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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 March 2023

* All-In Podcast: E119: Silicon Valley Bank implodes: startup extinction event, contagion risk, culpability, and more >>
* Iran and Saudi Arabia signal the start of a new era, with China front and center >>
* Chinese-Brokered Deal Upends Mideast Diplomacy and Challenges U.S. >>

* Marcus House: Why did SpaceX just remove their booster? Rocket failure for JAXA H3, Terran 1 scrub, Crew 5 Return >>
* Day2: 3D Printed Rocket Launch: 2 Attempts-2 Scrubs >>

* Next Week – Get Ready for GPT 4: The Future of AI! >>
* GPT 4 Update Will Bring These Revolutionary Changes To CHATGPT >>
* ControlMeme – AI genrated Memes – >>

* 10 Charts That Capture How the World Is Changing >>
* Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are moving payments globally >>
* What Are Crypto AI Coins and How Do They Work? >>

* Notebook Dump: Gigi Sohn exits FCC race, Verizon’s leadership shakedown >>
* Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dish have all been targets of hacks this year >>
* For once, it wasn’t T-Mobile. >>

* Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Sets Off Blame Game in Tech Industry >>
* theCUBE | SVB Shut Down by Regulators – What does this mean for Silicon Valley >>
* Tech startup leaders concerned about making payroll following Silicon Valley Bank closure >>
* How does a bank collapse in 48 hours? A timeline of the SVB fall >>
* Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is an ‘absolute meltdown’ of unparalleled scale for many in tech >>
* Silicon Valley Bank collapse is impacting many Indian startups >>
* SVB’s debacle is causing panic in China’s startup industry >>
* Silicon Valley Bank’s China venture says operations ‘sound’ >>
* Roku, Roblox and others disclose their exposure to SVB in SEC filings >>
* Roku: 26% of cash stuck at failed Silicon Valley Bank >>
* How founders are reacting to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse >>
* Trump Era Roll Back of Bank Regulations Resurfaces Amid SVB Collapse >>
* 9 questions about Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, answered >>
* SVB is already the talk of SXSW >>
* What does the collapse of SVB mean for venture debt? >>
* What does Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse mean for the financial system? >>

* Semiautomated social network is coming >>
* Facebook parent to begin laying off another 11K employees in multiple waves next week >>
* Alleged HDFC Bank subsidiary data breach: The inside story >>
* Global cybersecurity firm Acronis hacked, company says no data exposed >>

* Energy Breakthrough Opens Up Possibility for Better Battery Power >>
* Melting Ice & Undersea Cables: How the Arctic Is Getting Fast Internet >>
* As Millions of Solar Panels Age Out, Recyclers Hope to Cash In >>

* Can you believe in God and evolution? | Briana Pobiner | TEDx >>
* Meituan’s Billionaire Co-Founder Joins China’s AI Chatbot Rush >>
* GM explores using ChatGPT in vehicles >>

* The future of TV is up in the air >>
* Repairs in the shadow: US Navy fields cold spray tech to benefit warfighters >>
* Scientists explore mosquitoes’ radar that tells them who to bite >>

* Microsoft confirms it won’t be on the E3 2023 show floor >>
* It’s a great time to start playing Dead Cells >>
* Hoarding Gmail-accounts in a post-CAPTCHA world? >>

* Scientists Have Figured Out How Honeybees Learn Their Waggle Dance Moves >>
* It Turns Out Money Does Buy Happiness, At Least Up to $500,000 >>

* Has Putin’s assault on Ukraine’s power grid failed? >>
* ‘Not happy’: Woman returns $175k Mercedez-Benz to mechanic 20 times >>
* Meet the AI expert who says we should stop using AI so much >>

* The Push to Test Drugs for Fentanyl >>
* AI-powered robots cut out weeds while leaving crops untouched >>
* AI may be fueling ageism and inequality in aged care homes, finds study >>
* Will artificial intelligence take over healthcare jobs? >>

* Thanks to generative AI, catching fraud science is going to be this much harder >>
* Welcome to Muskville: Where the workers never leave >>
* False Starts: The Story Of Vehicle-To-Grid Power >>

* Patterns.app – Build mission-critical integrations, automations, and workflows with GPT from building blocks. Deploy on no hassle infrastructure. >>
* GPT-4 launch: All we know so far about next-gen launguage model >>
* Why is GPT-4 Always a Rumour? >>
* ChatGPT list of lists: A collection of 3000+ prompts, examples, use-cases >>

* Biden’s plan to tax the rich, explained >>
* A more equitable covid vaccine rollout could have saved a life every 24 seconds in 2021 >>
* Integrated circuit industry sees rapid growth in east China’s Nanjing >>

* What Chinese modernization would mean for the world? >>
* More than 200 people have been treated with experimental CRISPR therapies >>
* Low code spending to increase in 2023 >>
* PlugX malware delivered by exploiting flaws in Chinese programs >>

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