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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 March 2023

* Everyday Astronaut: How To Start A Rocket Engine >>
* Microsoft Says Bing Has Crossed 100 Million Daily Active Users >>
* Satisfaction of Viral Quitting >>

* Ukraine war: Russia fires hypersonic missiles in new barrage >>
* US airports now have software to prevent aircraft from landing on taxiways by mistake >>
* AI moving fast. Over 100+ new products this week with the ChatGPT API release. >>

* AI-first infrastructure: Key to faster time to market >>
* Gen Z dating app Snack lets your AI-trained avatar go on dates so you don’t have to >>
* Tastewise Launches AI Solution TasteGPT >>

* WhatsApp would not remove end-to-end encryption for UK law, says chief >>
* WhatsApp may leave UK due to encryption battle >>
* New tech could offer air-powered energy source >>

* Two Minute Papers: What Did Einstein Really Look Like? New AI Takes A Guess! >>
* China’s Ambitions, Russia’s Nukes and TikTok: Spy Chiefs Talk Biggest U.S. Security Threats >>

* Biden’s $6.8 Trillion Budget Pitch Sets Up a Showdown >>
* How U.S. Spent $1.4 Trillion in Debt Last Year | WSJ >>
* Biden’s budget goes all in on protecting Medicare. Just how much danger is it in? >>
* NASA gets $27.2 billion in White House’s 2024 budget request >>

* Cignal AI’s Scott Wilkinson: 100ZR pluggable at the network’s edge >>
* How AI is taking center stage at SK Telecom >>
* Asian telcos struggle to find room for women leaders >>

* Researchers develop blood test for anxiety >>
* Why Sydney school sending parents back to classroom >>

* On the Need to Touch Grass: What happens when an entire generation loses itself in a world of abstractions? >>
* Scammers using voice-cloning A.I to sound like victims’ relatives in desperate need of financial help. It’s working >>
* AI trained on YouTube and podcasts speaks with ums and ahs >>

* Chinese AI Groups Use Cloud Services To Evade US Chip Export Controls >>
* London really most congested city in world: Drivers take 42.5 minutes to travel just 6.2 MILES >>
* More than 171 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean >>

* Discord starts testing ChatGPT-powered Clyde chatbot and other AI features >>
* Spotify’s new design is part TikTok, part Instagram, and part YouTube >>
* Future of AR Glasses Is AI-Enabled >>

* 3D printers making one meter high objects >>
* Meta’s newest AI fairness benchmark measures even more granular bias markers >>
* Meta tests reuniting Facebook and Messenger apps amid competition with TikTok >>

* Will AI steal our jobs, or just rob us of our self-esteem at work? >>
* Americans Are Having More Babies. Is Remote Work the Cause? >>
* Dilbert: Why Not Work Remotely >>

* Understanding Frontotemporal Dementia, the Leading Cause of Dementia in People under Age 60 >>
* AI21 Labs debuts Jurassic-2, an advanced large language model for text-based generative AI >>
* Google’s PaLM-E is a generalist robot brain that takes commands >>
* VALL-E: Microsoft’s AI can translate your voice into foreign languages >>

* Rapid genome sequencing helps save hundreds of critically ill babies >>
* Epic lets developers self-publish on the Games Store >>
* ChatGPT Competitor Anthropic Has Raised Over $1 Billion >>

* Google: How we created this year’s I/O save the date puzzle >>
* Tropical cyclone Freddy may be longest on record after lasting 32 days >>
* Another atmospheric river slams weather-weary California with flooding rains >>

* US Chamber of Commerce Calls for AI Regulation >>
* Apple will launch its standalone classical music app on March 28th >>
* How does world’s first vaccine for honeybees work? “It’s like magic” >>
* AI turns people’s thoughts into images with 80% accuracy >>

* Ovarian Cancer Cells Shield Neighbors From Chemotherapy >>
* HALF of people can’t tell difference between words written by ChatGPT or humans >>
* First-principles on AI scaling >>

* Here’s What It Would Take To Slow or Stop AI >>
* Artificial intelligence: World at ‘tipping point’, says Sir Peter Gluckman >>
* Harry’s garage: Why hydrogen, not electric, is JCB’s choice for hitting zero emissions. Lord Bamford explains why >>

* An AI ‘Sexbot’ Fed My Hidden Desires—and Then Refused to Play >>
* The truth about eggs: What’s really going on with shortages and soaring prices >>
* The unstoppable hypersonic missiles >>

* What you need to know about Russia’s hypersonic missiles >>
* Ukraine’s top nuclear plant lost power for the sixth time. Is disaster imminent? >>
* Behind Ukraine peace proposal, China foresees end to war in summer >>
* Anti-narcotics forces deployed in Rosario as homicide numbers climb >>

* With the help of OpenAI, Discord is finally adding conversation summaries >>
* Tech purge: Xero slices staff as profits trump growth mantra >>
* Good and Bad of ChatGPT in Schools >>

* Sometimes it just takes a minute to make someone’s day better >>
* ChatGPT is now available in Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service >>

* Today’s startups should terrify you >>
* India proposes to replace its two-decades-old IT law >>
* 21 Ready-to-Copy ChatGPT Prompts You Didn’t Know About >>

* How Google Became Cautious of AI and Gave Microsoft an Opening >>
* Did Google’s Caution Give Microsoft a Lead in AI? >>
* Google’s Biggest Products May All Get AI Features Soon >>

* Raising the bar for software security: GitHub 2FA begins March 13 >>
* AI bots that add features to web apps >>
* Grammarly enlists the power of generative AI to write and edit text >>

* Why Vanderpump Rules Is Suddenly Everywhere >>
* NZ has a history of prominent public servants who were also outspoken public intellectuals – what’s changed? >>
* AI Looks Like a Bubble >>

* AWS’ low code serverless app builder enables prototyping >>
* The hottest party in generative AI is productivity apps >>
* In War With China, U.S. Risks Being ‘Beaten Over The Head’ With Its Own Explosives Technology >>

* 1FINITY Ultra Optical System delivers 1.2 Tbps waves >>
* Forward Error Correction at 800G >>
* DMG MORI Portal series – the pinnacle of mechanical engineering >>

* RTLS: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches OneWeb Flight 17 >>
* Brain Matters #16 – Landscapes of the Human Mind >>
* Twitter’s Layoffs: How Musk’s Company Is Operating With Limited Staff | Tech News Briefing | WSJ >>

* Jobless Claims Rose by 10% Last Week >>
* Ready Doesn’t Require All the Answers | Lauren Beane | TEDx >>
* Your Personal Growth Power Tool | Dana Greig | TEDx >>
* The Crowd | Jingxian Mo | TEDx >>
* Rise Above Your Best | Patrick Veroneau | TEDx >>
* Unicorn Dilemma: Increasing the Number of Women in STEM | Meghan Goldfarb | TEDx >>
* Work Wives Make for Better Lives | Amy Johnston | TEDx >>
* From Wages to Wealth: The Future of the Female Workforce | Bri Seeley | TEDx >>

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