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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 March 2023

* AI race: GPT-4 coming next week >>
* GPT 4 Released Next Week and Will Include Video Generation >>

* Silicon Valley Bank Fails After Run on Deposits >>
* Silicon Valley Bank’s Stock Plummets 60% after $2.2 Billion Stock Sale | SiliconANGLE >>
* Silicon Valley Bank shut down by regulators in biggest bank failure since global financial crisis >>
* Silicon Valley Bank is a particularly scary failure. Here’s why. >>
* Wall Street’s 4 top banks just had $55 billion wiped off their market value in a single day >>
* Bank Failure Jolts Markets, Sending Stocks Down Sharply >>
* Silicon Valley Bank >>

* Are Failing Banks About to Destroy the Economy? >>
* Crypto crash: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin prices plummet after Silvergate Bank collapse >>
* Dow Falls Almost 550 Points on Strong Job-Market Data >>
* Economy Is Too Hot for the Fed >>
* After US added 300,000 jobs in February, Fed will likely raise rates faster >>
* All This Economic Good News is Just Confusing >>

* Latest version of Xenomorph Android malware targets 400 banks >>
* AT&T is notifying millions of customers of data breach after a third-party vendor hack >>
* BMW exposes data of clients in Italy >>
* Akamai mitigated a record-breaking DDoS attack that peaked 900Gbps >>

* Investing in Believer >>
* UAE is readying for an influx of IPOs >>
* China is struggling with too little inflation >>

* Chinese President Xi Jinping seals unprecedented third term >>
* Xi Seals His Political Supremacy, Focusing on Economy and U.S. Rivalry >>
* Chinese city Xi’an draws backlash with flu lockdown proposal >>
* How to avoid war over Taiwan >>

* Meet ALAN, a robot that requires minimal human supervision >>
* Asteroid could hit Earth on Valentine’s Day in 2046 >>
* US Navy Testing an Army of Weird Robots in Real Life >>

* Meta to unveil new text-based social network to take on Twitter >>
* Meta is building a decentralized Twitter competitor >>
* Tel Aviv startup rolls out new advanced AI language model to rival OpenAI >>
* Get Ready to Meet the ChatGPT Clones >>

* Vergecast: Wipers that don’t wipe, Spotify turns into TikTok, and a lot of thoughts about cameras >>
* Morning After: Microsoft’s Bing has over 100 million daily active users >>
* Video Friday: Agilicious >>

* Rebuilding your career and finding your purpose | Karunn Kandoi | TEDx >>
* Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back | Michelle Borisenko | TEDx >>
* Our food stories matter: here’s why | Julia Franchi Scarselli | TEDx >>
* Bringing dinosaurs back to life – with fossil footprints | Martin Lockley | TEDx >>

* T-Mobile vets lead startup selling AI-powered tech that reminds customers to pay bills >>
* Oracle’s stock heads south on revenue shortfall >>

* AI, can I deduct that?’ The top five overlooked tax deductions and how AI can help you find >>
* Why AI Won’t Cause Unemployment >>
* Explained | Will artificial intelligence lead to job displacements? >>

* ChatGPT is the new ‘Intel Inside’ >>
* Integrate ChatGPT with 1,000 other apps >>
* Ranch-flavored ice cream is coming >>
Podcast: What’s up with Elon Musk’s Neuralink? >>

* How a social network falls apart >>
* Scientists create the most complex map yet of an insect brain’s ‘wiring’ >>
* Google Dusts Off the Failed Google+ Playbook To Fight ChatGPT >>

* WhatsApp tells the UK it would rather be blocked than adhere to the Online Safety Bill >>
* Turns Out, Our Dreams May Actually Hold a Deeper Meaning >>
* New Version of Prometei Botnet Infects Over 10,000 Systems Worldwide >>

* Russia tests Ukraine’s defenses with a rarely-used missile >>
* Russia can’t make new missiles fast enough to keep up its attacks, so massive strikes are becoming rarer, UK intel says >>
* Putin Congratulates China’s Xi on Third Term, Hails ‘Strengthening’ Ties >>

* Character creator AI puts Barack Obama – or anyone – in a video game >>
* Look out, Starship! China is Building a Massive Reusable Rocket! >>
* NASA Restores a Spacecraft by Turning it Off and Then On Again >>

* Giving the middle finger is a ‘God-given right’, Canadian judge rules >>
* Tentacular Is the Only Game That Does VR Right >>
* A Representative Goes to A.I. School, and How to Ban TikTok >>

* Final trailer for ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ looks more like a game than ever >>
* Boom! Japanese astronomer catches meteorite smashing into the moon (video) >>
* Yu Yuan on Building A Persistent Virtual World >>

* Elon Musk reportedly wants to be his employees’ landlord >>
* Yes, There’s a ‘Right’ Way to Brag at Work. Here’s How. >>

* How to Watch the 2023 Oscar Best Picture Nominees >>
* How to Start an AI Panic >>

* History-Making Multiverse of Everything Everywhere All at Once >>
* Newly Discovered Asteroid Has a ‘1 In 560 Chance’ of Hitting Earth In 2046 >>
* Squid fishing is booming in unregulated parts of the ocean >>

* Character creator AI puts Barack Obama – or anyone – in a video game >>
* An AI Learned to Play Atari 6,000 Times Faster by Reading the Instructions >>
* Has Google’s Reluctance in AI Given Microsoft an Edge? | Tech News Briefing | WSJ >>

* The first wiring map of an insect’s brain hints at incredible complexity >>
* Geopolitical risk: Navigating a world in flux >>
* On the cusp of a new era: Global flows, energy, and the supply cycle >>

* Sally Fuller, BT Group | MWC Barcelona 2023 >>
* Zeely mobile AI-powered web store builder at MWC 2023 #mwc23 >>
* School attendance has plummeted. And it’s not just because of COVID >>

* The Ambiguous Word That Can Legally Bulldoze Neighborhoods | WSJ >>
* TikTok is now officially banned on Belgian government work phones >>
* House votes to declassify info about origins of COVID-19 >>
* ‘Ted Lasso’ returns with a stronger, more focused third season >>

* Serverless Maps – Now Open Source >>
* Do Not Publish – Derek Manky | Cube Conversation >>
* Argentina swaps US$21.7 billion of debt, easing default fear >>

* Pope Francis opens up on mortality, criticises ‘gender ideology’ in new interview >>
* TikTok’s U.S. woes grow as efforts to lobby Washington falter >>

* Britain has endured a decade of early deaths. Why? >>
* Inspired by butterflies, researcher invents new paint that has no pigments >>
* Show HN: Run ChatGPT and DALL-E in Emacs org-mode >>

* How telcos can build the future they want with open source >>
* Dell to jump into vRAN market this year >>
* Operators hold the course with open RAN >>

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