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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 January 2023

* Microsoft launches Azure OpenAI service with ChatGPT coming soon >>
* ChatGPT coming to Azure: New integration shows how Microsoft will use OpenAI partnership >>
* Here’s how Microsoft could use ChatGPT >>
* A peek into the future as Sam Altman sees it >>
* First look – ChatGPT + WolframAlpha >>

* Greta Thunberg detained at German coal protest >>
* Davos Worries About a ‘Polycrisis’ >>
* Davos 2023: Are tech titans really hearing their investors? >>

* Watch Apple’s 19-minute M2 MacBook Pro and Mini intro video >>
* Apple unveils M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, featuring new Neural Engine and more >>
* Apple announces MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips >>
* Apple announces a Mac Mini with the M2 and M2 Pro >>
* Apple’s new Mac Mini with M2 chip is faster, more capable, and somehow cheaper >>

* Debt ceiling showdown: Congress decides whether increase $31.4 TRILLION limit – to 120%+ U.S. GDP
* As Debt Limit Threat Looms, Wall Street and Washington Have Only Rough Plans >>
* How Close Is the U.S. to Hitting the Debt Ceiling? How Bad Would That Be? >>
* An economic calm before the storm? >>
* China’s GDP Growth Dropped to Near-Historic Lows in 2022 >>

* FBL86: Christopher Nyugen – Knowledge-First AI, GPTx, and More >>
* After Ukraine, Taiwan seeks its own LEOsats >>
* SpaceX’s Secret Starship Plan Revealed & Falcon Heavy As Close As You’ve Bever Seen It! >>
* Elon Says SpaceX Will Make Five Full Stack Super Heavy Starships in 2023 >>

* Wyoming lawmakers push for electric-car ban by 2035 >>
* How old batteries will help power tomorrow’s EVs >>
* YouTube confirms a test of a new hub for free, ad-supported streaming channels >>

* Scale next-gen cloud apps >>
* Dilbert: ChatGPT: How To Kill Your Boss >>
* Research Summaries Written by AI Fool Scientists >>

* Are We Living in a Computer Simulation, and Can We Hack It? >>
* The Search for Extraterrestrial Life as We Don’t Know It >>
* Business remains the most trusted institution, even as the economic mood gets more bleak >>

* SpaceX Falcon Heavy boosters land in awesome drone view + launch time-lapse >>
* A robot able to ‘smell’ using a biological sensor >>
* Lasers Reveal Massive, 650-Square-Mile Maya Site Hidden Beneath Guatemalan Rainforest >>

* A Hybrid Fission/Fusion Reactor Could be the Best way to get Through the ice on Europa >>
* NASA’s Psyche Mission is Back on. It’ll Launch Towards its Metal Asteroid Target Later This Year >>
* This robotic knitting factory might make your next pair of sneakers >>
* Automating the Automators: Shift Change in the Robot Factory >>

* Ranchers are using GPS-collars to herd livestock with virtual fences >>
* Alien-hunting laser could find life on Mars within the next few years >>
* Deep brain stimulation could reduce emotional impact of memories >>
* Chinese researchers employ powerful lasers to recreate solar flares >>
* DARPA Wants to Develop a Drug to Make People Resistant to Extreme Cold >>

* Russian TV Touts a Big Victory in Ukraine. On the Ground, It‘s More Complicated. | WSJ >>
* Russia’s Local Journalists Struggle to Keep News Flowing – From Home and Abroad >>
* Ukraine Could Get 300 Tanks From Western Allies in the First Half of 2023 >>
* Industrial espionage: How China sneaks out America’s technology secrets >>

* Musk’s 2018 tweets about taking Tesla private have their day(s) in court >>
* Elon Musk’s securities fraud trial starts today — here’s what you need to know >>
* Elon Musk faces trial over Tesla tweet that could see him pay billions in damages >>
* Tesla video promoting self-driving was staged, engineer testifies >>
* Elon Musk’s Appetite for Destruction >>
* Extremely Hardcore >>

* The Mandalorian | Season 3 Official Trailer | Disney+ >>
* Review: Puss in Boots- The Last Wish >>
* Blasting the sky with a car-sized LASER could divert lightning away from airports and power stations, scientists say >>

* China’s population falls for first time since 1961 >>
* China’s Population Falls, Heralding a Demographic Crisis >>
* China: The men who are single and the women who don’t want kids >>
* India v China: Is becoming the most populous country a boon or curse? >>
* How the world got to 8 billion people – and where next >>

* Manipulating the Epigenome Can Drive Aging and Reverse Aging >>
* Preventing vehicle crashes by learning from insects >>
* Samsung unveils 200MP camera sensor that’s likely to appear in the Galaxy S23 Ultra >>
* Undiagnosed heart blockage detected thanks to Apple Watch >>

* DeepL takes aim at Grammarly with the launch of Write, to clean up your prose >>
* Muse: Text-To-Image Generation via Masked Generative Transformers >>
* Google JUST Revealed Its OpenAI ChatGPT Terminator, NEW AI From DeepMind >>
* Google Cloud debuts new retail AI tools ahead of NRF 2023 >>
* Conversational Agent Using GPT-3.5 and LangChain Including Wolfram Alpha >>
* Show HN: More than 250 GPT-3 generated paper summaries >>
* A Chatbot Could Never Write This Article. Here’s Why. >>
* Nick Cave Gives A Scorching Response To A ChatGPT Song ‘In The Style Of Nick Cave’ >>
* Bet GPT-4 will disappoint a lot of people. >>
* AI21 Labs Announces The Future Of Writing, Challenging OpenAI >>

* New App Unites Scientists And Citizens To Save Our Marine Mammals >>
* Animal shelters bulging at the seams due to cost of living >>
* A job or your money back for tech grads >>
* Finding All Earth-Like Exoplanets Orbiting Sun-Like Stars Within 30 Light Years >>

* Dr. John Campbell: Lessons from China and Africa >>
* Chinese government confirms focus on 6G development >>
* Stephen Colbert’s Cyborgasm, CES Edition: A Computer In Your Toilet | Color-Changing Cars >>

* Day Two of bank earnings, with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley reporting steep profit declines. Both hurt by slump in dealmaking. >>
* Goldman Sachs Profit Falls 66% as Deals Dry Up >>
* At Goldman Sachs, a $1.3 Billion Profit Is Cause for Alarm >>
* Expect Bombshells From The Next Big Cartel Trial In The US >>

* China launches classified remote sensing and tech test satellites (video) >>
* Getty Images is Suing the Creators of AI Art Tool Stable Diffusion for Scraping Its Content >>
* Money, Flexibility, Development? Figuring Out What Employees Really Value >>

* McKinsey Talks Operations: How the best from 2022 can power 2023 >>
* New year, new tech, no problem >>

* Employers beware: Even your ‘loyal’ Gen Z workers may still be looking for another job >>
* Man, these egg shortages are really getting out of hand. >>
* Space Industry Races to Increase Launches and Defense Capabilities >>

* Years Long Timelapse Shows An Underwater Bike Storage Being Built At Amsterdam Central Station >>
* Wyze’s two new security cameras can be paired together for live multiview streaming >>
* Nepal’s Plane Crash Highlights a Troubling Trend of Airline Disasters >>
* Man going through divorce rams dump truck into wife’s home, video shows >>

* How to abuse GitHub Codespaces to deliver malicious content >>
* Hackers Can Abuse Legitimate GitHub Codespaces Feature to Deliver Malware >>
* Fortinet observed three rogue PyPI packages spreading malware >>
* Is Cybersecurity a Good Career? >>

* Microsoft Azure Services Flaws Could’ve Exposed Cloud Resources to Unauthorized Access >>
* Microsoft is expanding access to its AI toolkit, including ChatGPT >>

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