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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 January 2023

* What Do Your Customers Want in 2023? >>
* America Hit Its Debt Limit, Setting Up Bitter Fiscal Fight >>
* Why the Debt Ceiling Matters and What Happens if Congress Refuses to Raise It >>

* Nuclear-powered datacenter will throw open doors to tenants this year >>
* These scientists used CRISPR to put an alligator gene into catfish >>
* Hackers can make computers destroy their own chips with electricity >>

* Who Owns the Generative AI Platform? >>
* AI Podcast: Sequoia Capital’s Pat Grady and Sonya Huang on Generative AI – Ep. 187 >>
* AI detects if YouTubers are infected with omicron coronavirus variant >>

* Battery That Never Gets Flat >>
* Gupshup launches new auto bot builder powered by GPT3 to build chatbots >>
* I spent 6 hours using ChatGPT, MidJourney, and a couple of other AI tools to make a fan-made Batman animated movie! >>

* Fireside Chat: Reid Hoffman, w/ Elad Gil (AI, Big Tech, & Startups) >>
* ChatGPT Listed as Author on Research Papers. Many Scientists Disapprove. >>

* ChatGPT next Agony Aunt? Woman decides to divorce her husband based on its advice, asks AI bot for help with dating dilemmas >>
* AI, do my homework! How ChatGPT pitted teachers against tech – ET CIO >>
* Therapy by chatbot? Promise and challenges in using AI for mental health >>
* Telcos don’t look very brutally automated >>

* It looks like people are actually moving back to San Francisco (really) >>
* Could Next-Generation Telescopes See That Earth Has Life? >>

* Next Step for AI in Biology Is to Predict How Proteins Behave in the Body >>
* Google: 9 ways we use AI in our products >>
* Google’s big fear is AI running wild. After ChatGPT, it’s too late. >>
* List of technical AI safety exercises and projects >>

* Geopolitical instability raises “catastrophic” cyberattack risks in next two years >>
* BankThink ChatGPT will break financial services, but then it might save it >>
* TechCrunch: Structure, Regulation, and Markets: The Road Ahead for Crypto Startups >>

* Research: Unintended Consequences of Right-to-Repair Laws >>
* USB-C Can Hit 120Gbps With Newly Published USB4 Version 2.0 Spec >>
* How spies, soldiers and the public should use open-source intelligence >>
* Human waste could help tackle a global shortage of fertiliser >>

* Smart office chair recognises what position you are sitting in >>
* Astronomers Reveal the Most Detailed Radio Image Yet of the Milky Way’s Galactic Plane >>
* Profits of Recycling >>

* By Blocking the Light From a Star, Webb Reveals the Dusty Disk Surrounding It >>
* Cheaters Hacked an AI Bot—and Beat the Rocket League Elite >>
* Avoiding liquids before surgery may be an unnecessary precaution >>

* Elon Musk’s Tesla Tweets Trial, Explained in Three Minutes | WSJ >>
* CNET | Why Streaming Services Are Getting So EXPENSIVE! >>
* TikTok Offers New Data Security Plans to Win Over U.S. Regulators | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ >>

* World needs thought leaders. Will you be one of them? | Myret Zaki | TEDx >>
* Power of Your YES Circle | Luise Ammerschuber | TEDx >>
* NASA modifies SpaceX’s in-orbit Crew-5 capsule for emergency use >>
* A new study has discovered the best places to be during a nuclear attack. >>

* WhatsApp now lets you chat with yourself >>
* Check out this clever voice assistant demo hacked together with GPT-3 and Siri >>
* Apple’s retrofuturistic series Hello Tomorrow wants to fly you to the Moon in first trailer >>
* Apple may release an ‘iPad-based’ smart home device to compete with Nest Hub and Echo Show >>

* Someone made a GPT-3 and Siri brainchild – the smartest voice assistant yet? >>
* GPT-3-based chat data prep tool can transform data with plain-English inputs >>
* Gang creates fake website resembling govt portal, dupes hundreds of pensioners >>
* AI Is Exactly as Biased as the Information We Feed It >>

* Era of Happy Tech Workers Is Over >>
* Disney’s troubles show how technology has changed the business of culture >>
* Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Meet Charlie Javice, The Startup Founder Who Fooled JP Morgan >>

* Google Docs Is More Popular Than Microsoft Word. But ChatGPT Could Change That. >>
* Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Big Bet on AI >>
* Microsoft CEO gushes about AI as he prepares to ax 10,000 jobs >>
* India may be heading toward a duopoly after all >>

* The 3-D Printing Revolution Is Quietly Underway >>
* Why AT&T is relinquishing spectrum in Mexico >>
* Liquid Neural Networks | Ramin Hasani | TEDx >>

* Martial arts in the age of Metaverse | Aishwarya Manivannan | TEDx >>
* Indian wrestling is having its MeToo moment, but will it last? >>

* The Importance of Reclaiming Your Childhood Magic | Jessica Serna | TEDx >>
* Why 2023 Could Finally Be the Year of the 4-Day Workweek >>
* ‘Endless Dungeon’ will hit PC, Xbox and PlayStation on May 18th >>

* A system to enable multi-kilometer and sub-terahertz communications at extremely high frequency bands >>
* Metaverse Landlords Are Creating a New Class System >>

* Mahindra CEO Gives 2023 Outlook >>
* Argentina’s US$1-billion bond buyback is baffling investors >>
* U.S. Reaches Borrowing Limit, Kicking Off Debt-Ceiling Debate >>

* When Elephants could Fly | Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan | TEDx >>
* What is a smart city? | Shravan Hardikar | TEDx >>
* Open AI underpaid 200 Kenyans to perfect ChatGPT—then sacked them >>

* The empty threat of a white-collar recession >>
* AI Transforms Zodiac Signs Into Real People >>

* Android Users Beware: New Hook Malware with RAT Capabilities Emerges >>
* Denial of service vulnerability discovered in libraries used by GitHub and others >>

* Ukrainian hackathon to fight disinformation >>
* 50% of orgs report experiencing data breaches due to exposed API secrets >>
* Nvidia shows how surprisingly hard it is for a robot to pick up a chicken wing >>

* Researchers found a new critical remote code execution impacting multiple services in Microsoft Azure. >>
* Mailchimp discloses a new security breach, the second one in 6 months >>
* Two critical flaws discovered in Git source code version control system >>

* New aircraft design from NASA and Boeing could benefit passengers in the 2030s >>
* Say cheese! Galactic photo shoot captures 3 billion stars >>
* How scientists discovered the universe is really freaking huge >>

* NVIDIA GeForce Now Ultimate hands-on: The enthusiast’s choice for cloud gaming >>
* The Number Of People Who Use Dating Apps Worldwide, Mapped >>

* Rust Shooting: Alec Baldwin To Be Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter >>
* Jacinda Ardern’s resignation shows burnout is real – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of >>
* Bombshell of PM Jacinda Ardern’s resignation – why and what happens next for Labour? >>
* Ardern’s resignation hands the 2023 election to National >>
* U.S. Hit the Debt Ceiling. How Bad Will It Be? >>

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