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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 March 2023

* OpenAI Plans to Up the Ante in Tech’s A.I. Race >>
* Bing, Bard, and ChatGPT: AI chatbots are rewriting the internet >>
* How AI could write our laws >>

* GPT-4 >>
* OpenAI releases GPT-4, a multimodal AI that it claims is state-of-the-art >>
* OpenAI announces GPT-4 — the next generation of its AI language model >>
* GPT-4 Developer Livestream >>
* OpenAI resources GPT-4 >>
* GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses. >>

* Watch Google Demo Generative AI Tech for Workspace Apps >>
* The next generation of AI for developers and Google Workspace >>
* Google is shoving generative AI into Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meet, Chat and Slides >>
* Gmail will write your emails for you. Google announces generative AI tools across Workspace >>
* Google lets testers access ChatGPT-style generative AI >>

* US banking shares rebound after SVB collapse >>
* Russian jet collides with US drone over Black Sea >>
* Human Level Artificial General Intelligence for All Tasks by 2026 >>

* Google is working on AI for ultrasound diagnosis and cancer therapy >>
* JWST Sees So Many Galaxies, and It’s Just Getting Started >>
* Neuromarketing and the Battle for Your Brain >>
* Humans have improved at Go since AIs became best in the world >>

* Human brain cells used as living AIs to solve mathematical equations >>
* Microsoft Scraps Entire Ethical AI Team Amid AI Boom >>

* What’s Left Before AGI? PaLM-E, ‘GPT 4’ and Multi-Modality >>
* Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom: A.I. Funding Frenzy Escalates >>
* Why Are We Letting the AI Crisis Just Happen? >>
* ChatGPT Changed Everything. Now Its Follow-Up Is Here. >>
* Anthropic launches Claude, a chatbot to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT >>

* Near Term Future of Generative AI >>
* The Impact of AI on Productivity >>

* What is Left Before AGI ? >>
* AI Doesn’t Have to Be This Way >>
* How Network Effects Make AI Smarter >>
* Can AI and Machine Learning Help Park Rangers Prevent Poaching? >>

* Meta shares jump after Zuckerberg announces more layoffs >>
* Meta Announces 10,000 Additional Layoffs and Eliminates 5,000 Job Postings >>
* Meta lay-offs: Facebook owner to cut 10,000 staff >>
* Meta cuts NFT support in yet another blow to Zuckerberg’s metaverse dream >>

* These configurable robots can be mixed and matched for tasks in space >>
* Amazon’s satellite internet antennas can double as picnic tables for dolls >>
* Elon Musk VS China: Battle over the orbit >>

* Delivering Private Wireless Experiences >>
* Sam Harris: Trump, Pandemic, Twitter, Elon, Bret, IDW, Kanye, AI & UFOs | Lex Fridman Podcast #365 >>
* Lockheed Martin hints at existence of aircraft faster than SR-71 Blackbird >>

* India Plans New Security Testing For Smartphones, Crackdown on Pre-Installed Apps >>
* The tech behind ChatGPT could power your next car’s AI driving assistant >>

* You Can Now Run a GPT-3 Level AI Model On Your Laptop, Phone, and Raspberry Pi >>
* MWC23: GSMA Introduces New Era of Earth Computing >>
* WAI: What’s SpaceX’s final decision regarding future Starship launch infrastructure? >>

* Researchers Say They’ve Come Up With a Blueprint for Creating a Wormhole in a Lab >>
* Satellite plans move ahead for Kymeta and OneWeb — and for SpaceX and T-Mobile >>
* Life on a Reforested Planet: How the World Will Look if We Plant a Trillion Trees >>

* Can China Catch Up With U.S. Nuclear Submarine Tech? | U.S. vs. China | WSJ >>
* The Fed’s 2% Inflation Target, Explained | WSJ >>
* Confused About the Job Market? Join the Club. Here’s Some Help >>

* Startups Look to Change After Silicon Valley Bank Collapse >>
* Silicon Valley Bank collapse shakes up the tech ecosystem >>
* US bank failures: What is being done to avoid another 2008 financial crisis? | DW News >>
* Banking Chiefs Are Aggressively Buying Their Own Stocks In The Wake Of Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse >>
* Silicon Valley Bank collapse ripples across space industry >>
* GOP Aims for Tea Party-Style Outrage Over ‘Woke Bailouts’ of Banks >>
* Bad News For Banking: Why More Trouble Is Coming Following SVB And Signature Bank Collapse >>
* SVB collapse was driven by ‘the first Twitter-fueled bank run’ >>
* First Republic bounces back as SVB panic lessens >>
* ‘Old-School’ Signature Bank Collapsed After Its Big Crypto Leap >>
* U.S. Is Said to Open Investigation Into Silicon Valley Bank Collapse >>
* A 2018 banking law paved the way for Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse >>

* Minecraft 1.19.4 update to release TODAY; Know what’s new and how to download >>
* BEWARE! AI-generated YouTube videos are being used by hackers to steal information | HT Tech >>
* WhatsApp to replace phone numbers with usernames: Report >>

* Medical science students were told to use ChatGPT. This is what it wrote >>
* Study explores the potential and shortcomings of ChatGPT in SPC, education and research >>
* What really went wrong at Silicon Valley Bank >>

* Joint patents with China pose pitfalls in U.S.-led decoupling >>
* China’s regulatory restructuring will show value in crisis >>
* Microsoft spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a ChatGPT supercomputer >>

* Advanced actor targets Fortinet FortiOS in attacks on govt entities >>
* Dark Pink APT targets Govt entities in South Asia >>
* The risk of pasting confidential company data into ChatGPT >>

* Why Spotify wants to look like TikTok, with co-president Gustav Söderström >>
* The State of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) 2023 >>
* Tibco scales data analytics and visualization with an eye on AI >>

* How to Avoid the Dreaded Norovirus >>
* Michelle Yeoh’s long journey to Academy Awards triumph >>
* From Crappy Autocomplete to ChatGPT: The Evolution of Language Models >>

* Aucklanders to face 9.5 percent price increase on their water bills >>
* Are Self-Flying Planes the Future of Air Travel? An Aviation Expert Weighs In. >>
* Don’t Let the ChatGPT Boom Go to Waste >>
* Git 2.40 released with improvements to git jump tool and more >>

* Tensions rise as China seeks to control Asian cables: reports >>
* Get ready for the summer of spectrum squabbling >>
* Why Authenticity is the Truest Form of Rebellion | Shelley Paxton | TEDx >>
* The Broken Promise of Education | Michael Trezza | TEDx >>

* OpenAI’s new GPT-4 can understand both text and image inputs >>
* OpenAI releases GPT-4, artificial intelligence that can ‘see’ >>
* Just got access to GPT-4 (ChatGPT Plus) >>
* GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses. >>
* 10 Ways GPT-4 Is Impressive but Still Flawed >>
* Bing AI bot has been secretly running GPT-4 >>

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