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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 March 2023

* Silicon Valley Bank Will Not Be Bailed Out: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen >>
* Digital Age Ushers in a Speedier, More Viral Breed of Bank Run >>

* Shell reports highest profits in 115 years >>
* Saudi oil giant Aramco has announced record profit of $161.1bn >>
* Amazon wants you to help train robots by playing a video game >>

* Two Minute Papers: NVIDIA’s New AI: Better AI Videos Are Here! >>
* NASASpaceflight: New SpaceX Falcon 9 Lifted at McGregor for Testing >>
* Relativity Space’s 3D-printed rocket fails to lift off during second launch attempt >>

* Breaking Analysis: Databricks faces critical strategic decisions…here’s why >>
* Making Deepfakes Gets Cheaper and Easier Thanks to A.I. >>
* New Scientist: Watch Google’s AI robot autonomously complete an array of physical tasks >>

* Lunar oxygen pipeline would require 175x less energy than moon rovers >>
* Tesla will use a magnetic engine to stop using rare earth elements >>
* Protein that triggers cancer metastasis could be new treatment target >>

* Russia’s Bite No Longer Matches its Bark in Ukraine >>
* Police: Russia plans to organize riots to destabilize Moldova >>
* Ukraine Readies Counteroffensive as Russia Inches Forward in Bakhmut >>
* Top Gun Maverick deserves Best Picture >>

* China may have deployed hypersonic weapon against US, says intel official >>
* Russia Is Powering Up a Giant Laser to Test Its Nukes >>
* Sunday assorted links >>

* Dilbert: App Error >>
* AI job application tool is on sale for 55% off >>
* New research explains why a bad first impression cost Google $100 billion—or more >>

* How looking up can change your life | Dustin Gibson | TEDx >>
* Mind Of a Learner | Khushal Melvani | TEDx >>
* Why do boys worship misogynist trolls? | Ben Hurst & Jamie Windust | TEDx >>

* SodaStream is a bad deal, and everyone should know it >>
* Cerebral admits to sharing patient data with Meta, TikTok, and Google >>
* Rocket Lab delays 2nd launch from US soil due to weather (update) >>

* Web of lies: Web3 isn’t the security fix-all you think it is >>
* AI’s Next Big Takeover: Audiobooks >>
* Bacteria hijack a meningeal neuroimmune axis to facilitate brain invasion >>

* In AI, is bigger always better? >>
* Why ChatGPT and AI are taking over the cold call, according to Salesforce leader >>
* Med-PaLM >>
* ChatGPT buzz and why it will be over sooner than you think >>

* Warning! ChatGPT can fabricate convincing medical data >>
* What Really Controls Our Global Economy >>

SVB Banking Crisis ……
* We’re only beginning to see the impact of Silicon Valley Bank’s implosion >>
* The tech industry moved fast and broke its most prestigious bank >>
* Biden on brink of banking crisis >>
* Janet Yellen confirms help for SVB depositors but dismisses bailout >>

* Silicon Valley Bank Used Former McCarthy Staffers to Weaken Regulations, Lobby FDIC >>
* 10 Banks that may face trouble in the wake of SVB Finanical Debacle >>

* Silicon Valley Bank workers received bonuses just hours before the bank collapsed, CNBC reported. >>
* Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker cashed out $2 million just before the collapse >>

* A federal bailout isn’t in the cards for Silicon Valley Bank. >>
* Silicon Valley Bank fallout continues after FDIC takes over >>
* SVB’s collapse is what happens when an ‘everything bubble’ finally bursts >>
* Silicon Valley Bank is the second-largest US bank failure in history >>
* Venture capitalists are blaming each other for triggering the disastrous collapse of Silicon Valley Bank >>

* Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is an ‘absolute meltdown’ of unparalleled scale for many in tech >>
* Cathie Wood: if this happens next, then we will have a SEVERE recession >>

* Israel to weigh action after Silicon Valley Bank collapse >>
* Sudden US bank collapse spooks Australian sharemarket >>
* UK scrambles to help tech firms after Silicon Valley Bank collapse >>
* SVB’s debacle is causing panic in China’s startup industry >>
* Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank rocks China’s tech start-ups, venture capital industry >>
* Silicon Valley Bank collapse expected to hit New Zealand sharemarket >>
* Silicon Valley Bank’s abrupt collapse sends shockwaves through Middle East >>
* Israeli Startups In Trouble After Bank Collapse >>

* Dow Falls Nearly 350 Points After Silicon Valley Bank Collapse >>
* Dow suffers worst week since June as U.S. stocks end sharply lower after employment report, banking sector fears >>
* Fed Is To Blame For The Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank | Chris Whalen >>

* US banks sitting on unrealized losses of $620 billion >>
* Reports of Problems at First Republic Bank But Could Shorts >>
* Elon Teasing SVB Purchase >>

* Etsy warns of merchant payment processing delay due to Silicon Valley Bank collapse >>
* Rocket Lab has US$38 million in collapsed US bank >>
* OpenAI CEO Sam Altman sent startup six-figure loan to make payroll after Silicon Valley Bank collapse >>

* Regulators Race to Contain Silicon Valley Bank Fallout >>
* USDC stablecoin breaks dollar peg following Silicon Valley Bank collapse >>
* Head of America’s SEC: Crypto Firms Should Comply With US Regulations (thehill.com) >>

* Nip the bank in the bud’: Calls to rescue collapsed Silicon Valley Bank galore >>
* How founders are reacting to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse >>
* Roku says it could lose 25 percent of its cash after Silicon Valley Bank fails >>
* ‘Crypto winter’ advances as Silvergate crypto bank collapses >>
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