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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 January 2023

* Doomsday Clock sits just 90 seconds before midnight closest to annihilation in 76 years >>
* Startup Is Using AI to Unearth New Smells >>
* New Record for communicating via a brain implant: 62 words per minute >>

* NVIDIA new General AI Robot Tech Beats Google By 2.9X >>
* FBL87: Egnineering Emotion & AI >>
* Microsoft makes its third multi-billion dollar investment in ChatGPT creator OpenAI >>

* Meet Aiko and Aiden: World’s First AI Interns >>
* TED2022: The case for free, universal basic services >>

* Economy is down, but AI is hot. Where do we go from here? >>
* In Battle Between Microsoft and Google, What Role Could AI Play? >>
* Inflation is eating up the demand for low-value smartphones in India >>

* Nanoscale 3D Printing Is Edging Closer to Reality >>
* Huge space rock size of Sydney Harbour Bridge acts like ‘space cushion’ and is virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE >>

* ChatGPT found to be capable of passing MBA and Medical Licensing Exams >>
* ChatGPT Cheat Sheet >>
* ChatGPT ‘not particularly innovative, says Meta’s chief AI scientist >>

* 2023 Oscar Noms: ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Leads With 11 Oscar Nominations >>
* Avatar and Top Gun lead a rare Oscar year where big movies are Best Picture material >>
* How do you feel about the term “Prompt Engineer?” >>

* Huggingface.co -AI community building the future. >>
* NASA and DARPA will build a nuclear rocket by 2027 >>
* Nuclear Wave Rotor Propulsion Could Get Ten Times Chemical Rocket Speeds >>
* Future of Retail Has WAY More Cameras >>

* 10 Questions With a Cosmologist About Dark Energy and the Expanding Universe >>
* Jeff Bezos wants the world to know he’s a philanthropist >>
* Bill Gates is backing a startup that’s making cow diets more environmentally friendly >>

* Musk’s Boring Company shows off Las Vegas tunnels >>
* Elon Musk’s net worth skyrockets nearly $11 billion in 2 days as defends his ‘funding secured’ tweet >>
* Elon Musk says his SpaceX shares would’ve funded his plan to take Tesla private >>

* King Charles suing Elon Musk’s Twitter over alleged unpaid rent >>
* Fluidic Telescopes Could Breakthrough Cost Limits to 50 Meter Space Telescopes >>
* NASA and MIT Study to Make Orbital Dish the size of 1.5 Football Fields >>

* JWST has seen building blocks of life in a dark, cold cloud in space >>
* Scientists detect a radio signal from 9 billion light years away—but no, it’s not aliens >>
* Ep 58 – Live and Learn: A new MVNO approach with Peter Adderton >>
* Brace for the collision between telecom, public cloud >>

* The software giant warning Ukraine where Russia plans to strike >>
* U.S. May Send Abrams M1 Tanks to Ukraine >>
* Tanks for Ukraine: Polish PM urges German bravery on Leopard 2 decision >>
* Ukraine weapons: What tanks and other equipment are the world giving? >>
* Moscow Times: Fear and Frustration in Moscow as Air Defense Systems Deployed >>
* California Mass Shootings” ‘Tragedy Upon Tragedy’: State Reels From Mounting Massacres in 3 Days >>

* Roaming Mantis uses DNS changers to target users via compromised public routers >>
* iOS 16.3 is out now. Here are the new features coming to your iPhone. >>
* Android 14 set to block certain outdated apps from being installed >>
* Tesla Semi Has Over 2000 Orders >>

* Rocket Lab Launches First Electron mission from Virginia >>
* Battle Over Bike Lanes Needs a Mindset Shift >>
* Saturn IB rocket no longer safe to keep standing at Alabama rest stop >>

* Google’s Pichai tells underlings exec bonuses will be clipped >>
* 7 Ways Managers Can Help Their Team Focus >>
* How to Talk with Your Team About the Elephant in the Room >>
* Convincing Consumers To Buy EVs >>

* To reinvent globalization, companies and countries should think ‘diversifying,’ not ‘decoupling,’ according to McKinsey Global Institute’s research >>
* Markets versus textbooks: Calculating today’s cost of equity >>
* LG’s latest CineBeam ultra short-throw projector is a dream — if you can afford it >>

* Find Next Insane AI Tools BEFORE Everyone Else >>
* How generative AI will help power your presentation in 2023 >>
* Bottlenecks in Healthcare AI Adoption >>
* 9 Best Video Enhancer Tools & Apps >>

* Internal Developer Portal: What It Is and Why You Need One >>
* Inside the battle for the future of Amazon >>
* When hospitals merge, patients suffer >>
* There is no US debt crisis >>

* There is no easy escape from America’s debt-ceiling mess >>
* Can China fix its property crisis? >>
* XtalPi rides on AI to expand into materials science >>
* Pasqal, a startup building neutral atom-based quantum computers, closes on €100 million funding round >>

* GPT is all you need for the backend >>
* GPT-4 Will Be 500x Smaller Than People Think – Here Is Why >>
* Revolutionary: Giant kite helps sail 21,528-ton ship in Atlantic Ocean >>
* Lockheed Martin achieves first flight of its 50kW laser-powered weapon >>

* Earth’s inner core rotation may have paused and possibly reversed >>
* SpaceX completes first stacked Starship fueling test >>
* Amazon launches a $5 monthly subscription for unlimited prescription medications >>

* Gen Z wants to work for big companies that can survive economic downturns, Adobe says >>
* Disney exec made 6 figures a day for the 3 months he worked there >>
* ChatGPT could improve learning in schools, AI expert, PPTA say >>

* Brazil and Argentina are laying the groundwork for a Latin American currency to rival the US dollar >>
* How to Nab a New Job…Without Tipping Off Your Current Boss >>
* What’s Going on With Biden’s Classified Documents? >>

* Classified documents found at Mike Pence’s home >>
* Hippo slap: trying to escape from his confinement – Confronted by a security guard >>
* AMD’s Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO Delivers Peak Power And Performance >>

* Why should we make a star on Earth? | Tony Donné | TEDx >>
* Lessons from 80 job rejections | Erica Burett | TEDx >>
* Power of Adapting to the Digital Transformation Ecosystem | Dr. Tuhin Banik | TEDx >>
* Falling Forward: How to Recover Gracefully When You Biff it in Inclusion | Mason Aid | TEDx >>

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