 50 Tech Leaders Circulated A Private Memo In Washington Calling For Action On SVB >>
* Silicon Valley Bank Is For Sale >>
* Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Produces An Early Winner: Digital Banks >>
* Who is Tim Mayopoulos, the New CEO of Silicon Valley Bank? >>
* Is capitalism actually broken? >>
* Silicon Valley Bank helped finance China’s innovation economy. What happens next? >>
* Indian banking saw a 40% increase in wilful defaults in two years >>
* India is teaching the Taliban how to run an economy >>
* 100% inflation in Argentina opens the door for a presidential upset >>

* China decoupling spreads to software development >>
* Taiwan to buy bullet trains from Hitachi-Toshiba duo in $930m deal >>
* Alliance between Australia, Britain and America is seriously ambitious >>

* How I accidentally changed the way movies get made >>
* The 1-minute secret to forming a new habit >>
* How to find your purpose and create a positive impact | Alina Bassi | TEDx >>
* Is Waste Really a Waste? | Dr. Ruby Makhija | TEDx >>
* Introverts are the New Superheroes: Harnessing Power of Quiet Strength | Nimmani Santhosh | TEDx >>
* The beauty of bad ideas | Caitlin Rogers | TEDx >>
* Rebranding Pollyanna: Living in Hope | Heather Gulde | TEDx >>

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