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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 January 2023

* Vergecast: New M2 Macbook Pros, Netflix CEO steps down, and CNET uses AI >>
* Over the moon! Buzz Aldrin marries ‘long-time love’ on his 93rd birthday >>
* Dennis Whyte: Nuclear Fusion and the Future of Energy | Lex Fridman Podcast #353 >>

* Can SpaceX Starship take pressure of first full load? Falcon Heavy, GPS 3, Starlink, EVA >>
* Can you tell between a year 6 student and AI? Teachers say they can >>
* What an Endless Conversation with Werner Herzog Can Teach Us about AI >>

* China’s hyperloop completes first test runs, pushing ahead in race for ultra-fast land transport >>
* Truth About New-Age ‘Psychedelic’ Water >>
* Elon Musk defends ‘funding secured’ tweets in Tesla shareholder trial >>

* T-Mobile’s $150 Million Security Plan Isn’t Cutting It >>
* T-Mobile data breach shows API security can’t be ignored >>
* Netflix 3.0 Is Coming >>

* China prepares to invade the Moon | CES-2023 | PRO Robots >>
* Their Children Are Their Retirement Plans >>
* Are You Ready to Take Care of Your Boomer Parents? >>

* The Late Show: Jacinda Ardern’s Remarkable Run >>
* Orca Security deploys ChatGPT to secure the cloud with AI >>
* Clips AI automatically creates social media clips from long-form videos >>

* AI is about to fuck up the world >>
* Well, f@#k. The GPT disinformation age is now. >>
* ChatGPT. We are all royally f@#$ed. >>
* Detect AI Written Text in Essays and Emails. >>

* Apart from Leopard tanks, Ukraine is getting lots of weapons >>
* ‘Record’ 1,000 Russian Soldiers Confirmed Killed in Ukraine Since Jan. 1 >>
* Security News This Week: The Biggest US Surveillance Program You Didn’t Know About >>

* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through January 21) >>
* Rocket operators can now apply to launch to orbit from Canadian soil >>
* The Power of Choosing Yourself | Deepti Vempati | TEDx >>

* Federated learning AI model could lead to healthcare breakthrough >>
* Japan was the future but it’s stuck in the past >>
* McDonald’s just launched a brilliant new way for customers to save money >>
* Amazon floored me with the kindest little gesture (yes, I said Amazon) >>

* ChatGPT Tools That Make You a PRODUCTIVITY GOD >>
* ChatGPT Telegram Bot: Fast. No daily limits. Special chat modes >>
* Dilbert: ChatGPT: Alice And A >>

* Johanna Hoffman: Speculative Futures: Design Approaches to Foster Resilience and Co-create the Cities We Need >>
* Apple releases Lisa source code on landmark machine’s 40th birthday >>
* Avatar Movie Valkyrie Antimatter Rocket Design is a Real Design >>

* People are using AI for therapy, whether the tech is ready for it or not >>
* Microsoft Kills Off AltspaceVR Amid Major Layoffs >>
* Apple is now the only major tech giant that hasn’t conducted mass layoffs recently. >>

* How Giant Lasers Could Help Deflect Lightning Strike Danger | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ >>
* Konfig: A Framework and Toolset for Generating SDKs for Your REST API >>
* Inside the Supreme Court Inquiry: Seized Phones, Affidavits and Distrust >>

* Peak Gasoline Heralds Price Shocks for Drivers, Inflation Headaches >>
* Chris Hipkins: Uphill battle looms for New Zealand’s next PM >>
* Who wants to live forever? >>

* 21 Top Rated Machine Learning and Data Science Courses >>
* Make anything, anywhere with just-add-water biotechnology | Prof. Michael C. Jewett | TEDx >>
* Gas stoves became part of the culture war in less than a week. Here’s why >>

* How falling birth rates will hurt the China tech industry >>
* Brands get burned by tech’s annus horribilis >>
* Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson focus on 5G uplink >>

* At Davos, European Distress Over a ‘Made in America’ Law >>
* S-China tensions soar: PLA deploys J-16 bombers in all theatre commands >>
* Revolutionizing Flight! The Amazing Potential of the CFM RISE Engine. >>

* TikTok confirms that its own employees can decide what goes viral >>
* Adapt to Change or Change to Adapt | Syed Azmaan Ali Madni | TEDx >>

* Kubernetes Needs to Take a Lesson from Portainer on Ease-of-Use >>
* Why AI and creativity are not at war >>
* What happens to a large language model (LLM) after it’s trained >>

* 19,500 end-of-life Cisco VPN routers on the Internet that are exposed to the recently disclosed RCE exploit >>
* Roaming Mantis Spreading Mobile Malware That Hijacks Wi-Fi Routers’ DNS Settings >>

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