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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 March 2023

* SpaceX is getting ready to test its Starlink satellite-to-cell phone service >>
* How Will Generative AI Disrupt Video Platforms? >>
* GPT-4 upgrade will let you turn text into video, Microsoft exec ahead of release >>
* Starbase Update: Booster 7 Leaves OLM, Booster 9 Gets Engines, & New Ship Lifting Rig for Starship >>

* Oscars 2023: Everything Everywhere All At Once cleans up with seven awards >>
* Netflix beats streaming rivals with six Oscars >>
* Oscars would like to pretend that everything, everywhere is fine >>
* How to Find Meaning In a Meaningless Universe | Imari Tuakli | TEDx >>

— Today in Banking —

* Fear, panic and relief on the Silicon Valley Bank rollercoaster >>
* US regulators will protect all deposits at Silicon Valley Bank >>
* Biden Says Bank Managers Will Be Fired After SVB And Signature Bank Collapse >>
* Biden Says Saving Silicon Valley Bank Helped Economy Breathe Easier—Not All Experts Agree >>
* Bank stocks continuing to plunge, Biden declaring investors won’t be protected >>
* Bank Stocks Decline Despite Emergency Measures >>

* Biden Offers Assurances as Shares of Midsize Banks Spiral >>
* Signature Bank is closed by regulators, the third US bank failure in a week >>
* First Republic Bank shares plunge, prompting trading halt as startups process SVB crash >>
* First Horizon Plunges 38% Below TD Bid in Regional Bank Nightmare >>
* Rescue of SVB, Signature Bank depositors creates incentive for more bank runs, professor >>

* Silicon Valley Will Still Need A Bank >>
* Ripple effects from Silicon Valley Bank fiasco on startups and investors >>
* Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is hitting financial hubs around the globe >>

* Can SVB crisis be solved in the longer run? >>
* SVB rapid implosion shows how bank runs can go at warp speed in the digital age. >>
* SVB UK arm bought by HSBC for 1 British pound in rescue deal >>
* Fallout from SVB collapse spreads to an Indian tech company. >>

* As SVB dust begins to settle, what’s ahead for startups, VCs and the banking industry? >>
* Silicon Valley Bank collapse turns hopes for a ‘good harvest’ from combination of US capital and China tech into a nightmare >>
* Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, Explained | WSJ >>


* Bitcoin rallies over 18% in 24-hour span in wake of SVB crisis >>
* Hackers steal around $200 million from crypto lender Euler Finance >>
* The future of the global economy lies in Asian demand >>

* Case for Regulating Platform Design >>
* An A.I. Start-Up Boomed, but Now It Faces a Slowing Economy and New Rules >>
* ChatGPT’s Hallucinations Could Keep It from Succeeding >>

* Custom AI chatbots are quietly becoming the next big thing in fandom >>
* The risk of pasting confidential company data into ChatGPT >>
* AI, what’s for dinner? 5 cool things to ask ChatGPT, from business names to recipes >>
* Microsoft now lets you change Bing’s chatbot personality to be more entertaining >>

* Rivian’s electric delivery vans could soon be available to companies other than Amazon >>
* Ransomware Attacks Have Entered a ‘Heinous’ New Phase >>
* Why Would ‘OpenAI’ Send ChatGPT Takedown Notices to Google? >>

* Techie wiped a server, nobody noticed, so a customer kept paying for six months >>
* Helium’s IoT-Crypto Network Is Barely Hanging On in Lebanon >>

* Limits of Computing: Why Even in the Age of AI, Some Problems Are Just Too Difficult >>
* You Can Now Calculate Your Grocery List’s Carbon Footprint >>
* Samsung may begin producing 3rd Gen 4nm chips soon >>

* Embracing AI: The Future of Content Creation | Ernesto Anaya | TEDx >>
* Capturing Humanity in a Single Frame | Ganesh Vanare | TEDx >>
* Your one word tells people who you are, not what you do | Rich Keller | TEDx >>

* Russia looking into possibility of manufacturing defect on leaky spacecraft >>
* Rishi Sunak: China represents challenge to world order >>
* TikTok users shrug at China fears: ‘It’s hard to care’ >>

* Tim Cook Bets on Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset To Secure His Legacy >>
* iPhone 15 leak explains how it is different from iPhone 14 | Mobile News >>

* Leukaemia drug shows promise at treating breast cancer once it spreads >>
* China’s Long March 2C launches new ‘remote sensing’ satellite, rocket sheds tiles >>

* A system that allows robots to cut objects made of multiple materials >>
* US Air Force shares new images of B-21 Raider nuclear stealth bomber >>
* Would aliens invade us after the first contact? >>

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